Mr. J: Hello again

Harry: Hey everyone, so Mr. J any clues to this chapter

Mr. J: Read the title you idiot

Harry: No need to get rude

Mr. J: Well there will be some stuff going on, not sure on how much longer I should hold off till the end

Harry: End of what?

Mr. J: *grins* Events! *slaps Harry

Harry: Damit, stop that! *rubs face*

Mr. J: NEVER! Now on with the show. I still don't own anything,

P.S. short filler chapter with little meaning to the story



Harry was killing time after beating his last gym. Because he has yet to be defeated, the champions of the guilds he visits demand that he fights them. It turns out that news of his wins were spreading and everywhere he went, crowds came to watch him.

Harry was walking down a street wearing his San Francisco Giants National League Championship shirt (Go Giants, Beat Kansas City Royals!) when a beautiful blond girl that looked about his age (14) was being harassed by this older blond man with long blond hair and a cane.

"Leave me alone you swine! I will call for help!" The blond man grabbed the girl and was dragging her to an ally, 'what is up and people with alleys?' Harry thought. Before they could reach the alley, Harry ran up to them and asked the girl if she was ok. "leave us young man, this does not concern you!" Harry shook his head, "Well seeing as the girl wants you to leave her alone, and your dragging her, I have no choice but to interfere. Now leave her alone or get your ass kicked." The man laughed and attempted to pull out a wand. Harry shook his head and rushed the man, grabbed him, lifting him up and with the momentum, took them into the alley.

The blond girl came running into the alley to see what was happening, only to see Harry with a flaming fist slam into the older man. The man screamed and dropped to the ground. "You have made a grave mistake boy, I Luscious Malfoy will have my revenge!" Harry's response was to kick the man in the face knocking him out.

Harry then grabbed the mans cane and wand and opened up a portal and put them in a pocket dimension.

Harry then turned to see the young woman with a wand in her hand looking at him with amazement in her eyes.

Harry learned that her name was Fleur Delacour and that she was having a city visit from her school.

Fleur had insisted that he take her to lunch to get to know each other, and Harry having nothing to do agreed.

After learning about Fleur being a Veela, he understood how hard her life was. He gave her his number and told her to call him anytime she wanted to talk.


Harry then decided to check up on everyone.

Stephanie was still hanging out with Sarah and was now part of the dance crew. Her family still ignored her, but to her, Sarah and the crew were her new family.

Kitty turned out to be a mutant. Harry told her that he still would be her friend no matter what, after all, powers. Kitty was glad she still had an amazing friend in Harry.

Deadpool….was still being himself.

So after talking with everyone Harry looked out over the horizon and wondered what would happen next in his life.


Mr. J: Told you it was a short filler chapter. But at least I update (hint, hint to some people)

Harry: Yea, wasn't that good

Mr. J: Well at least I did something. Anyway, next chapter will be better. Until next time.