"How long do you think they have been gone?", Rose wondered aloud, internally worrying about the Doctor and Phil, who departed with the TARDIS at a time that seemed like ages ago.

"Nine", Keely answered absentmindedly.

"Nine what?" Rose head turned from facing the door to looking at the girl.

"What?" Keely giggled, "I didn't say anything"

Rose wrinkled her eyebrows in confusion but did not argue with her. Maybe she was hearing things. Besides, she was a bit stressed fearing for the Doctor's well-being. Seconds felt like hours for both of the girls as they sat staring at the entrance. Keely stood up, stretching her legs. Just then, a sound was heard outside that crashed through the silence of the nighttime street. Seconds later, Phil and the Doctor came striding through the door, both carrying a grin.

Keely ran into Phil's outstretched arms and gave him a tight squeeze. Rose smiled softly at the Doctor as he made his way toward her.

"How was everything here?" Phil asked the blonde head buried in his shoulder, "Are you okay?"

"Eight" was the muffled response. Phil wrinkled his eyebrows. Keely lifted her head and looked at Phil.

"Great", she replied, "It's been fine here Phil. More importantly, how are you?"

Getting over his confusion and passing it off as mishearing her, Phil replied that he was fine, and that their mission had been a success. Yet Keely noticed a wave of worry come across his face.

"Phil, I haven't seen you in a while, but I know you well enough to know when something is bothering you" she stated, "Are you sure everything went okay?"

With a sigh, Phil revealed that as him and the Doctor were ascending the creaky staircase after concealing the angel, he had lost his balance. He regained his composure enough to stop himself from falling, yet he dropped his portable time machine out of his pocket. Normally, Phil wouldn't worry about a little fall, but he had never dropped a device that far before, and it was already unstable to begin with. He was concerned that it could be damaged somehow, leaving them stuck in this era.

Keely became concerned too, but hid this well from Phil. She had to keep up her Keely-style optimism, for both of their sakes.

"I'm sure it's fine" she began, "Besides, we have gotten through sticky situations before. I doubt this one is stickier than other stuff we dealt with". Keely's laugh was interrupted by her random mutter of "seven".

This time, Phil couldn't ignore it. He confusedly turned his head and fortunately locked gazes with Rose, who had heard the odd remarks from Keely. Rose had told the Doctor about the outbursts of numbers and how strange it was that Keely didn't realize she was saying them. When the time lord heard this news, he immediately tensed up. He knew that the danger was not yet over. Rose beckoned the boy over to them. Phil patted Keely's shoulder and left her standing there, smiling unknowingly.

"So you noticed it too?" Phil asked, "The-"

"Yes" replied the doctor as he shot a worried glance in the girls' direction, "I'm sorry but Keely is in danger and we haven't got much time"

Phil's jaw dropped and his concern for his friend wouldn't allow words to formulate.

"Well, you haven't got much time, I should say" corrected the Doctor. Phil gave him a glance that indicated he should explain himself.

With a deep breath, the Doctor began to speak, determined to fit all of his explanation into one quick sentence:

"I do suspect that your friend has seen the image of a weeping angel, making her the target of a mental attack and now she needs you Phil, you need to save your friend because if she makes it to zero, if her countdown ends…then she will become a weeping angel herself"

Rose gasped. Phil seemed to stumble backwards a bit, as if the blow of this news had legitimately pushed him backwards.

"How?" Phil was frantic, "How do I save her?"

The Doctor swiped the small time machine out of Phil's clutch and waved it in front of him.

"This, use this" he said as he grabbed Phil's hand and secured the device in his grasp, "Go back in time, before we left the club, before Keely somehow saw the angel, before arriving here and meeting us, before you both walked into danger!"

Phil looked down at the questionable method of time travel. But then he looked at Keely, who smiled and blew him a kiss. Phil put his hand out to catch the invisible kiss, and at that moment he knew what had to be done. Phil fumbled with some buttons on the device, looked at the Doctor and Rose in silent thanks, pressed one last button and with that, he was gone.