Full Summary: It all started with an increase in price. Everything changed after that. As the strike war wages on, Jack Kelly, David, Sarah, Spot and Hearts face challenges they never dreamed of. Their fears comes to life, their past catches up to them and it feels as if they can not hide from it. As Jack leads the newsies into the strike, old enemies come up. For David, he never believed he would get caught up in something bigger than him. Sarah didn't know she would fall in love with Jack Kelly and when she finds out his dream, it changes the game. Spot's worst fear of losing someone comes true. And Heart's? Will her past finally catch up with her. Will the Newsies win the strike? Will David figure out how to use his voice? Will Sarah find love? Will Spot protect the one he loves and will Hearts let her past dictate her future?

Hello Everyone! Long time no see! So I had posted this up awhile ago but took it down bc it was like that one idea story but I got most of it together and I'm gonna put it back up! So tell me what you think?


Chapter: 1

The Morning air in New York was stifling and thick as the early sun rose up to meet the blue sky. It gave a calm atmosphere for the citizen who had just awoke for a long, hard, sweaty day at work in the factories or in the streets. As the sun rose in the east, Mr. Kloppmen, Owner of the Manhattan Newsboy Lodging house, had climbed the rickety, old wooden steps to the second floor of the Lodging House, where, many newsboys, ranging from five to nineteen, were sprawled on bunks and the floor, dreams of happiness swept over their minds, clouding them. As Kloppmen entered the bunk room, he shook his white haired head, his forehead adding to the already visible crinkled. He walked down the main isle, sparing glances at the sleeping boys. Kloppmen walked over to a bunk and tapped one of the newsboys foot.

"Skittery! Skittery! Skittery!" He called out, waking the seventeen year old newsboy from his pleasant dream. The young newsboy jolted awake from the raspy voice of the caretaker, his eyes were blinded from the sunlight and the clouds that had blurred his vision.

"I didn't do it!" He called out innocently, thinking he was in trouble. Kloppmen shook his head as he turned away from the boy. "What do you mean you didn't do it? Will you get up? When you get up, it's time to get up! Snitch! Get up! Get up! Everybody's sleeping. They sleep their lives away these kids! The presses are rolling! Sell the papers, sell the papers!" Kloppmen's voice boomed out, his voice breaking the dream barriers and causing the boys to be rudely awaken from their slumber. Kloppmen made his way over to the leader of the Manhattan newsies, Mr. Jack Kelly, who was determined to get a bit more off sleep before going to work.

"Mmmmm? What's a matter with you?" Jack muttered incoherently as he turned away from the old man.

"What's the matter with me?" He asked facetious, looking at the boy. "Wanna...go...back...to..." Jack added maundering as he turned to face the old man. Kloppmen did not budge nor did he move his position from the bunk as he poked the boy, willing him to get up. After some playful banter, the leader finally rose from the bed smacking the pillow in annoyance. As Jack Kelly made his way into the washroom, he stared at himself in the little mirror above the bar. His light brown hair was messy in a bed head way, his face still held a gaze of sleep and his dark eyes showed some clouding from the uprooted awaking. He studied his reflection and grabbed the nearest bottle of shaving cream and wiped the brush along his face.


Mornings in the Jacob household were much different than that of the newsboys. It consist of Mayor Jacobs waking up at the crack of dawn, as was his routine before he was fired due to a accident resulting in a broken arm, which then would wake up Ester Jacobs to get ready for a day as a laundress. Once she was done pampering herself, she walked into the children's room, where Sarah, David and Les slept peacefully. She would wake each child softly, kissing Les on the head, patting Sarah's hair and shaking poor David awake. The three Jacob children by then, would be out of bed and, as a rule for the Jacob children, Sarah went first considering she was the oldest. Once Sarah had combed her hair, placed it in a half bun and applied some makeup, she stepped out of the single washroom they shared and let David go in. Once David was done, little Les would rush in, quickly brushing his teeth and combing his hair before racing out to be the first for breakfast. The Jacobs would each breakfast, talk about their plans and head for their specific destination. Ester Jacobs would walk to the Laundress shop, Sarah went to the Clothing shop a couple of blocks for. Her apartment and David would go to school along with Les but today was different, since their father could not provide for the family due to his injured arm, David decided to become a newsie and earn money to help his family. Of course, Les wanted to join David, giving him a reason not to go back to school and to David's dismay, Les came with him. As David and Les headed for Newsie square, his mind wondered to the idea of what was to come for later.


The Brooklyn household was far from the routines of Manhattan and the Jacobs. Considering the Brooklyn newsies were lead by a king, their idea of getting up in the morning was slightly different. Mr. Sweeney, the caretaker of the Brooklyn Lodging house had climbed the steps to the first bunk from where all the Brooklynites were sleeping. Snores filled the silence gap in the air and Mr. Sweeney, although was a kind and gracious man, was not exact in his normal being in the morning. He blew a loud whistle that was sharp and crisp, making the Brooklynites jump up from their bunks, some hitting their head on the top bunk's framing.

Mr. Sweeney, once he saw that the Brooklynites had gotten up and were getting ready travelled a crossed the hall to Mr. Spot Conlon's room. Spot Conlon was the leader of the Brooklyn newsies and king to all the street rats and newsies of New York. He was well known for his cane and the key around his neck as well as his fearful appearance and was able to inflict fear onto a grown man. Mr. Sweeney knocked on the old wooden door and called out to Spot.

"Spot? Spot Conlon! Time to get up! Sell the papes." Mr. Sweeney called out to Spot Conlon.

Inside Spot's room was not only him but Heart Conlon, Queen of Brooklyn and Spot's girl. The two were sleeping, in bed together. Spot's arm was draped around her waist, her hand was stretched out going under the pillow. The two's breathing was synchronized. Mrs. Sweeney yells boomed in Spot's ear. He mumbled loudly to Mr. Sweeney.

"Five...more...minutes." He waved a hand to the door. Heart Conlon shifted, obviously awaking from Spot and Mr. Sweeney. She cracked open an eye, letting the New York sun stream through the window and shine in her eye. She shifted slightly and Spot pulled Hearts closer to his chest, his nose grazed her lavender smelling hair.

"Mmhhh...don't leave babe. Ain't time for getting up." Spot mumbled. Hearts giggled and rolled over to her faces was meeting his. Spot's blue eyes gazed onto hers as a feeling that neither could describe past over them.

"We have to get up..." She mumbled softly. Spot smirked at her, his hand going to the small of her back as he pulled her even closer. He pecked her lips.

"No we don't." He breathed lowly. She laughed and pushed away from him and sat up. Hearts ran her fingers through her hair as she yawned. Spot came up and wrapped and arm around her waist. His blonde hair was frazzled and his shirt was not present. He pulled her face close and kissed her. Spot pulled her into his lap as he kissed her roughly. A knock at the became present.

"You up Spot?" Sweeney asked from outside. Spot growled and Hearts pulled away, got up and headed to the washroom. Spot smirked as he watched her walk into the washroom. God did Spot love mornings.