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"Well now, that was unexpected." Harry whipped his head around to see the person who was talking. The person was wearing a tight body suit that covered his whole body. His mid section had red and on his boots were dragons. He was also wearing a blindfold and had a Katana on his back. (if you don't know who it is, the hint is MK. I'll let you sweat it out if you still don't get it for a few more seconds.)

"That was impressive my name is Kenshi kid, what's yours?" Harry thought the person looked strange, but he seemed nice and didn't yell at him for being weird or for the thing he just did. "Hello, Mr. Kenshi Kid, my name is Harry Potter." Harry stuck out his hand for the man to shake. Kenshi shook his head. "No, my name is Kenshi, when I said kid, I was talking about you." Harry got a confused look on his face. "Then why did you tell me your name was Kenshi Kid?" Kenshi, getting frustrated, "I thought you would understand that when I said kid, I was referring to you." Harry shrugged, "Well I'm only four almost five, yes I am smart for my age, but I'm still a kid." Kenshi shook his head, "Wow Kenshi, loosing an argument to a 5 year old, you are loosing your touch."

A woman with white hair wearing a black tight body coverings that barley covered her boobs and pussy (its M rating, don't like it, go read something else) and had White eyes and white hair with a black stripe going down the center. Kenshi turned to the woman, "well how was I to know the kid was this smart?" The woman laughed as she made it to Kenshi and Harry.

(if you haven't noticed I'm going off Mortal Kombat Characters)

Harry looked at the lady and blushed. The woman noticed and smiled at how cute she thought Harry was. "Hello little one, my Name is Sindel, Queen of Outworld" she stuck out her hand for Harry to shake like she saw he did with Kenshi. Harry shook it. "Hello, I'm Harry Potter, what is Outworld?" Sindel turned to Kenshi, "don't they teach these kids anything?" Kenshi shook his head and told her that the world government was still keeping the other realms under wraps for now. Sindel then looked back to Harry and noticed that his eyes were still on her chest. "Harry, my eyes are up here." Harry nodded his head. "I know" Sindel blushed and Kenshi laughed causing Sindel to smack Kenshi on the back of his head.

Sindel turned back to Harry and told him that it was impolite to stare at a woman's breast without her consent. Harry finally looked up. "I'm sorry did you say something?" Sindel then whacked Harry on top of his head and shot a glare at Kenshi who was about to laugh again and he immediately stopped.

Sindel shook her head muttering something about perverts and kids these days. Kenshi was about to comment about her age and she shot him a dark look and he kept quiet. Again she turned to Harry and thankfully his eyes were looking into hers…..with a lump on his head. In Harry's mind he was thinking that that bump was worth it, which earned him another hit on the head causing a smaller bump on the bump that he already had. He rubbed his bumps and asked what that was for. She told him that she could read his mind and he instantly froze. Sindel nodded and put her hand over Harry's bumps and they vanished.

"Now that that I have your attention and I hope all perverted thought will stop?" Harry nodded taking a step back out of her reach just in case. "Well young Harry, Outworld is one of the many realms that make up the universe. There is Earth Realm, which is were we are now. Then there is the Nether Realm, which is your version of Hell I think, then there is Chaos Realm, which the name is self explanatory. Then there is Order Realm, which is where law and justice prevail. Then there is Outworld where I rule, it is a realm that I just got back control over from my ex-boyfriend/lover/play toy Shao Kahn. It is a dreary realm. Then there is Edina, The world that my daughter Kitana rules along side her sister Mileena, it is more a realm of piece." She also told him about her being a sorceress and about specters such as Scorpion who was currently dating Mileena. She also told him about the other sorcerers such as Shang Tsung, vampires and cryomancers such as sub-zero and vampires such as Nitara. There was also a Shaman, like Nightwolf, a reptilian fighters…Reptile, cyborgs such as Cyrax and Strong human creatures such as Shao Kahn, mutated beings such as Baraka and how Mileena was almost like Baraka.

It took a few minutes for the information to sink in and he along with Sindel and Kenshi sat down on the bench with each one on Harry's side. After Harry finally got all the information memorized, he turned to Sindel and asked why she told him about these things. Sindel asked him if he believed in magic. Harry then asked like in a young girls heart, which had Kenshi smack his head on the bench they were at saying now it will be a long time before he can get that song out of his head.

While Kenshi was having his mental breakdown…..I mean…, breakdown works here. Harry was explaining on how his birth parents were magical and that they were a witch and wizard. Sindel asked where they were, and Harry got a sad look on his face. He told Sindel about his perfect memory and how his mother chose his brother over him and that a bad man had sent a spell at him and about how his family abandoned him. At the end he was almost in tears and Sindel couldn't stand seeing a child so young carry such a sad tale and hugged him, unintentionally putting his head in between two awesome pairs of soft pillows that were on her chest.

