A/N: Can people please make Princess Kenny/Marjorine a real couple? I ship it a lot, mostly thanks to idkgba27. Otherwise, this is a REALLY short oneshot because I'm a shit who sucks at writing okay.

Warning: Awkward gender-bending-ish.

Word Count: 632

Butters bit his lip nervously as he stared at the clothes laid out in front of him. "G-gee Kenny, why d-do you w-want to dress like g-girls?" He bumped his knuckles together as Kenny tied a section of his blonde wig into a pigtail.

"Because we make cute chicks." Kenny smiled crookedly at the more timid boy. Butters was still staring at the same night dress he had worn to infiltrate the girls' sleepover that one time. He let out a shuddery sigh as he picked the limp dress off the bed, smoothing out any wrinkles and brushing off any dust that may have been accumulated from the closet.

"D-don't peek," Butters told him (or rather, her) as he peeled his shirt and pants off, then slipped into the dress. Princess Kenny, being the pervert she was, checked Butters out for the split second he was fully naked anyway. He had a perky little ass, Princess Kenny felt the urge to give it a little squeeze, but she held back. Butters snatched the slightly blonder wig than Kenny's off the bed and the green accessories. He placed it upon his head, then promptly began tying the little ponytails with the two rubber bands. When that task was done, he turned to face Princess Kenny, who was applying lipstick. "Can you h-help me tie t-the bow?"

Princess Kenny smirked, and tied it on, her hands moving deftly. "You might want to put on makeup," she slightly giggled. Butters, or Marjorine, tilted her head to the side.

"Are w-we really going a-all out with this t-t-thing?" She asked. Princess Kenny didn't answer as she finished off her mascara.

"Well, I'm good to go," Princess Kenny told Marjorine. She twisted one of her ponytails around her finger as shaky fingers applied a thin layer of lip gloss. Princess Kenny sighed.

"Marjorine, do you even know how to do makeup?" She asked. Marjorine bit her lip, which screwed up her lip gloss. Princess Kenny did a eye roll as she took the lip gloss tube from Marjorine and quickly swiped it on. She sat Marjorine down on her bed as she picked out an eyeshadow and blush from a color palette. She applied pink eyeshadow and blush lightly and stepped back. "That should be good, you don't have to go overboard."

She found herself staring at Marjorine's lip glossed lips. Princess Kenny noticed that she found Butters more attractive when she was a chick...yet, she wouldn't want to date her if she were to date her as Kenny. It just made sense, at least in her head, to date as Marjorine and Princess Kenny. She didn't know why, but she found it better. Just better. No reason behind it at all.

Marjorine eventually spoke up, questioning why Princess Kenny was staring at her. She only smirked and adjusted her dress strap. A few more moments of silence went by.

"S-so...what are we gonna d-do now?" Marjorine asked, ruining her lip gloss with her lip biting.

"How do you feel about gay stuff?" Princess Kenny asked abruptly, still twirling one of her braids around her finger. She didn't give poor Marjorine a chance to respond as she closed the gap between their faces anyway. Right in the middle of her trying to insert her tongue into the other's mouth, Marjorine pushed her away.

"Kenny...what the fuck?" She swore for once in her life, and Princess Kenny put a finger to her lips.

"That's Princess Kenny to you," she winked, and eagerly kissed her again.

Marjorine let her this time, she knew there was really no stopping Ken...Princess Kenny once she made advances on someone. She usually always got what she wanted in the end, and Marjorine would just have to oblige to that.