A Red Spark

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Black Canary and Red Spark walked towards an abandoned phone booth. Red noticed and asked, "You do know that phone booth doesn't work?" Black Canary responded, "Trust me, it gets better" And so the duo walked into the phone booth and they both got scanned. "Recognized Black Canary B-13, Red Spark A23" the computer said. And soon, they ended up at Mount Justice.

"Welcome to Mount Justice" Canary said. "Never heard of it" Lila said. "That's because this place serves as a base for the Team and speaking of which they should be in the training room right now" Canary said. So, they walked toward the training room where the whole Team was there and when they saw Lila next to Black Canary, well a lot of questions went through their head.

"Who's that" Wonder Girl asked

"This is Red Spark. I brought her here to Mount Justice because I believe she maybe a valuable asset to the Team" Canary answered

"Why do we need a new member? We're ok just the way are" Superboy objected.

"Be that as it may, it never hurts to have more members to help" Canary assured

"Can she be trusted is the question?" Artemis asked

"Look, Canary brought me here. Now normally, I would just walk away after hearing that remark, but I'll let it slide. Just this once" Lila said

"What sort of powers do you have?" Miss Martian asked as she tried to see what was going on through Lila's mind but got pushed out.

"Aw, what's wrong? Not being able to see what little thoughts run through my head. Well, get used to it"

"Anyway" Canary interjected before a fight could break out. "I want to start of with a little training today. Since Red Spark is new here, I'll let her choose who she can fight.

"I think I'll choose Speedy Gonzales" Lilia said indicating Impulse.

"No problem. I can handle it" Bart waved off.

"Not when I'm through, you won't" Lila warned

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