A/N: Hello everyone! Army of Grimm back with an Akuma no Riddle fanfic :D It's been a while!

I figured I'd do a short little fanfic for Suzu's birthday (today!) and here it is! Featuring her favorite roommate ever. This is exactly 500 words!

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Almost a year has passed since the Black Class "graduated" from Myojo Academy. Everyone's lives changed after the assassination challenge, including Suzu Shutou's.

Beep beep, beep beep.

The blue-haired girl put a hand over her alarm clock and groaned as she rolled over to sleep on her other side. It was going to be one of those days when nothing special happens, as it had always been lately. Ever since the graduation from the Black Class, she swore that she would get a move on with her life, but so far, she hasn't.

Tomorrow's going to be her deceased love's birthday, after all.

She lost track of how long ago it had been since she last saw his face. She didn't want to care anymore. He left her, and she never caught up with age. It was a sad thought, to be something like an immortal.

As much as she didn't want to get up, she knew it was time for her morning exercise. It was something she loved doing very much; it freed her from her negative thoughts and feelings. It was around this time every year that she needed it the most, because all the memories come flooding back into her mind.

So she gets up, washes her face, doesn't care for breakfast until much later, switches her clothes, steps outside, and jogs.

The sun is warm on her face, the wind's sharing its cool chill, sometimes the trees give her relief from the heat, and she's still not feeling good. It has been decades, she realizes for perhaps the millionth time that year, that she had felt the pain of being left behind, and that it continues to eat away at her day by day. She wants it all to stop. She wants to grow old and die like everyone else does, because giving up on her own life would be a dishonor to him. That's something he probably didn't want her to do, even after he walked away with another woman.

Suzu tries to focus on what other things she's feeling right now. She is not sure if she's happy or sad that she has turned a year older today. She doesn't know if she feels happy or sad that she's experienced so much in so many years, good and bad. She sure is happy to be doing physical activity, but part of her misses emotional activity – it's like she's dead without it.

She runs a few blocks around and stops in front of her house. There is another person there, waiting for her. She has round glasses, long, black hair, and a fair complexion. She wears the color blue a lot.

It could only be her old roommate.

Her heart beats at a speed that cannot compare to any fast drumbeat, and her world has color again.

"Happy birthday, Suzu."

Suzu's face lit up at the sound of her voice. Kouko mirrored her bright smile.

Here, Suzu realized, was someone worth living for. At last.