Son of a Bsaa Agent

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Warning: Strong Agile and Overprotective Harry

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A month had passed sense the Kijuju incident and Chris was in London walking through the countries street and within the crowd of people Chris spotted a redheaded woman with eyes the color of emeralds and was about 30 years of age.

After becoming a Auror for the ministry Lily Evans had been desperate to have a child with James but she couldn't because Lucius Malfoy made James infertile after forcing a long lasting potion down his throat back in their Hogwarts years thinking back to that memory caused her to burst into tears is everything alright ma'am? Said a voice that sounded completely unfamiliar to her so she turned around and saw a male figure in his mid 20s.

Chris had just left Sean's muggle weapons and things one London's newest shops. As he was getting ready to turn around and leave he heard someone crying he quickly turned around and saw the redhead women from earlier leaning against the store's wall. 'Something must be bothering her' Chris thought so he approached the woman is "everything alright ma'am?" He asked her.

The women looked up to him with her emerald eyes which were full of tears and said. "yeah just lost in memories" she said in a British accent while wiping her eyes of tears.

'I think it was more then just that'Chris thought.

Lily looked at the man before her he had black hair like James but a darker shade of it he was tall almost taller than Hagrid muscular broad shouldered he had 5:0 clock shadow his eyes were brown and he wore a black t shirt, jeans and trainers.

"Excuse me for asking ma'am but I didn't quite catch your name" Chris said to the redhead.

"Lily Evans" the redhead introduced nice to meet you Mister… " Lily trailed off.

"Redfield Chris Redfield" Chris finished for her.

"Nice to meet you Lily" Chris said.

"But what were you really crying about?"He asked.

"You'll think I'm crazy if I told you" Lily said.

"Trust me I seen and done crazier things Chris replied.

Lily nodded and told Chris the whole thing to him leaving out anything having to do with magic or her being a witch when she was done explaining everything Chris looked at her a few minutes before speaking.

"That's what you were crying about because of something that happened in your fifth year of this School of yours?" Chris asked in a somewhat calm nodded and asked.

"You think I'm crazy now don't you Chris?" She asked.

"No I don't think you're crazy Lily it's like I said I seen and done crazier things Chris defended it's just weird for someone to cry over something like that" he continued.

"So what brings you to London Chris?" Lily asked.

"Nothing really just thought I take a trip here after completing a mission in Africa for the Bsaa" Chris answered.

"Bsaa what does that stand for?" Lily questioned.

"It stands for Bioterrorism Assement and Security Association Chris nodded then said.

"And how long are you going to be here?" She asked curiously.

"For three days why?" Chris questioned.

"Just asking" Lily answered.

Author's note: Well that was chapter 1 of Son Of A Bsaa agent I hope you enjoyed it anyway next chapter of the story will come real soon just not right a away I still got my other fanfics to do and finish up before I get back to this so till next chapter see ya.