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It was about noon when Elsa and Elphaba decided to stop walking and take a rest. They stopped by a waterfall. Of course, it was frozen in solid ice. Elsa, who had kept her gloves, was poking at the water with a large, fallen tree branch in hopes to break the ice. She wasn't very strong and was beginning to get tired.

"Elphaba, can you help me with this?" Elsa asked her companion.

Elphaba was reluctant to respond. She wanted to help, but she did want to get the close to the water. Elsa guessed she'd have to do all the work herself when the witch didn't respond. She had never been able to thaw anything just freeze it. Her magic didn't give her an ability. Elsa perked up with an idea.

"Elphaba, would you by any chance have a spell that could thaw this lake?" Elsa asked hopefully.

Elphaba considered this. "I may have something." SHe responded. SHe pulled out her book of spells and started flipping through it. Eventually she found something. SHe started to do her chanting and the ice that covered the water began to melt. Elsa quickly thanked Elphaba and ran to the water. She made sure her gloves were on tightly and then put her hands in the water. She scooped up a handful, and brought it to her dry mouth and drank it. The water was freezing cold, but Elsa didn't mind. Elsa expected Elphaba to drink from the little stream, to. But she didn't. Elsa didn't really spend time dwelling over the question of why. She felt it wasn't her business to pry.

As they continued to walk, Elphaba brought up the question of where in the world it was they were going. Elsa couldn't find an answer. She figured they would just stumble across a new world and they'd find out exactly where they belonged. But Elsa had to come to grips with reality and realize that wouldn't happen. Since they didn't know where they were going they decided to stop for the time being.

Elphaba suggested that Elsa should make another shelter out of ice. The witch secretly admired and envied her ability to do that. Elsa didn't make something spectacular, just a simple dwelling place. Elsa was surprised she could do that.

Elphaba told her companion she was leaving to go get some wood for the fire. Elsa was confused. She had made fire with her hands, what did she need wood for? But elphaba claimed the wood make it last longer.

Elsa only expected her to be gone a few minutes. But the minutes turned to hours and she hadn't returned. How long did it take to get wood, she wondered. But she could understand that it might be hard. Everything was covered in snow so it'd be hard to find. But couldn't she cut down trees or something with her magic? She seemed to have a spell for everything in that books he always carried around. Elsa wasn't sure why she was so nervous when Elphaba didn't return. But she knew it was something along the lines of her fear to be alone. She had been alone far to much.

She jumped up and rang when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door with such excitement but it wasn't who she expected...

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