This is the first chapter of my Harry Potter story! It starts with the events at the Ministry in The Order of the Phoenix and follows the events from there on. Sirius is alive and accompanies our favourite trio on their journey. And maybe he also falls in love? (today I would most probably write Wolfstar, but Sirius and Hermione were on my mind back then, I don't know why anymore, I hope you like it anyway)

After so many years, I finally decided to edit this story! I read the first chapters again a while ago and noticed many mistakes. Maybe because i started writing this seven years ago. It might take some time until everything is edited, but I hope you don't mind. To those who read the story for the first time, don't worry, the later chapters are getting better!

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I couldn't believe it.

I had survived the battle at the department of mysteries. Thanks to Hermione.

When Bellatrix wanted to curse me, she had pushed me out of the way and the curse, which - thank god - hadn't been deadly, had hit her in the back. First, I was too shocked to move, but after a few seconds, I realized that I had to do something. After all, I was standing in the middle of a battle and the others needed my help. Bellatrix, who thought that she had killed Hermione, ran away, loudly crying "I KILLED THE MUDBLOOD!" and laughing madly.

Of course Harry followed her immediately and no one had been able to stop him. The ones of us who had seen him going wanted to run after them too, but the other Death Eaters stopped them by attacking even stronger than before.

I also wanted to follow my godson, but I knew that Hermione was injured very badly and needed my help. Another Death Eater, who had been standing close to Bellatrix, had seen the attack and was moving towards us. On the one hand it was because he knew me, but on the other one he wanted to kill Hermione, the muggleborn witch.

So I decided to protect Hermione. Harry and the others would never forgive me if she was killed, but surprisingly, I also wouldn't have been able to live with myself anymore. It would have been my fault if something would have happened to her. She wanted to save me by throwing herself between Bellatrix and myself. I couldn't just leave her alone now in all this chaos. Someone had to look after her.

Even now I couldn't figure out why she did it. She had put herself in danger just to save someone who had been in Azkaban most of his life. Someone they had called murderer. Traitor. Liar. Crazy. She had no real connection to me. Just Harry, whom she loved. But that was another point I wasn't sure about. Did she really love him or was he just like a brother to her?

I think the second presumption was true.

The whole year Harry had talked about a girl called Cho Chang, who was one year older than him and also playing Quidditch. He wanted her to go out with him, but she said no because her former boyfriend, Cederic Diggory, had been killed by Lord Voldemort the previous summer and she wasn't over it yet.

I decided not to focus on all those thoughts any longer and concentrated on the battle at hand. There were still a few Death Eaters who tried to attack us, but the Order was able to fight them without problems. After all, we were prepared for their attacks now,

The rest of the battle I stayed with Hermione, but when Dumbledore and the people of the Ministry arrived, they called me to come to them. First, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to talk to the people who thought that I was a murderer, but I trusted Albus. There had to be a reason why he wanted me to go to them. And it was true. Finally, they believed that I wasn't the one who had told Voldemort the secret of the Potter's and who was responsible for their death. The Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, told me in front of the press that I wasn't blamed anymore and that I was free to go where I wanted again.

To say I was shocked would have been the understatement of the year. I had believed that I would die as an outcast without being able to live my life as I wanted. Now everyone kept saying that I was free. It was too good to be true and I knew that it would need more time until I could fully process the news.

I was free to do what I wanted again. I could go out without fearing that someone would recognize me. I could be with Harry, the only part of my family that was left. Or I could visit Remus openly. Fight in the war against Voldemort and his Death Eaters together with all my friends was also possible now. I'd always hated not being able to do anything. That's also why I accompanied the others to the Ministry. Maybe I could also find someone to love. Start a family. Live a happy life.

If we would win and I would survive the war. The chances for that to happen weren't very high, but how can you live a life without hope?

After talking to the Minister and other members of the Ministry of Magic, I accompanied Dumbledore and Harry to Hogwarts. The others were already gone because many of the students, like Hermione, Neville and Ron had been injured. They were already in the hospital wing of the castle and Madam Pomfrey was taking care of them, so we didn't have to worry. They would all be fine again soon.

In Professor Dumbledore's office, he told us about the prophecy which made Voldemort attack Lily and James Potter so many years ago. When he found out that Neville could also have been in his place, Harry was shocked. I couldn't believe it either, but after Harry and I listened to the prophecy of Professor Trelawney, we couldn't doubt it anymore.

Harry was the chosen one because Lord Voldemort had decided to attack him and not Neville. He chose the half-blood wizard because he was more like him and that was something he never liked. He hated muggles and the fact that his father wasn't able to perform magic.

After having talked about the events of the previous night, we changed the topic. Dumbledore wanted Harry to go to the Dursley's in the summer again. Both of us protested very loudly, but he didn't want to hear anything about Harry living with me. He said that it was necessary and that no one could change his decision. But he would just have to stay there for a few weeks and then he could go to Grimmauld Place or the Burrow for the rest of his holidays.

In the end, Harry and I had to agree and Dumbledore smiled satisfied. There was a reason why he wanted Harry to go back to that horrible place, I just knew it. However, I didn't ask in that moment. I knew that I wouldn't get an answer anyway.

After the conversation, Harry and I decided to go to the hospital wing to look for our friends.

Then I'm going to see Hermione again... I thought and a little smile spread on my lips. I didn't know why I had to smile when I thought of her. Maybe just because she was such a beautiful and intelligent young witch and I was glad that she'd be alright.

The fact that I was so shocked and worried when she shoved me away during the battle confused me. I really had to see if she was alright. Nearly all of my thoughts were circling around that girl. It was something which had never happened to me before. Most probably, it was just because she was Harry's best friend and I also liked her.

What is she doing to me?