The A-Team: A Nice Place to visit Extended

Summary: Amy and Face after the events of the season 1 finale (pure Amy/Face Fic)

Amy sat at her desk at the paper writing her article on small town war heroes when her phone rang.


"Hey sunshine" A familiar charming voice answered back.

"Face? What are you doing calling the paper, bit risky don't you think?"

"Relax kid, I've been careful"

"Of course you have, so…what did I do to receive a call from Templeton Peck"

"I thought I'd offer to buy you lunch, and maybe sit down and talk"


"Well you were kind of quiet the whole drive back from dealing with the Watkins, i'm just a little worried"

Amy shuddered at the mention of the Watkins brothers. "You? worried?"

Face winced; worried he might have slipped up. "We're all worried..but..err..yeah"

Amy smiled and blushed slightly, catching his little slip. "Alright, can you pick me up in half an hour?"

"Sure, ill park round back at the loading bay"

"Okay, bye face" Amy hung up.

Face put the phone down. "Smooth Faceman"

They sat in a nearby restaurant, not one of faces typical expensive place Amy had expected but it was still a nice place. Face ordered their drinks and some lunch. Amy hadn't seen this side of face before in the months she had ran with the team, he was relaxed, dressed in his usual jeans, a blue shirt and his black leather jacket and she had noticed he was focused on her, he hadn't eyed up one skirt that had walked past. But there was also concern in his eyes, the same concern she saw when she rushed into his arms back at Trish's home.

"So what is this all about anyway face?"

"What do you mean? Can't I have lunch with a friend?"

"Is that all it is?"

Face smiled a little. "Yes"

But to face it was more than that, he enjoyed talking to Amy. He felt comfortable round her unlike any other woman he knew.

Amy's voice snapped him back to reality. "Face? You okay?"

"Oh..Yeah, i'm fine"

"It looked like you were thinking about something"

"Yeah..I was"

Amy was intrigued "What's on your mind"

"I err…I was wondering how you are doing, you seemed pretty shaken back at Trish's"

"Really? Well I guess i'm doing okay, I admit I was scared that the Watkins nearly got in"

Face gave a comforting smile, his eyes twinkled which made Amy shiver. "Well kid, you did pretty well at defending yourself and Trish" He reached and placed his hand over hers, he didn't even know he was doing it, or if he did it felt completely natural to him. She hesitated and before she knew it her fingers were interlocked in his.

"I did what I had to" She sipped her drink which he had ordered for her. She looked at their hands then up at him. She sighed deeply as he tussled a piece of her hair back which had fallen in front of her face.

God she loved it when he did that, he was being so gentle with her. If it was any other woman she bet he'd have made his move by now.



She hesitated "W..would you like to come back to mine? More privacy, i'm free the rest of the day"

Face was surprised and for a moment didn't know what to say, before answering her. "Sure…"

Amy smiled at his answer, he returned the smile.

Amy let face into her apartment, and locked the door behind them. It was the first time he'd been inside properly, he usually waited for her outside. He was surprised how neat it was, minus the occasional box of research material from the paper piled up and dotted about the place.

"Nice place"

"Thanks, I've only lived here less than a month. I wanted a place closer to work and my lease was up on my old apartment, you can make yourself at home"

"Thanks" Face sat down on the couch "it's definitely better than the old place"

Amy joined him with two glasses of wine, handing him one of the glasses, she sat with her legs up, sipping from her glass. She noticed since their meal at the restaurant in had started getting dark. Face watched her staring out at the city.

"Feeling better?"

She nodded. "Much, thank you for spending time with me face, I wasn't feeling that great earlier"

"The least I could do"

Amy smiled; there was part of her that didn't want him to leave.

Face watched her and noticed a change, she looked more relaxed round him, and he felt relaxed round her. He sipped his own drink; he recognized he was drinking an expensive and quite fine wine, his knowledge of fine culture coming into play. He realized she was trying to impress him, he wondered if she planned this but let it go, he didn't want to ruin it.

As the time passed the drink started to work its effect on her, she wasn't exactly drunk, it felt to her like a mixture of the drink and having him there was making he feel intoxicated, he moved closer to her slightly and grazed her hand up her arm.

She wondered what was happening, he was actually responding to her.

