Chapter 5:

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Warning: Deplorable things…

Butters was walking happily down the street, clutching a warm Tupperware full of French toast that smelled magnificently of hot Maple. Once or twice a month he would stop by Kenny's place in the morning and wake him up for a nice home cooked breakfast. Well, he just didn't eat enough good food, and pop-tarts weren't really food. Kenny would pay him back with kisses, which is all Butters ever asked for. Sometimes Kenny would try to use his tongue too much or touch Butters' naughty bits but Butters would playfully slap his hand away and say "No funny business, Mister!"

Butters knew Kenny didn't really like him like that, but it was nice to get a little affection every once in a while. He stopped for a moment to muse in his head I hope you aren't mad at me for this, God. He started walking again when Kenny's words entered his thoughts 'If you do a good deed before you sin, they cancel each other out!' It made him giggle a bit.

He finally reached Kenny's window, frowning at the broken glass; It just wasn't safe! He reached down to grab one of those familiar little pebbles and tossed it gently up at Kenny's window. "He must still be sleeping." Butters thought aloud before hoisting himself up to glance into Kenny's bedroom. His eyes widened at the sight that greeted him, Stan was lying next to Kenny in his bed. Butters blushed as the thought of what the two might have been doing flashed into his subconscious. He gave a weak knock which stirred Kenny from his slumber. Kenny glanced groggily at the window and then down to his bed-partner, and then with wide eyes back at Butters.

Butters suddenly felt guilty and he cringed, his foot slipped making him land right on his bottom in the snow with a little yelp. Kenny stuck his head out the window and glared down at the intruder, eyes lighting up as he scanned the Tupperware of hot food in the small boy's hands. "Hey." He said lazily, yawning.

"Breakfast?" Butters said, holding up the box.

"You've gotta keep this a secret, Butters." He said nervously, grabbing at the container in Butters' outstretched hands.

"Stan is real good-looking." Butters said, blushing as he handed the box over.

"Seriously, it's a big secret." Kenny frowned and leaned forward to place a lingering kiss against Butters' mouth, tasting a bit of syrup on the corner of his mouth.

"Sure thing, Kenny. Your secret is safe with me!" He saluted Kenny like the little dork that he was.

"Thanks, I'll call you later." Kenny said quickly before ducking back into his room. Stan was there, he was still there! Kenny shook with excitement.

Butters walked into the coffee shop to meet Kyle for a business meeting. He'd just taken the position of legal assistant at Kyle's dad's law offices while he attended online school. They said he was a shoe-in for the position because he'd taken extracurricular courses on Excel and PowerPoint while in high school. It was awfully nice of them to help him build up his resume! Kyle was going to law school as well, and would be taking over the business.

"Hey!" He said brightly sitting next to the redhead and pulling off his coat.

"Hey, Butters." Kyle said warily, rubbing his eyes. "I just needed to talk to you about a spreadsheet my dad needs made this weekend for the Mckowski case."

"Case number 1457?" Butters said joyfully.

"Sometimes I think you're smarter than I am." Kyle yawned loudly and took a sip of his coffee.

"No way, you were valedictorian!" Butters beamed up at him.

"Hey, have you seen Stan today he's not answering his phone and we were supposed to hang out?"

"Yeah he was over at… uh, no." Butters caught himself, "Nope, haven't seen him." He rubbed his knuckles together. Kyle knew Butters eccentricities well enough to know he was lying.

"He was over at…?"

"Oh hamburgers…" Butters cowered away from Kyle's cold stare.

"What, Butters?"

"He was just hanging out with Kenny, I think. Totally… innocently." Butters eyes darted around.

Kyle raised an eyebrow but didn't push the topic, maybe they went to the gym again? He shrugged it off.

Kenny dipped his finger into the last glob of homemade syrup and stuck it in his mouth lewdly, suckling at his finger like a slut. God, he almost felt like cumming when he tasted Butters' cooking, it was so fucking good. He set the Tupperware down as he heard a groan next to him. "Stan?" He whispered into the silent room.

Stan's right eye cracked open a fraction, "What's that smell?"

"French toast."

"Where'd you get French toast?" Stan knew Kenny didn't have anything that resembled real food at home, and Kenny could barely cook ramen.

"Butters." Kenny shrugged, "He likes to cook for me sometimes in exchange for a totally lame kiss with no tongue."

Stan felt a weird feeling shoot through him, the same kind he got when Kyle was snuggling up too close to Bebe when he was around. "Why?"

"He feels sorry for me?" Kenny shrugged again.

"Did he see me?" Both of Stan's eyes widened momentarily.

"Nope." Kenny lied.

"You kissed him?" Stan's eye twitched.

"Yeah, do you not want me to kiss him?" Kenny got a sick sense of joy out of the implication that Stan might be jealous of Butters.

