Too Late to Turn Back

Bonnie was still awake waiting for Clyde. She knew she should've been asleep, he would expect her to be asleep when he got back. But she had to talk to him, and it couldn't wait until the morning. If she didn't tell someone she was going to explode! And Clyde was the first person who had to know...

Bonnie was pregnant.

Of course, she should've known the signs. Pregnancy wasn't uncommon in West Dallas, or anywhere really. She had been a married woman, and she certainly wasn't stupid enough to not know how babies were created. Bonnie should've seen the signs: her moodiness, the nausea, but more importantly that she hadn't had her period since... God, she stopped counting. She got up out of the bed to go look herself over in the mirror. Her chiseled ab muscles had disappeared under a thin layer of pudge, she had figured that was from the surprisingly better eating she got while on the run with Clyde. How foolish she had been to overlook such things!

The door opened and closed and Clyde came in. Bonnie tumbled back into the bed and pretended like she had been asleep. He didn't pay much attention to her, he just came in sadly like she wasn't even there. "Hey." She tried to get his attention. "S'matter baby?" He still didn't respond, just took off his coat and threw it on top of her skirt and sweater set. It was so sweet that he picked that out for her, too bad it probably wasn't going to fit too much longer… wait, sweaters stretched, didn't they? She could probably make it work for a while; Clyde would have to stop spoiling her and save up money for their baby… "Clyde, look at me."

Finally he responded to her. "Holding up a grocery store in Hillsboro… easy money, y'know, in and out, no one gets hurt… he had his gun right on me… I had no time…It was either him or me…"

Clyde had killed a man. Bonnie didn't know quite what to say. She couldn't walk into her news after hearing something like that; she had to leave him while she could; if not for her sake, for the sake of their child. But was that the right thing? She loved him more than life itself. She got angry, and yes she fussed more than she wished she had, but he reeled her back in: kissing her neck, lifting her up onto the dresser. Bonnie couldn't help but let him back in. She always would. That was what love was, wasn't it? Forgiveness? Before she let things go too far she had to tell him what was on her mind. Bonnie didn't want to kill the rekindled passion in that bedroom with her announcement. She had finally accepted this life of crime she was now a part of, whether she wanted to be a part of it or not. She loved Clyde, and she was going to be with him no matter what.

Maybe the announcement was better for another date. Or better yet, he was a smart guy. He'd figure it out sooner or later.

…a week later, the two are back in West Dallas…

Bonnie and Clyde came to visit their family, but it wasn't a particularly happy occasion. Clyde had already gone up to the house to visit his parents and give them a little money, but they didn't support his lifestyle and especially not the fact that he shot and killed an officer. She wanted to go up to the house and say hello to his parents, but she wasn't feeling well and she didn't want to change the subject from the money Clyde was giving them. Chances were Mrs. Barrow was more observant than her son, and would've noticed that little Bonnie had put on some weight and wasn't quite the young lady she remembered. She didn't think she could've handled having that kind of conversation with his mother before telling him herself.

Seeing her mother was going to be a nightmare. Her mother was more observant than most women, and she knew just about everything about Bonnie. And she was so determined that Bonnie's husband was coming back, even though he had been gone for so long. She wouldn't have appreciated her grandchild as much as she would've if her little redheaded daughter was married and not spending her time on the road with a criminal. Mrs. Parker would've preferred her daughter to have been a waitress forever over being a convict.

Clyde came back to the car, head hung, and she was waiting for him. She had to tell him now before they got to her mama's. "Clyde, baby…" He placed his hand on her cheek and gave her a kiss. She cut him off. "Baby, I gotta tell you somethin'." He pulled away and looked at her with false anxiousness. Clyde pretended to be on the edge of his seat for her words. Bonnie hoped and prayed he would be as excited once she told him. "I—we're—pregnant."

The look on his face said it all. All the excitement and anxiousness he had displayed earlier was gone. Clyde didn't look necessarily disappointed, but he wasn't pleased with this new information. "You sure?" He asked. It wasn't a good statement or a bad one, and Bonnie didn't exactly know what he was going to say or even what she expected him to say. She nodded earnestly, biting her lip. He laughed. "Quit jokin', sugar. Not a funny thing to go around sayin'."

"Clyde, I'm serious." Bonnie told him, this time a little louder. "We're going to have a baby." Clyde's face became stern as he processed the information. What could he be thinking? Bonnie tried to imagine what was going through his mind. Was he imagining himself as a father? Or was he mentally staging some kind of accident for her and their baby? She hoped he loved her too much for that second option. But she couldn't tell what he was thinking, and that frightened her.

He put his hand on Bonnie's knee and let out a nervous laugh. Why was he laughing so much? Did he honestly think this situation was funny? He had killed a man, they were on the run, and now they were bringing a baby into the world! "You must be kidding, Bonnie. You can't be having a baby. It's not possible."

"Well of course it's possible, Clyde!" She teased, but knew all too well that this was not a joking matter in any way. Bonnie was trying to get him to take this seriously and yet all the while she couldn't help but laugh a little. Everything was so serious nowadays.

Clyde knew it was possible, but it wasn't something that should happen. After all, they weren't upright: they were always on the run, robbing stores and banks, and they never had a specific place in the world. Was that a place to bring child into the world? Of course not. Could he allow this to happen? Well it was too late to turn back now, wasn't it? She was pregnant, he was wanted for murder, and if either of them were caught their baby would be orphaned. A world like that wasn't right for a child. "Sugar, what are we gonna do with a baby?"

"Raisin' it sounds like a good plan." She said quietly. Clyde was completely nonplussed. "Come on, baby, think about it. Out in California they're not lookin' for you. We don't have to be Bonnie and Clyde—we can just be us, no guns and no shenanigans."

How wonderful that really sounded! "We'll need some money to get to California, and money to raise a baby. A few more jobs and we can go away from here, I promise. Sugar…" She guided his hand off of her knee and onto her still flat belly. Clyde couldn't believe that he had felt her abdomen so many times before had another life inside of it now. It amazed him and baffled him. "We can't raise a baby on the road, sugar, but we'll try to get everything together." As much of a dream as that was, Clyde knew that there was no time to remind Bonnie how impractical that was. They'd get to that bridge when they had to cross it. For now his goal was to make Bonnie happy, and find a place for the baby when this little fantasy proved to be untrue. Clyde would do anything he had to do to make Bonnie comfortable.

"Are you happy, baby?" She asked finally.

Clyde shrugged. "We're not quite in a place to settle down yet—" Bonnie seemed disappointed. He wasn't happy, was he? Then he changed his tune. "I know you'll be a good mama, baby." He kissed her again and let his hand trace little circles on her sweater. She giggled gleefully and put her hand on top of his. Their lips met again. "Should we go see your mama?"

Bonnie shook her head. "Some other time, baby, I'm not feeling too well." Clyde nodded and continued to drive. Bonnie wrote a letter to her mother as to why they wouldn't be coming (some story she could write that made the situation sound a little better) before she penned a letter to Buck and Blanche. They'd be interested to hear in everything she and Clyde had been up to.

Author's Note: Hi! I'm new to Bonnie and Clyde, but this musical is great and I wish it had been on Broadway long enough for me to see it! Even still, the music is great, people who post shows on Youtube are great, and the story of Bonnie and Clyde is impressive to begin with. So I hope you guys like it, or will at least review and tell me what you think! I'll be updating soon I believe.