Kenshi had stopped hitting his head and muttered that Harry was a lucky guy which earned him a magical slap from Sindel. Luckily Harry didn't hear or he would have had some thoughts himself but was just letting Sindel comfort him. It was the first time that he can remember being held in a long time and was enjoying the warmth that Sindel provided.

After a few minutes Harry calmed down and sat back up, but leaned into Sindel's side which she just kept an arm around him. She asked about the spell the man cast and told her the name which she immediately looked startled and pulled him in front of her checking him physically and then noticing his scar on his head. Sindel told him that she was going to check him over with her magic and he agreed even though he thought he was perfectly fine.

She did her scan and came upon the fragment of the soul fragment Voldemort that was in Harry's scar. She knew this was dark magic and told Harry that a fragment was in his scar and if he wanted it gone. Harry asked what would happen if she helped him absorb it into his conscious. Sindel thought about it and figured that she could help him and hold back the darkness.

She put her fingers and muttered a spell and Harry's world went black. A flash of memories that weren't his exploded into his mind and made him cringe at the sudden influx. Sindel held him and was whispering that he was going to be ok and that it was almost over.

After a few more minutes, the memories stopped and Harry had a bunch of new information, some he was glad to have, and some not so much. Harry started to dry heave and Sindel asked what was wrong. Harry didn't answer and went into his mind and saw a naked Tom Riddle showering and she joined Harry back outside his mind and held him saying that it is just a memory that he is going to have to repress which Harry whole heartedly agreed.

An hour later when Harry finally calmed down, Harry asked what Kenshi was talking about that he was surprised about when they first met. Kenshi told him that by creating that technique, he could be an awesome fighter if he wanted, which brought a grin to Harry's face. Sindel thought about it, but then remembered about Harry's situation.

He was an orphan, that he belonged in Earth Realm, but over the past hour had become quite attached to him. She thought hard and decided that she wanted to adopt him as a Son. She and the others could teach him how to fight with out a wand and how to use their techniques. Also, with Harry's new memories, he knew how to do spells with that would be in this worlds magic and she can teach him sorcery. They could do this all because time in the other realms was slow. So his body would age slower than most while out of the realms, and by the time she brought him back, he would have decades of experience under his belt and be ready to defend himself. Now all she had to do was ask him what he thought.

Sindel sat Harry on her lap and had him look in her eyes. "Harry, I know we just met, but I have an important question to ask you. Harry, since you are up for adoption, would you like to become my son?"

Harry was speechless. He thought that he would never get another chance to have a family, and now he was being offered one. He thought about it, what did he really have for him here? He thought hard, and came up with nothing. His parents didn't want him and if they did, they didn't show it. Harry looked into Sindels eyes and noticed something, he wasn't sure how, but from his memories, he learned how to tell when someone was keeping something from him.

"I would like that very much, but what aren't you telling me?" Sindel looked down, a little embarrassed at being caught holding back information. She told him that while he would live with her, He would halve to come back to Earth Realm when he turned 12 so he could learn to be his own person. She told him about the time difference, which eased Harry's mind a little.

Thinking a little more, Harry found that he didn't want to be in someone else's shadow and to be his own person and to do that he would need time to grow on his own. Harry agreed and lunged and hugged Sindel thanking her for wanting him and making him feel wanted. She held onto him, after all, the last child she held was her daughter, and that was a long ass time ago.

After a few minutes Sindel put Harry down and asked him to take her to the orphanage so that she could adopt Him. Harry agreed but then looked at her outfit again and blushed. She shook her head, she was going to get that shyness out of him and that perverted mind cleaned.

She asked what was wrong and he told her that people in this world didn't really dress like she was. She rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers and she was dressed in blue jeans and a black shirt with a black duster jacket. Harry nodded his approval and took her by the hand and led her to the orphanage.

A few minutes later they arrived and walked in to the office. As soon as Sindel walked in Ms. Kane felt her enormous magical aura and pushed a secret button that let Sarah know that another magical being was at the orphanage.

Harry introduced Sindel to Ms. Kane and Sindel was surprised to feel a small amount of magic in the woman. When questioned, Ms. Kane denied it, but Sindel held up a dagger and threatened to kill her if she didn't tell the truth. For some strange reason, Ms. Kane decided that maybe it was a good idea to cooperate. So she told Sindel that she was a squib and that she knew Harry was magical and was going to tell him when he was older.

Just then Sarah entered the building and asked what was going on. She also could feel the enormous power coming of Sindel. So Harry told them that Sindel was going to adopt him.

Sarah told Harry that she had some questions for her and that he should go play for a bit, but Harry did not budge. So Sindel knelt down next to him and placed her hands on his shoulders and told him that it was ok and that he could go read and that they shouldn't be long. Harry finally agreed and hugged her and left.