His hand moved to her cheek, he was closer now. She didn't even see him move, she was too focused on his face.

She watched as his face moved closer to hers, she did the same.

Then it happened, nether was expecting it.

Their lips graze before pressing against each other, Face's hand entangled in Amy's hair.

Soon they were laying there on the couch, kissing passionately. Neither was able to stop, they didn't rush.

In all of Face's experiences, he hadn't experienced this before since Leslie.

That name. Face's ex, his fiancée if she hadn't left.

He then realized, he was in love with Amy. He was scared; he hadn't felt this way in a long time, but he didn't want to stop now.



This is it, the moment he was going to tell her, it was rare for him to show his emotions but it wouldn't be the first time he had with her, she's the only one who knew about Leslie.

"I…I haven't felt this way in a long time…Ames?"

Ames…he was the only one to ever call her that, it made her heart beat faster.


"I think i'm falling in love with you", He said slowly.

Amy was stunned, like she could hardly breathe. She responded by kissing him deeper, letting her actions speak words. He knew her answer and kissed her back deeply…and this time they didn't stop. They never even moved from the sofa, they made love right there.

Amy woke on the sofa; they had slept there after their passionate first night together. He hadn't moved either, her head rested on face's bare chest.

She couldn't believe that it had happened, and that he hadn't moved. She had expected him to leave before she woke but he didn't. He was there sleeping peacefully. She smiled watching him; he looked so handsome even when he slept.

Face opened his eyes to find Amy there, looking at him. She looked so beautiful he thought, he smiled back at her.

"Morning Gorgeous"

Her heart fluttered at his greeting, she let own a small yawn. "Morning Handsome"

He felt his own heart skip, they had let all their shields down and last night wasn't sex, they had made love, and it was slow and intimate. Right now they were both deliriously happy.

Amy kissed his chest. "Last night was perfect"

Face's arm rested behind his head. "I know, to be honest I haven't experienced that in a long time. You know I wasn't kidding when I said I was falling in love with you"

"I know, and to answer you…I'm falling in love with you too"

Face felt like his heart was about to explode, she actually loved him back, another thing he hadn't experienced in a long time.

"This is hard for me as you know…and I'm scared that I'll screw things up"

"Yes, I know…you're scared to commit. But we don't have to right away, we can take things slow. We keep this between us"

Face listened and nodded slowly. "So you want this?"

"Yes…I do, I'm yours if you want me"

"Of course I do" Face cupped Amy's cheek. "I so do, Amy Allen I love you"

"I love you too Face" She kissed him softly.

He loved her kisses, he returned the kiss.

They made love a second time, and then they dressed and had breakfast. Face treated Amy to one of his famous breakfasts.

"Mm…face, this is so good. I didn't know you could cook" Amy said as she nibbled some French toast.

Face smiled "Well, only the best for my special lady. And I don't like cooking that often".

Amy giggled "I can tell, you'd probably whine if you were given cooking duty"

Face's next expression made Amy laugh more "I do not whine!"

Amy had to bite her lip to stop a full blown laugh "Yeah you do"

Face shook his head and spun her chair; he pulled her hips against his while she was sitting, and so her legs were wrapped round him.

She chuckled "Face!"

"Mm?" He kissed her neck.

"I was eating"

"So am I"

She chuckled more at his silliness, and to think hours ago they were just friends talking. Now they weren't just dating, Face was her boyfriend.

Boyfriend…wow that phrase to describe Face was weird, but strangely it felt natural. She, Amy Allen was now Templeton Peck's girlfriend.

She looked at the clock. "Oh damn, baby I got to go to work"

Face caught the little pet-name and smiled, there relationship was so natural she was comfortable with names.

He kissed her once more. "Okay sweetheart"

"Gonna get a shower before I go" She stood and walked toward the bathroom, then turned leaning sexily against the doorframe. "Want to join me?"

Face's smile beamed at her as he rushed after her, they showered together that typically ended with a quick sexual moment, and then they slipped out the shower then dressed. She slipped a set of keys into face's hand with a kiss "Spare keys to the place", she then headed to work.

Face smiled watching his Girlfriend leave; but he didn't want to let her go.

There it was, one of the signs of a comfortable relationship. Sadness when they are apart, Face was definitely in love…and he had it bad.

And as Amy left she felt exactly the same.