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I just love the idea of an AU where Phoenix is mute. I want to focus on him being mute and not wanting to talk. I'm more of a Phoenix/Maya fan but there will still be a unique Phoenix/Edgeworth relationship: a sibling-like relationship where the two were very dependent on each other.

I want to try writing a story in snippets.

Of course, it's Phoenix centric most of the time. Depending on the chapter, I may possibly write the chapter from another character's point of view.

It'll be awhile before you see mute Phoenix. There's something I want Nick to have first before I get to that part. Cute kiddie stories about Nick. In my story's case, an important foundation.

Summary: For Phoenix, silence was his world. He only needed few people to understand him. As long as he had those people, he was fine. It was only late when he realized that it was his silence that brought others pain.

Chapter One: Relaxing Session AKA Punishment

A mantra to purify the soul?

In Phoenix's mind, he doesn't really see the point of it.

Do it a hundred times?

Was this some kind of joke?

But one glance at Sister Emily told him otherwise. The old nun was really serious about the whole soul cleansing thingy.

If anyone would ask his choice, he would rather do the cleaning duty back at the orphanage than do this.

Wonder if he could somewhat get away?

But another look at the old woman told him otherwise. He could already tell that if he so much attempted one, he'd get more than a relaxing session.

He tried to stiffle a sigh when he thought of what happened yesterday. Who would have thought forgetting the weekend trip would land him into this trouble?

Scratch that. He was already in trouble. Hence the present situation.

It wasn't like he meant to. Rather than forgetting, it was more like he didn't get to hear about the stupid field trip. He was doing a house chore.

Not knowing about the trip, he made plans to stay with Mike's house, his new friend at school. They were supposed to play video games and watch movies all day long with their big TV. Mike's parents was calling the orphanage to allow him to stay the night was also part of the plan so Sister Emily wouldn't be able to say no.

But no. The Sister came to fetch him, saying the kids on the orphanage were supposed to have an educational trip.

Now he was here, what seemed nothing educational. It was more of a punishment trip. He didn't like it one bit. And it didn't help that Sister Emily's friend was ten times worse.

She was helping supervising the so called relaxing session. A special relaxing session for him so that he wouldn't think of trying to run away. Apparantly, Sister Emily had to share about him attempting to run away.

Thus, the relaxing session.

There was even a rule that every person was to be called with the title "Mystic" before their name. The first time someone forgot to say the word "Mystic", everyone got a mini screaming ten minute lecture of titles, how rude they were, who they were discracing, and why it is important to call them as such.

The old lady was also scary. Scarier than Mrs. Thompson, who was the most strictest teacher in school.

Ten minutes passed and not a sound was heard.

Half-opening his right eye, he could see that everyone was busy meditating. He on the other hand, could find it next to impossible to do this me-di-ta-ting thing. On the corner, the scary lady and old Emily were chatting, not giving any of them as much of a glance.

Then he heard a strange noise.


Maybe it's just his imagination. It's not like some kid would miraculously call him and get him to run from this session so he could do something more interesting. Its not like complaining would solve his problems.


He'd just better suck it up and hope the torture ends.

Then it felt like something hit him.


Blinking his eyes open, he saw nothing strange. Everyone had their eyes closed, concentrating on the task of meditating.

Was he imagining things again? He wasn't able to give that thought since the scary lady was there. Immediately, he closed his eyes again.

But after a few seconds, something hit him. Again.

This time, he saw a rock on his side.

So that's what hit him.

Then he looked at the direction where it came from.

By the wooden sliding door, hidden was a girl. She was dressed as odd as most kids in the village, except she was a little older.

she waved at him, beckoning him closer.

Was it him that she was signaling for?

Should he?

He was already being punished, surely nothing could be worse than this mantra meditating session.

Quietly, he waited for a few seconds. Everyone else was still concentrating hard. And without anyone noticing, the two old ladies were gone.

So much for supervising the session.

Hopefully, for awhile. Hopefully, they wouldn't notice him missing when they get back.

He walk his way towards the girl to see what's up only to have her suddenly grasp his hand.

He could feel his cheeks reddening at the sudden contact. Never had a girl just hold him like that. He could only remember other kids saying girls had cooties and girls saying boys have germs.

And yet...

The girl didn't seem to notice or care.

Before he could get a word out of complaint she started to pull him into a run.


The girl just smiled at him before speeding up. "Follow me! Let's do something fun!"

Unsure of whats going on, Phoenix allowed himself to be pulled along.

Guess he just found his escape plan.

A perfect escape that would get him out of that relaxing AKA punishment.

He knows that when he comes back later, he might get reprimanded. Then again, anything was better than the strange mantra relaxing session.

A/N: This chapter is unedited. Yes, Nick's in Kurain. I have a good reason for this. Please look forward to the next installment of Phoenix. Notice other characters involved? You'll know more as the story continues. Please look forward to it!