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The first time they met Teddy Lupin was his parents' funeral. In a reversal of the events at Fred's funeral, Ginny held Harry as his body wracked with sobs, and kissed his head. The trade-off wasn't entirely fair, they both knew, Harry had loved Fred like a brother, and Ginny loved Lupin as a teacher and Tonks as a friend. But there was a silent agreement that they needed to keep it together for each other.

Andromeda Tonks was planning on grabbing Harry during the gathering at her house afterwards, but as she witnessed the two beaten-down teenagers looking at a picture on the mantle of her daughter, she made an adjustment.

She excused herself, then asked Harry and Ginny if they would come with her.

They entered a large nursery with a sleeping baby.

Andromeda's eyes filled with tears and she spoke as if much older than she was. "Edward Remus Lupin. I understand you are the godfather?" She smiled weakly at Harry.

His breath struggled to come to him, but he eventually mustered a "yes."

She began to cry audibly. "'S so horrible that they would be gone so early. I'm sure Remus envisioned having so much more time before you became a guardian of a child."

She offered a comforting hand to Harry and he grasped it. "Can you handle this? You are seventeen, and I'm sure," she paused and caught her breath," my son would understand."

He sat down on the rocking chair in the room. "He would have, but I wouldn't." He looked more scared than Ginny had ever seen him, and she had seen him plenty scared.

Ginny gave him her hand, and a reassuring squeeze that she hoped would convey everything.

You wouldn't be doing this alone.

Andromeda will help.

Mom's taken care of seven kids and she would have no problem with an eighth.

I'll be there.

However and whenever you need me.

It was this last message she hoped reached him.

He squeezed it back and his eyes filled with tears of gratitude.

He mouthed the words, I love you.

Andromeda sighed. "I will miss him."

Her eyes were filled with pain and Harry realized just how much Andromeda Tonks was left with. She had lost her entire family to bigotry and war and Teddy was all she had left, of her husband, of her children, of anything. Harry embraced her.

"He'll stay with you. If that's what you want."

Her eyes welled up with more tears. "Are you sure Harry?"

He nodded. "He'll always have a place wherever I am, and I'll help you financially, you know- eventually, but he needs his grandmother. You need him."

Andromeda nodded, on the verge of meltdown, and placed Teddy in Harry's arms.

As no one could ever expect of such a proper woman, she darted out of the room without excusing herself. Ginny gently closed the door behind her and peered over Harry's shoulder at little Teddy.

The baby opened his eyes and his hair changed to the same bubblegum pink of his mother's.

Ginny shuddered and tried to blink back the tears before they fell. Harry felt the tears hit his shoulder and turned to face her. "A lot like his mom, huh?"

She nodded and gulped. "He's sweet like Professor Lupin though. And I bet he's brilliant."

"I'm so scared."

Ginny reached to take the baby from him. "Don't worry, they were too." She cooed at the baby and began to genuinely smile.

"You'll make one bloody brilliant mother, you will."

Ginny went the brightest of reds. "I don't know about that."

"I do." Harry played with a lock of her hair and stared intently at Teddy. "I could use some of that. He needs some of that."

Ginny's face matched her hair. "Are you aware of what you're saying?"

Harry was overcome in that moment with affection for the whole picture in front of him. Tears welled up in his eyes again as he kissed the baby, then his girlfriend. "I'm aware."

She kissed him back. "Can I have a moment with Teddy?"

Harry smiled and obliged, to find Andromeda and comfort her.

Ginny smiled down at the baby in her arms.

"I'm fairly certain I will end up your godmother, little Teddy. At least I very well hope so, for a myriad of reasons."

Teddy's hair changed to a furious red to match hers.

"And so I'm just going to treat you like I am, from this moment on. You know I probably should have said it out loud, but Harry will make a great godfather. And father. He's scared right now, which makes sense. I know you don't understand and I hope you never will, but Harry's never had a father. Barring my dad, he's not been provided with excellent examples, so he's insecure and completely clueless right now. He doesn't have a home or a job (which let me put this straight- is not at all unusual right now) and he is scared of putting you in a bad position. But he loves you already, and I saw it in his eyes y'know."

Her eyes welled with tears and her voice cracked. "I wish you could know your parents. I loved them so much. Your mother was a best friend of mine. She was my brother Charlie's age, but I adored her. She was so funny and cheerful and talented and strong and stubborn but she listened to me and she cried with me. See we had a lot in common. Around the same time, Harry left me, and your dad left your mom. Neither was entirely wrong, they had their noble, idiotic purposes and all, but your mother, pregnant and heartbroken, held me and told me what future I'd have. She was an optimistic woman, and she was right for it. Remus came back to her, to you. And Harry came back to me."

She smiled though tears were now falling freely. "And your father was the best teacher I've ever had, and I had McGonagall and Hagrid. We met on the train to Hogwarts, my second year. Now the year before, I'd been possessed by a very bad man, and I had a lot to fear. So when dementors came on board, I probably had it the second worst on that train. But your father brought light into the world. He conjured the Patronus that saved us, and he gave me chocolate and comforted me. When he taught, he was amazing. In his class I developed confidence and skill, without which I would be dead or unhappy and most likely both. I can never thank him enough for that, though I tried. He also taught Harry the Patronus charm that year, and Harry was the one that taught it to me."

She rocked the baby. "Harry told me once about something he'd seen that he wished he hadn't. My mum's boggart was of any of us kids dying, or of my parents leaving us without care. Ron and I were underage then. And your dad asked her if she thought he'd let us starve. So you, baby, can rest easy. You won't starve for anything, long as I'm around."

The child fell asleep to a small red-headed girl's eulogy of his parents and she put him back in his crib.

As she left the room to find her family, she paused.

"You are loved, Teddy. So loved."