"I don't care." Stan did care, he just didn't want to sound like such a fag for Kenny. He picked up his phone to see two texts and one call from Kyle. "Damn, it's game day. I gotta go over to Kyle's." Stan grabbed for his jacket, his fingers lingering on that torn spot.

"Okay, call me… we can go to the gym again if you want?" Kenny said hopefully.

Stan didn't call Kenny for three damn days, but Kenny wasn't the visibly desperate type so he waited. It wasn't until Friday morning that he received a text from Stan.

Stan: Gym?

Kenny quickly sent a response, like a total desperate douchbag.

Kenny: Sure thing ;)

Stan: OMW.

Cant wait. Cant wait. Cant wait! Kenny palmed himself through his underwear just before slipping his basketball shorts on. Stan might actually like Kenny being half hard for him the moment he picked him up!

Kenny excitedly bounded out of his house when Stan's car pulled into his cracked driveway. Stan was smiling at him, very charming indeed, and keeping Kenny's half-erection alive! "Hey." Kenny said coolly as he slid into the passenger seat.

"Sup." Stan looked away and started his ignition. Kenny couldn't help running his eyes across that body while they drove, he could almost taste Stan in his mouth already… "Earth to Kenny?" Stan was waving a hand in front of Kenny's dazed expression, laughing a bit. "We're here." Kenny shook it off and looked up at the gym building.

"Oh." They hopped out and Kenny followed Stan into the gym, watching his sweet ass the whole way. There was no way Stan didn't know how fucking sexy he was!

It was nearly the same as the last time they'd been there, except that Kenny kept catching Stan staring back at him. He lowered his shorts on his hips a little trying to look sexier.

When they finally got tired and moved towards the locker room Kenny couldn't help but think of that fantasy he'd had about the gym again, more vivid in his mind now that he'd touched Stan intimately. He couldn't help himself as he reached out a shaking hand to brush against Stan's firm backside. Stan turned sharply and glared at Kenny, he then proceeded to look around nervously to see if anyone saw.

"No one's here today." Kenny winked, he leaned closer to Stan to whisper, "I just couldn't help it." Stan blushed and continued towards the showers.

Stan pulled off his shirt, glanced awkwardly at Kenny, and then continued undressing before the blonde's eyes. Kenny pulled his own clothes off with haste.

"Hey, Stan." Kenny tried to sound seductive but it came out sounding anxious. "Since we're the only ones in the locker room…" Stan raised an eyebrow at him. "I was just wondering if maybe we could shower in the same stall?"

Stan seemed to turn the request over in his head a few times before settling on an answer. He nodded nervously, looking around again. "Just be quiet!" He whispered harshly.

Kenny nodded excitedly, following Stan to one of the more private stalls in the back. Stan seemed to be thinking about just getting clean, which wasn't sexy at all! At least he was half-hard and looking at Kenny out the corner of his eye. Stan's obvious nervousness was kind of cute.

Kenny get behind Stan which made Stan startle a bit. "I'm not gonna rape you, Stan." Kenny chuckled at the reaction and began soaping up Stan's broad shoulders and muscular back. Stan sighed in contentment at the gesture. "Okay, now do mine." Kenny sighed as he finished. He changed their position standing in front of Stan who began washing Kenny's back a little less sensually than Kenny had his. He couldn't help it in this position! It was just like he'd imagined, except in his fantasy Stan's cock was inside him. He moaned and leaned his head forward against the tile, making his ass collide with Stan's hardness behind him, the wet friction making them both gasp.

Stan flushed as he looked down at his friend, pressed against the wall and backing up against him. Kenny was gorgeous and this was about the hottest thing he'd ever seen. Stan rubbed himself against Kenny's ass, the streaming hot water making the friction slippery and so erotic. Kenny moaned softly, just for Stan's ears, not loud enough to be heard over the water. And that was the fucking hottest thing Stan had ever heard! He started to move quicker against Kenny, thinking about what it would be like to actually fuck him against the shower wall. He pulled back and rubbed his tip against Kenny's opening, it did cross his mind to press in but he didn't want to alert anyone to their position or hurt his friend, so he continued rutting against the slippery ass in front of him. Kenny was breathing hard, so beautifully. He was rubbing at himself with his right hand, and keeping himself propped up against the wall with his left. He would rub at the same rhythm Stan would move against him.

Stan came first, exploding against the blonde's lower back. Kenny moaned a little bit louder as he felt the warm liquid hit his back. Stan reached up and rubbed his juices against Kenny's back, almost rubbing it in like massage lotion before the hot water washed it away. Kenny turned around so Stan would see him release down the drain. Stan caught some of Kenny's spray on his finger tip and brought it up to his mouth to taste which made Kenny shudder.

"My house for lunch again?" Stan said, kind of destroying the post-orgasm mood and making Kenny laugh.

"Yeah, of course, dude."

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