When Sindel turned around both Ms. Kane and Sarah were looking on in awe. They told her that Harry rarely listened to anyone. "Of course Harry is going to listen to me, I'm going to be his new mother" That brought a smile to her face. She missed being a mother to a young child.

The three ladies sat down and got down to business. Sarah told Sindel about Harry being the Potters son, but in American magical law, they had a year to reclaim him, and since they did not, they lost their rights to Harry. They have sent missives to the Potters, and the letters were returned unopened with a do not harass us note. So they logged that as evidence and proof of the family giving up rights to Harry. They also sent missives to Magical Brittan and letters were returned with the same, except they said that he was not registered with the British Ministry so it was not their problem. So there was nothing stopping Sindel from Adopting him. Sindel told the women that Harry had told her of the Potters and was glad that they could not do anything.

So after signing legal forms in both non magical and magical, Sindel was now the mother and magical guardian of Harry Potter. The woman called him down and asked what he wanted his name to be if he wanted to change it. Harry decided to keep it, as it seemed that even though the Potters lost their rights to him, he still had a connection to the Potter family line that he could exploit. So Harry decided to keep the name, but wanted to be called HP because to him it sounded cool. The three women laughed and agreed and thought that the pout Harry was giving was just to adorable.

So after making sure everything was in order, Sarah told Sindel where the local magical Alley was. After saying their goodbyes Sindel took Harry by the hand and led him outside to see Kenshi still smashing his head against a tree. After a minute he calmed down and said that he finally got the song out of his head. Harry was about to say the name of the song, but Sindel silenced him with a look.


Their first trip was to the magical alley that Sarah had mentioned. It wasn't far from the orphanage, so the made it there in good time. Sarah told them that they had to go in through a coffee shop. When they got there, they asked the owner how to get to the alley, the man just showed them to a managers office door, he opened it and it led to a hallway and at the end of the hallway was another door that said exit. He told them to go through that door.

Once on the other side, they were amazed at what they saw. A alley way full of wizarding stuff. They were walking and came upon a bank. It was called Gringotts. Sindel figured that they should put some gold in a vault for Harry for when he comes back, and with Sindel being a queen, she had a lot of gold, silver, bronze, sapphires, rubies, emeralds at her call.

When they got inside, they saw that it was run by goblins. With Harry's knowledge, he knew what to do. Harry went up to a teller and asked for information on opening an account. The goblin told him that it was a 100 gold piece for opening a vault. So Sindel gave the goblin the gold and the goblin called over another goblin named Steve (screw the fancy names and all that crap) and Steve took them down to a vault for Harry. The goblin asked how much he wanted to put in. Sindel opened a portal to her treasury and deposited 50,000 gold pieces, 200 rubies 300 sapphires, 400 emeralds.

The goblin was impressed. Harry asked the goblin about interest, so the goblin told him investments and interest. If Harry allowed the goblins to invest his money in a low risk low gain, he would make a little with little risk to his money. However, High risk, high gain was the opposite. So Harry told the Goblin to do half High risk, high gain, and the rest moderate risk, moderate gain and that Steve would be his account manager which Steve agreed to.

After the bank they went and got Harry books. They got intro to magic, wandless magic, dueling, transfiguration, conjuration, potions, defense, dark arts, spell crafting, and ruins, voodoo and a self updating book on world languages. They got it up to the AMM standards which students learned from ages 6-13 so they could also learn from non magical beings if they want to go in the non magical world. They could continue on and get their O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S if they want or just pay and take the tests.

So after that, they went and got Harry his wand which was 12 inch Redwood with a basilisk venom and a swamp dragon heart string as its core, good for fighting.

After that they figured they wouldn't need anything else, and Sindel opened a portal in the middle of the alley and people watched in wonder. Two wizard police approached them and were about to ask what was going on before both Sindel and Harry stepped through the portal and it shut.


As Harry stepped out with Sindel, he noticed that it was weird. The sky was purple, there was little grass but that was because he was in the palace.

Sindel was still holding Harry's hand pulled him along and led him along a hall. Sindel stopped one of the servants and told him to summon her daughters. The servant bowed and went to carry out the task.

Sindel led Harry to a room and said it was his. It was spacious. It had a bookshelf with a few books in it. It also had a king size bed, a nice soft carpet, and a huge closet for his clothes and a mirror and his own bathroom. Harry set his books in the bookshelf and his wand on top. Sindel called for a tailor and had Harry measured for ceremonial, training, casual, and dress clothes.

