On a dark night,Batman,Batwoman and their children were patrolling by an alley.

It was crime alley and there lived only thief's,gangs and poor people who hadn't work.

There's a couple who went in crime alley and the Bat family followed them.

Suddenly they saw a shadow not bigger than a kid by the couple and Renegade went in action.

Renegade picked the little child up and brought him on the roof.

,,LET. ME. GO!",ordered the kid while Batman went out of the shadow and the rest except Speedy and Kid Flash followed.

Batman glared at the kid and asked:,,What are you doing here?"

The kid took off his hoodie and glared right back and answered:,,I'm stealing money for don't even think of bringing me in prison or I'll tell everyone you hit me and killed my brother and sister."

Everyone's eyes went wide and Batwoman asked:,,How do we know that you have a family?"

,,Because I have honour and I have defeated your Clown villan too.",answered the kid.

Batman brought the kid to his eye level and asked:,,Where are your parents do you live?"

,,My parents live under the ground in a big enough box for them while my little brother and sister live with me this, have five children and one was hit death by Joker,one is sick and the other is too young to save the youngest the other two found a house and live happy with a oldest was brought back to life with a ...?",answered the kid.

,,Lasaruspit.",ended Renegade and Batwoman in the same time.

,,I'm Jason Terror and steal money to keep my on-",said Jason while a beep thing went off.

,, ,I gotta go and search a new home,Two-Face is back and is looking for us.",said Jason while he tried to wiggle free but without sucess.

Nightwing came next to Batman and said:,,I'll go with you and fight them off."

,,J-Jase is t-that r-really y-you?",asked Speedy while walking out of the shadow.

Jason looked over and gasped in surprise.

Kid Flash saw the face and runned to Jason while Speedy followed.

Batman released Jason and took a step back while looking just as shocked as the others.

,,How are Dickie and Princess?Why is Two-Face after us?",asked Kid Flash while they took off their mask.

Jason's eyes widened and said:,,Give me a lift to Crime 's our old house."

Wally brought his mask back on while Jason said with a smirk:,,I hope that we meet you soon don't forget,I know who you are."

With that were they speeding off while the others turned to Roy for an explaining.

Roy brought his mask up and made a motion to follow him.

They all did and thought only one thing.

'What does this mean?'