hello! this chapter takes place somewhere between the fourth and sixth year. It's set before James develops his massive crush on Lily, and before the Marauders know about it.

Sorry if this is confusing, it's completely dialogue, which was really fun to write! Part of it is from my old Jily fic which I deleted, so if it sounds familiar, you may have read that. Enjoy!


"—so then Padfoot told him that, no, he could shove it up his arse!"

"Yeah, only problem was Minnie was right there and knocked me some points."

"Other than that, though, great row."

"Oh, indeed, Wormtail, glad you could witness it."

"Oi Prongs, close your mouth, you'll catch flies."

"Yeah, Moony's right. What's got your attention so much anyway?"

"Er, what? Nothing! Nothing's got my attention."

"Oh Merlin, it's Evans again."

"No! I didn't even notice she was there—don't give me that look!"

"Yeah, Padfoot, go easy on him, maybe he was just waiting for his one true love to make an appearance."

"And who would that be, Moony?"

"The giant squid."

"Shut up, the lot of you!"

"Aw, Prongsy, you're blushing!"

"James, you fancy Lily Evans!"

"What? I do not! Evans hates me, and I dislike her just as much."

"Sure. That's why you've been staring at her for the past twenty minutes."

"Yup, you sure have us convinced."

"Okay, listen here. I do not like Lily Evans. Lily Evans does not like me. That's the way it always has been, that's the way it always will be. Got that?"

"Oh, bugger off, James, we're s'pposed to be best mates!"

"We are best mates!"

"Then just admit that you do like Evans!"

"Best mates aren't supposed to lie to each other, so I can't."

"Best mates aren't supposed to lie to each other, so you have to."


"Well, James, he has a point."

"C'mon, Prongs, what's the big deal?"

"Yeah, it's not like if you tell us we're going to start planning your wedding or something. Well, actually, Sirius might."

"I don't fancy her!"

"What color was her shirt yesterday?"

"Pink and white. Er, I mean, I think. Probably."


"Blimey, Sirius, just because I notice things doesn't mean I like her. I notice things about everyone!"

"Then what color was Peter's shirt yesterday?"

"Er. . . red?"

"No! It was grey, for Merlin's sake, James, just admit you fancy Evans!"

"But I don't!"

"But you do!"

"Fine. I do not fancy Evans, I just. . . I dunno, it's a silly crush is all!"

"Well, that's obviously as good as we're going to get for now, so fine."

"But mark my words, James, one day, you will be full-on, head-over-heels in love with that bird, and then you'll realize that your absurdly intelligent and handsome friends had predicted it all along—mostly I, Sirius Orion Black, just for the record— and then you will put me down in your will for everything and pay him loads of Galleons for being so amazing and worship the very air he breathes!"

"Tempting, Padfoot, but no thanks."

"You'll change your mind."

". . ."

". . . hey boys?"

"Yeah, Prongs?"

"D'you think Evans fancies me?"

"No." "In your dreams." "Nah."

"You sure?"

"Merlin's beard, James, that girl is going to be the end of you."

". . . But does she fancy me?"

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