A Red Spark


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Lila's POV

As I walked into the bank, I could see at least 4 to 5 armed robbers inside, but it was no challenge. I could handle them. One of them turned to me and said "Guys, it's Red Spark" I was glas to see they remember me. "So boys, you want to save me the trouble and give yourselves up? Or we do this the hard way?' Sad to say, they chose the hard way. As one tried to land a punch on me, I flipped him over and slammed my fist on his chest causing him to let out a wheeze. Then I gave him a hard punch to the face and that knocked him out. 2 more robbers raised their guns at me. "Seriously, do you know how many times I've been through that." So I raised my right hand and delivered a blast of electricity to them, shocking them to the point that they fell to the ground unconcious. The last robber looked at me and dropped his gun and put his hand to tell me "I surrender" I threw him a pair of a handcuffs. "You know what to do." Just then, I heard police sirens and I knew it was time for me to go. So I took off for the emergency exit just time before the police arrived and the one person getting out of the car was Eldridge City police captain Danielle Morrison. She always had it out for me ever since I made my first apperance and she's always been trying to catch me because she felt I was always making her look bad and she wanted to make an example out of me and everytime she got close to catching me I always escaped at the last minute. That always seemed to make her really angry.

As I watched the police and SWAT teams entered the bank from the rooftop, I noticed someone behind me. i turned around and it was Black Canary. She was someone whom I idolized, though I would never admit. " Nice job back there."

"What do you want?" I asked

"I'm here because I've been watching you for quite sometime. You have potential and I want to help you reached that potential" She answered. " What are you saying?"

"Come with me and I promise I'll explain everything"

I thought about it and decided to check it out, but I gave Canary a fair warning. "If I see something i don't like, I'm walking away and you'll never see me again"

Canary gave me her word. "I promise. There's nothing I would do that would cause you to walk away. Just trust me. Please?"


So I followed Canary, not knowing that my life was gonna change for the better.

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