Elsa trudged up the snow-covered mouton. How could she have let this happen? She had tried so hard to keep the power under control. But she lost it for a split second and had paid the price for it. She was never meant to be queen, that was obvious now. She wasn't meant to be anything.

Once she reached the top of the mountain, she turned to look at the rest of the world. It stood frozen under a fresh blanket of snow. Some summer, Elsa thought. She liked the cold better, though. Heat was far too intense for her. Elsa sat down in the snow. Though she had tried to fight it before, she couldn't stop herself from crying. Crying was a painful experience for Elsa. The tears would turn solid and the ice felt like it was cutting her face open. But the pain didn't mater anymore. She deserved it. She ruined everything. No one could ever forgive her.

Elsa had a swooshing sound. She thought it was her imagination playing tricks on her so she resumed crying. After a couple more occurrences of the noise, she knew it wasn't just in her head and slowly lifted her head. The black and green stood out from the white, glittering snow. Elsa rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things. She was shocked to discover she wasn't. There was a mass of green and black hurdling towards her. Elsa squinted to get a better look at this person. It was a green person. Elsa shook her head. People weren't green! That was impossible! But at the moment she found herself more concerned to get out of the supposed green persons way when it landed. Elsa hid behind a bolder. She heard someone-a woman by the sound of it- scream and grunt as she heard what sounding like tumbling. Elsa chanced a look at whatever had landed on the mountain. She couldn't believe that this person was green. The green woman picked her self off the ground and dusted off the snow. Once she was fully standing her eyes seemed to be searching for something.

"Where is that damn broom? Ah, there it is!"" The woman said as she went to retrieve a broom.

Elsa became confused. Broom? What use does she have for a broom here? The broom was very burnt and it looked awful. Elsa was very perplexed by this green woman.

It was strange how, once you got past her complection, she was actually very attractive. Or at least she was in Elsa's opinion. Elsa felt her cheeks heat up.

The green woman looked around the mountain top. "Well it's no use in hiding. I know you're here." The woman said. She directed her attention to the boulder Elsa was hiding behind.

Elsa felt her heart pounding. The woman was talking to her. What are you so afraid of, Elsa? The Queen asked herself, If she means you harm you could..use your ice powers. Elsa had never wanted to use her power to hurt anyone. But seeing as it would be self defense, she could do it.

Elsa stood tall, trying to look more confident then she actually was, and stepped away from the bolder. The women stood there for a moment, examining each other. The green woman wore a black dress which had been torn badly. The green woman seems to be offended by Elsa's appearance.

"You're a princess." The woman sneered.

Elsa was stunned she had figured that out. Was she some kind of witch? Then Elsa remembered her crown. She took it off her head.

"I was a princess. I should have been made queen today." Elsa explained as she ran her fingers over the patterns of her crown.

"What did you come up here to enjoy the scenery?" The woman asked coldly.

Elsa laughed. "No, I was the one who caused the snow. I have the power to control ice and snow and I really messed up." Elsa answered.

"I thought it was strange to see snow in summer. Might i ask, where in Oz I am?" The woman asked.

"Arrendel." the queen answered.

The green woman had a look of confusion for a moment which was taken over for by a sigh of relief.

"Out of Oz at last!" She exclaimed happily.

"I'm sorry, Oz?" Elsa asked.

"Oh, it's no matter what Oz is; we aren't there. But if you must know, it is the land I came from." The woman answered.

Elsa nodded. She must have traveled far. The Queen had never heard of 'Oz' before. "So why did you come here?" Elsa asked curiously.

"I am supposed to be dead. But it's awfully hard to pull of being dead when your alive. Besides, I wanted to start a new life." The woman answered. "And what about you, Miss Princess of Arrendel, why have you abandoned your kingdom for this God forsaken mountain? Unless of course this mountain is your kingdom."

"I told you, I messed up and now everyone wishes I were dead." Elsa answered.

"So I guess we're both running away to start new/." The woman said.

"Indeed." Elsa responded. "You know I wouldn't mind some company."

The green woman laughed. "You say that now. But if you wish my company I guess I shall give it. For what it's worth, my name's Elphaba." She held out her hand. Elsa shook it.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Elphaba. I'm Elsa."

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