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Freddy was turning sixteen. Niles had a great idea for a gift for him. He needed some help however. He was a little short on cash. He decided to go to Frasier.

"Hi Niles," Frasier said, "What can I do for you?"

"Frasier I need to ask a little favor of you," Niles said, "I have to borrow $14,000."

"Fine," Frasier said, "I'll write you out a check."

"You're just going to give him the money," Martin asked, "Don't you want to know what he's going to do with it?"

"I'm pretty sure he's going to spend it," Frasier said sitting at his desk.

Martin rolled his eyes.

"If you must know I'm getting a birthday gift for Frederick," Niles said.

"Oh cool," Frasier said smiling, "any idea what you're getting him?"

"Well it's bigger then a bread box," Niles said.

"Gee that narrows it down," Martin quipped.

Niles phone rang.

"Hello? Oh hello Thomas Subaru... yes I got your message. Of course. Absolutely. I will be over right away."

He hung up.

Frasier handed Niles the check.

"Thomas Subaru. Doesn't he own a rolls Royce and a Subaru company?"

"He does indeed," Niles said, "I have to go down and speak to him. We made a deal."

"Very well," Frasier said.

Frederick arrived the next day.

"I did," Niles said, "It's out front."

He walked Frederick out front to the front of the Eliot Bay Towers. In front with a bow and a car reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDERICK was a rolls royce.

"OH MY GOD," Frederick exclaimed, "I thought that the bike was the coolest thing ever. This beats it."

He hugged Niles who hugged him back.

"Hey Uncle Niles," he said.

"Hey Frederick," Niles said smiling, "Look your dad is out right now."

"Ah man," Frederick said, "I thought I would be seeing him."

"Oh you will," Niles said, "He's just on the radio show. But I want to give you your gift now."

"You got me a gift," Frederick asked excited.

Uncle Niles always got him the best gifts. Once, just to piss Lilith off Niles got Frederick a dirt bike he wasn't supposed to have until he was thirteen. He was only 10.


"What are you getting Frederick for his birthday," Roz asked.

"Don't tell him but next month I'm going to buy him a car," Frasier said, "If I did it today it wouldn't be a surprise."

Frederick came into the radio station.

"Dad," he said after hugging him, "Uncle Niles got me the coolest gift."

"Great," Frasier said, "What did he get you."

"He got me a rolls royce"