A Red Spark

A/N: This Story was co-wriiten by animegal1357. We don't own Young Justice. Only Lila/Red Spark

Prologue- Lila's POV

Running...that seems like the only thing I do nowadays. I run from my past, present, and future. I run those who try to hurt me. I fun because it's the only way no one knows who I am. I can't remember the last time I relaxed. I can't remember the last time I heard my name said, right? My name is Lila, that's right. I'm 13 and live...I guess you can say everywhere and yet nowhere. Throughout my entire life, there has always been someone trying to hurt me. It started when my parents left me at an orphanage and contiuned through my 'nice' stay at the orphanage, though I became a puppet for the League of Shadows and finally to when I left the League of Shadows and went on the run.

My day started out normal. I woke up to the smell of garbage, 'borrowed' some food from some people, and started moving to another place. That is until I heard the all-too familiar sound of a bank robbery alarm. Now most people would have ran in the opposite direction, and I was about to do that too, when I sudenly heard the faint sound of a child crying. Me being...well me, I ran to the bank and what I saw made my blood boil and my hands sparked with electricity...Oh yeah, did I mentioned? I have electricity powers and can shoot powerful electricity blasts. I also have twin knives that are blood red and are shaped into lightning bolts. I'm also an anti-hero in a city called Eldridge. I am called 'Red Spark' and the police dont really like( The feeling's mutual).

I knew that this is probalbly a trap, but I can't say no to a cry for help. When I make it to the bank, I hide and change into my hero outfit. I'm wearing a long- sleeved red hoodie along with black combat pants. On the long-sleeved hoodie, there is a lightning bolt. My normally long wavy red hair is tied in a neat ponytail and to cover my ocean blue eyes, I'm wearing a red mask. Once I'm done, I walk quitely into the bank. On the floor in total was 2 20ish men, 1 30ish woman, i 80ish woman, and 1 little girl that looks like she's six. The little girl is crying as I prepared to jump into battle.