Ally's POV

I opened my eyes as sunshine filtered in the room. I looked down at the strong, muscular arms wrapped around me. I glanced up to see Austin. His eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open. He's so adorable when he's sleeping. I reached up and gave him a peck on his cheek. "mmhehm". His eyes flickered open. "Good morning beautiful." He said kissing my forehead. "Morning." I say smiling. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Happy two year anniversary Alls." I couldn't believe it had been two years already. Two years of being Mrs. Ally Moon. Two years of being married to the love of my life. "Happy anniversary Austin." I say nuzzling in his chest. "I wish I could stay here forever." I mumbled. "Ally, you know we can't do that." Austin said chuckling. "I know, I know." I said pulling back. I sat up in bed and brushed my hair back. "Well we better get up. We gotta head to work in an hour." I start to get out of bed when Austin grabs my hand and pulls me onto his lap. He cups my face in both of his hands and looks at me. "Ally, I love you with everything I am. I don't know what I would do without you. You make me so happy and I want you to know, I'm so happy you became my wife two years ago. Its the best thing that's ever happened to me." He leans in and gives me a gentle kiss as a single tear trickles down my cheek. Why am I blessed so much beyond measure? He looks at me and thumbs away the tear trickling down my cheek. "Let's go get some breakfast." Austin says. To my surprise, he picks me up bridal style and carries me downstairs. When we get to the kitchen he sets me on the counter. "What would you like to eat?" he asks me. "Hmmm, its a secret." I say. "Can I know this secret?" "Come here, I'll tell you." I say motioning with my finger for him to come to me. He leans in toward me and I whisper in his ear, "I love you, Austin Monica Moon." I then take his face in my hands and give him a kiss. "I love you too Ally-gator." I hop down off the counter and help Austin begin breakfast.

Austin's POV

The ride to Sonic Boom was quiet but blissful. I just held Ally's hand as I drove. Every now and then I would glance over and see Ally humming. She's so beautiful. I can't believe she's been mine for two years. She catches me looking and she just smiles at me. I park the car and we walk into Sonic Boom, ready to start the day.

Its around ten in the morning when I see Dez walk in with Carrie by his side. He walks up to me behind the counter and we do our famous handshake, "Whaaatt uuppp!?" "Hey Buddy. So you ready for your big anniversary dinner tonight?" Dez said a little to loudly. "Ooo, who's having an anniversary?" Carrie exclaims. "Its my and Ally's two year anniversary." "Awww." Carrie coos. Me and Dez just laugh. "Carrie, don't you have to start your shift at Shredder's in 30 minutes?" Dez asks Carrie. "Oh man, I almost forgot. See ya later babe." Carrie said as she skipped out of the store. "So, what did you get Ally for your anniversary?" Dez asks me. I pull out my phone and show him a picture of Ally's present. "That's perfect! She's gonna love it." "And check out the back of it." I say changing pictures. "Its like I'm watching the best endless romantic movie ever!" I see Ally coming down from the practice room and I look back over at Dez, "Shhh, don't tell Ally." "No problem man, my lips are sealed." Dez said pretending he was zipping his lips. Ally walks over to us and sees Dez. "Hey Dez, how's Carrie?" "She's great, but kind of nervous since the wedding's only a month away." "She doesn't have nothing to worry about, she's going to make a beautiful bride!" Ally said walking beside me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "I know." Dez said looking away smiling. "So, where are you two having your date tonight." "We're actually going to have a quiet, romantic dinner at home." I say as Ally wraps her arm around my waist. "Awww," Dez says, "I wanna hear all about it tomorrow."

Ally's POV

I smile when Dez says that. I couldn't wait 'til tonight. I couldn't wait to tell Austin the big news. I found out a week ago that I was two months pregnant. Austin and I were going to be parents. There was a little baby Moon growing inside of me right now. I glance down and smile even wider. Baby Moon. I'm so thankful God blessed us with a baby. I looked up before anyone noticed. I couldn't have Austin finding out until tonight. I had bought Austin an anniversary card and signed it, Happy Anniversary Daddy. I can't wait to see the look on his face! I must have zoned out thinking about the baby because Austin was snapping his fingers in front of my face. "Ally, Alls, is everything okay." "I look up at Austin and smile. "Everything's perfect." I say as I give him a hug.