Author's Note: I AM SO SORRY I HAVE PUT THIS STORY ON HOLD FOR SO LONG! Now a brief explanation as to why Billy is going off with Blanche and Buck and them back into West Dallas. For starters, it keeps the plot from getting terribly messy. Secondly I have a terrible feeling about killing children or putting them in deep peril. Third,(okay yeah, I have a lot of reasons) Blanche always wanted a kid and now she's taking care of Billy and that's sweet and sentimental. Lastly I DON'T THINK I CAN KEEP BONNIE AND CLYDE ALIVE FOREVER and so it's only right that I stay pretty close to the original story. Thank you for reading my little note. Now onto the story.

West Dallas

It had been ages since Bonnie and Clyde had returned home. Everything seemed to change in those few years and she was seeing it through new eyes. She wasn't the child that she was when they first arrived at West Dallas—that ten year old girl trying to comfort her newly widowed mother while moving to the town she visited as a little girl and despised. Now she saw it through the eyes of a woman bringing her child to a place where he could spend the rest of his life: the eyes that her mother saw West Dallas through all those years before.

"You're quiet." Clyde commented, nudging her as they were parked outside. Blanche and Buck had already gotten out of the car and were trying to settle Billy in. She snapped out of her little trance and looked about the woods they were sitting in. Was it possible to miss a place she despised? "Babe, we gotta go inside. Mama's gonna want to see you and her grandson."

She got out of the car but still couldn't muster any words. The trees were very green and perfectly shady, great for the child to play in the yard under. There weren't many cars, so even if he ran in the street he wouldn't be hurt by one. The officers everywhere were always looking out for the criminals, and the women were waiting for their husbands to get out of prison so they also served as watchful eyes over the children. Billy could be baptized by Blanche's father, he would be happy to do that for Blanche and her friend "Nellie" (and a part of Bonnie wondered if he knew who she really was but was too kind to rat her out). Maybe she and Clyde could settle down in a house in West Dallas and raise Billy together…

No, that was risky. They had to keep running and Billy wouldn't be safe as long as he was with them.

"Go on in, I'll be there in a minute." Bonnie said, releasing Clyde's arm and letting him walk into his parents' house ahead of her. Blanche stood on the porch, bouncing Billy up and down in her arms. "Blanche, hand him to me." She demanded. Oh, she hated seeing her boy cry. Around Blanche he was always crying and she hated that. Would he be alright with Blanche and Buck? Of course he'd be better off with those two than with his real parents. But with Billy in Bonnie's arms she felt him quiet down and rest his head on her shoulder.

"Mother's touch, I guess." Blanche watched Bonnie and Billy with fascination and displeasure. That was supposed to be Blanche's life: loving mother, doting wife, sister in law to the most notorious bank robber of their generation. She knew how much her life was going to change with Billy in it—she had to play mother to this child, knowing it wasn't her own, and try to protect the family that she didn't want to be a real part of. Was she doing it for Buck? No, she wasn't taking Billy in for Buck or for Bonnie and certainly not for Clyde… it was selfish, but she hoped they wouldn't want to take their child back after they left him in West Dallas with her. She wanted an ordinary family—but she hoped that the child would grow to like her. "Wanna go in?" Bonnie reluctantly got out of the car, passing the baby to her sister in law and immediately hearing the squalling of her child. She had to keep walking, facing forward, pretending not to hear. It couldn't phase her now.

Stone cold and standing on the porch with a hard emotional state, Bonnie waited for Clyde to open the door to her. She couldn't be so affectionate and soft, Clyde had warned her of that. She had to do what was best for Billy, and she was certainly not living a life that was best for the little boy. They could send money back to Blanche and Buck, money for Billy, to make sure that he had all the comforts he could need while his parents were off doing what they did best. She couldn't imagine life with a baby, and recently she couldn't imagine her life without one. What was she to do, forget she had a child? That wasn't possible… she just had to take it from her mind, despite how difficult that was. She started to feel tears in her eye, but sucked them up as the door opened. "Bonnie, come on in. Where's my darlin' grandson?" Mrs. Barrow asked with a smile, watching Blanche struggle with a little squirming boy wrapped in the gray baby blanket. Bonnie walked past the woman and sat on Clyde's lap at the kitchen table.

Mrs. Barrow didn't know how or why, but Bonnie didn't have anything to do with her own son.

…the next night…

Bonnie heard everything.

It was Blanche's first night on duty as "mother". She didn't know what she was doing, and Bonnie heard her trying to shush Billy while he was crying. He was hungry, Bonnie knew that, but Blanche did not. Should I go in there and correct her? Bonnie wondered, gripping the blanket and steadying her thoughts. No, she has to learn on her own… but what if she doesn't? Quiet, I mustn't think like that. He'll learn to love her. She weighed the cost of her going in and taking over against the cost of her not going in and taking over. Neither one was the right choice: to lie awake in misery listening to her son squeal, or to take care of the child she was going to have to inevitably leave.

Why did she constantly have to think about the consequences? Why couldn't she just go back to being carefree Bonnie Parker?

That girl lived in West Dallas. She was a waitress, the bread earner in her mama's house. She married so young to a man who got himself arrested and never came home. She pined for him. She hoped he would come back for so long—come back a changed man—and take them out to California like he promised. She wanted to be an actress in the movies. She didn't have time for love or men or anything else. She was driven, determined… wildly ambitious with her eyes set on one thing: fame. She didn't care what she was famous for, just famous. And she had a lot she could have been famous for: she was a singer, an actress, and a poet. The world was her oyster and she was determined to live the best life and nothing or nobody was going to stand in her way.

That girl was long gone.

West Dallas, although that was where she was for the night, seemed like a state of mind versus a location. She spent her entire life trying to get out of West Dallas without realizing that it was probably where she should've been all along. West Dallas had the Barrows, and her mother, and maybe it wasn't such a bad place as it always seemed in her mind. It was poor but it wasn't threatening. It was… it was an absolutely perfect place to raise Billy.

But she knew she couldn't stay in West Dallas. It wasn't home anymore. Everything friendly about it was gone and she had to leave too. She and Clyde couldn't have a home, a family… hell, they shouldn't have even had each other. But they did. She didn't even know why, but they stuck together. Why did he put up with her? Why did she put up with him? How on earth did they get so blessed as to have their perfect little son? Why did they have to give him up so long before they should have?

The baby's crying from the next room over stopped and hers began. How did the family she didn't want become everything she needed, and how did the home she longed to leave become exactly where she wanted to be?

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