The grandson off Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju


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Chapter 2

12 years later

Hiruzen is siting in his office doing his paperwork, when suddenly he released that someone should be coming today. "It is the time that Madara said that Naruto should be coming back." Hiruzen said to himself.

At the gates

"This is so boring." a man with bandage over his nose and spiky hair said.

"Well Kotetsu, it may be boring but it is an important job." a man that has his right eye covered by his hair said.

"Yea, I know that you are right Izumo, but I just hope that something interesting would happen." Kotetsu told his partner.

"Well it seems that that will soon happen. Look someone is coming towards the village." They both looked at the boy that is coming towards them he has long blond hair and he has a red armor on him. He also has bright blue eyes and six whiskers like marks, three on each side.

"Hey kid, you must state your name and your business here." Izumo told the blond boy.

"Ah, sorry about that. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and for my business here, is that I'm returning home. Well I must be going now, can't keep the hokage waiting on me." Naruto said in his dark and deep voice, as he walked towards the hokage tower. As he walks to the tower, he notice that the people around him are looking at him with hate and fear in there eyes. As he is almost at the tower a ninja gets in his way.

The ninja is looking on him with hate in his eyes but with no fear in them. "So demon you have decided to come back here agin." The ninja said and he stood there waiting for an answer from "the demon", but got no answer. So he decided to take out a kunai. "So you do not want to answer my question." The ninja said while attacking him planing on stabbing him in his chest, but to his surprise Naruto disappeared by turning into a flock off ravens.

"Hey it is not nice to just attack people you know." A dark and deep voice said from behind him. He turned around to see that Naruto is walking away from there.

"How did you do that?" He asked, but couldn't believe what he heard. "What you have never seen a shunshin before." The ninja saw Naruto disappear into the hokage tower. Naruto got up to the top floor, he just continued, even when the secretary telling him. "Stop! You can't just walk in to the hokage office like that." But instead off listening to her he just continued towards the hokage's office. So the secretary decided to grab him, but the boy she was trying to grab turned into a flock off ravens. She never had expected that the blond boy could do that so she went back to her desk, just to portend that nothing had happened, but to her surprise she could see the blond boy in her chair.

"Hey you don't have to look so surprised abut it." The blond said with a warm smile on his face. "I do believe that the hokage is waiting to see me. After all my grandpa said that I would be back around now after our little trip." He continued and all she could do was to nod to him as an answer. With this the blond boy went to the door but instead off opening it like you do normally, he kicked it opened and yelled. "Hey old man I'm back."

The hokage looked up from his paperwork and with a smile he said/asked. "Hey Naruto, welcome home. How are you and what did you learn from your grandfather?"

"Well I'm good and my grandfather taught me many things. They are following: ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu and the history off Konohagakure no Sato." He answered his question. He looked at the old man a few minutes before asking. "Well when will I go to the academy today or will it be tomorrow?"

The hokage just looked at Naruto for awhile, looking like he's thinking at the question he had been given. "Well off course you will go there today. You will be in Iruka Umino's class" He said, but saw Naruto leave in a shunshin off ravens.

"Wow, that's one cool shunshin he use. Hope that he will teach me that one later on." An impressed Hiruzen thought.

at the academy

In Iruka's class he and his student turned there attention towards the ravens that appeared from nowhere, to Iruka's right side. After that the ravens had disappeared a blond boy, with standards anbu pants, he's also wearing a red armor. His blond hair reach down to half off his back, the young boy looked at his class and then moved to look at his new sensei as he heard Iruka say. "Hi, and who can you be?" Iruka asked a little irritated that he had disturbed the class.

"Eh, haven't that old man told you that you would get a new student." Naruto answered and looked at his sensei before continuing. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Well then Naruto go and sit down at an empty desk." Naruto looked around to see that there are two empty desks, one next to a Hyƫga and the second is next to one other girl. He went to the other girl to sit down next to her. After a moment he asked her. "Hi what's your name?"

The raven haired girl looked at him for awhile before answering. "My name is Yuzu Uchiha."

"Nice to meet you Yuzu-chan. I have one other question for you and so that you know you don't have to answer it if you don't want to."

"Well ask me the question then."

"Do you hate your older brother Itachi?"

She was quiet for a couple off minutes before answering the question. "I wish I could say yes, but I truly believe that he had some reason for doing what he did. So no, I do not hate him like my twin brother Sasuke dose." She answered with no hint off hate in her eyes nor in her voice.

"Well then lets meet at your place then after school." he said with a smile.

She looked at him a little confused at first, but replied with a look off true happiness in here eyes. "O.K."

There conversation was cut short because off Iruka-sensei saying. "Class listen up." But no one seemed to listen to what he said. He grew irritated and turned around. "I SAID LISTEN UP." He screamed with his big head jutsu activated. The class went silence as the student again paid attention towards Iruka. When the school had ended some off the girls went to Naruto to ask. "Hey Naruto want to go out and do something?"

Naruto turned around to reply to them. "No, I already have plans to be with Yuzu-chan."

The girls looked in shook at him before saying. "Why would you want to go out with that freak."

Naruto looked at them, and if they had paid attention they could have seen his eyes go from deep blue to blood red for a second, with anger in his eyes he scream at them. "SHE IS NOT A FREAK, AND IF I HEAR YOU OR ANYONE ELSE SAY THAT ABOUT HER ONE MORE TIME, WHEN I CAN HEAR IT. I'LL WILL MAKE YOU BEG ME TO LET YOU GO TO HELL!"

The girls looked at him with fear in there eyes and nodded, when Naruto saw this he calmed down and said with his usual tone. "Nice to see that you understand me." He looked around for awhile before saying. "Hey Yuzu-chan, are you coming."

Yuzu waved her hand and said "I'll bee right there." It didn't took her to long to get to Naruto. As they walked out off the school Yuzu suddenly stooped in front off Naruto and looked up to him with tears off joy in her eyes before saying. "Thank you so much Naruto-kun for saying that to defend me."

Naruto looked into her deep dark eyes. "Why wouldn't I, you are really cute and if I didn't do that both my parents would properly rise from there graves and hunt me down to beat the living crap out of me for not doing anything when I could have."

She looked at Naruto while blushing before asking. "Do you really think that I'm cute?"

"Yes, I do think that you are cute and also a very beautiful young women. Well lets get to your home now." He said while letting her lead him to her home.

At Yuzu's home

They had reach a red apartment building. "Wow it looks like it is ready to fall down." is what went through Naruto's mind. But that was not the worst thing that come to his mind. His anger rose once more this day as he got to see Yuzu's apartment.


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