Nymphadora Tonks woke up to a moonlit room. It was not one she recognized, and on further contemplation, a hospital room. There were no other patients, but there was a familiar face, standing pensive guard at the window, and unaware of her waking.

As she sat and looked closer, she could see the tears streaming down Remus Lupin's face.


"Nymphadora." His voice was cracked and she could hear no trace of the nervous man she'd been reducing him to lately, only an embittered ghost of that man remained in this voice.

She opened her mouth to protest the grievous usage of her first name, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. Instead she pondered what this must mean.

"Who was it?" She sounded young, and her hair faded to a mousy brown as she awaited his answer.

Remus knelt beside her and his bitter mourning faded to tenderness. He broke into sobs by her side. "My old friend, I-I-"

Tonks was flooded with excellent memories of her cousin and she gasped as grief washed over her. She collapsed into herself but made a grab for his hand. And despite his apprehension, he took it.