Sindel then gave Harry a tour of the castle. She showed him the dungeons, the towers, kitchens, dining hall, private dining hall, pool, the training grounds, the thrown room, her room and the secret passage ways. As Sindel was having lunch with Harry, a servant told Sindel that her daughters would be there the next day around noon. It surprised Harry how fast the day had gone and was getting tired. Sindel saw this and told Harry it was time for bed.

She led him back to his room (or should I use chamber?) and he had pajamas ready for him. So he went to his bathroom and changed and came out and Sindel was waiting for him on his bed. She pulled him to her using her magic and hugged him and just held him and rubbed his back and slowly Harry fell asleep in her arms and she laid him down and kissed his head softly and left.


The Next day Harry awoke and found his day clothes and slipped them on. He went out on his landing that was outside his room and just enjoyed the morning. Then he heard someone speaking below his room. "I had a great time last night my love. I really enjoyed putting my cock in your wet pussy." It was obviously a guy. Then he heard a woman with a little high pitch voice speak. "Well if you loved it, next time shove your cock up my ass, I'm sure it will be amazing." Harry had some idea what they were talking about, but he had no idea why they were talking about animals.

Harry could have just went through Voldemorts memories to find out if he had a better idea, but he decided that he would do that later. So he just went to his bookshelf and picked out a book on voodoo and started to read.

He just got done on a chapter that explained that there was different kinds of voodoo. There was dolls, dream catchers, powders, and a few more. Then there was a knock on his door and he went and answered it. It was Sindel waiting to take him to breakfast. So like before Harry took Sindels hand and let her lead him to the private dining hall.

When they arrived he noticed there were other people there. The first was a beautiful woman wearing blue boots that went up to her thighs, blue arm guards, a blue corset that barley covered her boobs. She also had a blue underwear ( I have no idea what that is called) and a blue skinny skirt covering her underwear.

The next person had purple boots with purple arm guards and a purple top that barley covered her boobs as well. She had purple underwear and a cloth covering her underwear.

The next person was a guy wearing a black body suit with yellow mixed in. His face was covered and he had two swords sticking to his back. He had yellow arm guards and had white eyes.

The people hadn't noticed that Sindel and Harry entered and Sindel cleared her throat. The room went silent as everyone gave Sindel their full attention.

The woman in blue was the first to speak, "Hello mother, thank you for inviting us, who is this cutie you have with you?" After hearing that Harry blushed. He then took a closer look and noticed that they were scantily clad and Harry had a hard time looking strait ahead and not at their chests. Sindel saw this and smiled and pulled Harry closer to her side.

"Hello Kitana, Mileena, Scorpion. I hope the day finds you well. Well I guess I might as well get this out of the way. Kitana, Mileena, meet your new brother Harry. He is from Earth Realm and I adopted him." Melina and Kitana looked at Harry who blushed and stepped behind Sindels leg to hide. This caused one thing to happen.

Two squeals of cute was heard before both Kitana and Mileena vanished and re-appeared by Harry and picked him up and gave him a huge hug between the two. His head disappeared in between their breasts and had a huge grin hidden from Sindel.

After their moment, they put him down and drug him over to the table asking him questions like how old he was and what he liked to do. Harry told them that he was five and that he liked to read and he learned how to launch a fist energy blast from his hands. That got the attention of Scorpion.

Scorpion asked for a demonstration and Harry punched towards the open window and the fist went out the open window. He turned back and Scorpion gave him a nod while the girls were saying how cool their new little brother was.

So after they had their breakfast Harry remembered where he heard Mileena and Scorpions voice. "I remember your voices, I have a question. Why did you put your rooster in her cat?" at this the hall went silent. Kitana asked, "What?" Harry then looked to Mileena, "and why would you want his rooster in your donkey?" At Melina's blush and scorpions cough Kitana just burst out laughing and fell to the ground holding her sides. Sindel just shook her head and asked where he heard that. So Harry told her that he heard two people below his balcony and remembered their voices.

Mileena just buried her head in Scorpions neck trying to hide her blush. Sindel just looked at the two and said that they would have words later.

Kitana just scooted Harry to her side and said that they would tell him later and told the two love birds that she would not let them live it down.

After a while Sindel told everyone their about Harry's past. Harry just kept quiet, he didn't really like remembering it. Kitana just held him close as he laid his head of her chest. The girls and Scorpion were appalled at what Harry's old mother did. The girls promised themselves that they would be a better family for Harry.

After the talk about his old family, Harry told them that he wanted to be a fighter so later in life he could be his own person and not live in anybody's shadow. Scorpion liked his way of putting his words and said that he would be the first to teach him, and for Harry to be ready for Hell. Scorpion disappeared in a flash of flame and laughing could be heard all around. Mileena and Kitana looked at Harry with pity, but told them they would also train him along with Sindel and the four of the remaining people left for a walk around the palace and Harry got to get to know his new family.

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