The Hogwarts Express and confrontation with Malfoy and Flint

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Once he was aboard The Hogwarts Express he started to make way to the former compartment he shared with Cho, Ron, Hermione, and Neville. When he arrived at it he opened the compartment door and took a seat next to Cho. "So" Neville began "does anyone know what we're going to expect at Hogwarts this year besides getting another Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher this year?" He asked everyone in the compartment minus Neville shook their heads "sorry Nev but none us know what's going happen this year so we'll just have to wait until we arrive at Hogwarts " Harry said while Neville nodded.

Just then The Compartment door open catching the attention of everyone's attention so they all turned their heads to see a rather irritated Angelina one of the members of the Gryffindor Quindditch team with Harry and Oliver.

"What got you so irritated Angelina" Harry asked with a hint of worry in his voice for his Quindditch team's chaser. Angelina looked at Harry and said "it's Flint and Malfoy again Harry" Angelina said at the mention of the two Slytherins Harry dropped his worried demeanor and replaced it with an overprotective one and masked with anger.

"What did does two gits do to you this time Angelina? Harry asked with anger in his voice. So Angelina told Harry and everyone else present in the Compartment what the two Slytherins did to her, after explaining everything to them she looked at Harry who was looking very angry and was ready to explode.

Knowing how bad the Evans, family temper was everyone present in the Compartment waited for Harry's temper to flare and unfortunately they weren't disappointed.

"THOSE SILIMY GITS I'M GOING TO KILL THEM" Harry shouted before storming out of the compartment with Angelina following behind to watch Harry confront Malfoy and Flint for hurting Angelina. Meanwhile in a compartment far from Harry's his friends and girlfriend Draco Malfoy his two bodyguards Crabbe and Goyle alongside Marcus Flint can be seen making a conversation with each other however their conversation was soon interrupted by the sound of their compartment door open the four Slytherins turned to the door was met with a furious Harry, and a smug looking Angelina.

"What do you want Potter?" Draco asked but instead of an answer Harry punched him in the face knocking him unconscious. Harry then turned his attention to Flint while Crabbe and Goyle went to help Malfoy off the ground.

Flint felt Harry's eyes staring down on him causing him gulp he didn't know what Potter was capable of and yet he was able to knock Draco out in one punch without breaking a sweat.

"Wh what do you want scar head?" He shakily asked.

"Two things first Flint stop messing with Angelina and Katie second STOP CHEATING IN QUINNDITCH OR I'LL GO STRAIGHT TO MADAME HOOCH AT THIS YEAR'S QUINNDITCH MATCH AND YOU'LL END UP LIKE MALFOY OVER THERE AND I ASSURE YOU IT'S NOT GOING TO BE A AVERAGE PUNCH" Harry shouted while gesturing to the unconscious blond Slytherin.

"Do I make myself clear you slimy snake?" Harry asked Flint.

Flint gulped and shakily nodded then said.

"Crystal" he said.

"Good now excuse me as we head back to our usual spots" Harry said then head back to his Compartment with Angelina following behind.

Once they arrived at Harry's compartment his friends and girlfriend looked at him with smirks on their faces.

"What?" Harry questioned.

Instead of an answer he was immediately pulled in a kiss from Cho causing him to blush a scarlet red.

"If that's what I get for helping a friend out I wonder what I'll get from you after I do something about your Nott problem" Harry said.

"Well my muscle bound beefcake we're just going to have to wait and see" Cho said seductively before giving Harry a quick kiss.

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