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The castle was waking up. The sun rose slowly and the students were leaving their common rooms to go to the great hall, where they could get their breakfast. It was a strange feeling to walk through these corridors again. It had been nearly 20 years since I left Hogwarts together with my friends and in all those years, I hadn't seen the school again.

Being able to go where I wanted was great. Of course I knew that the students still saw me as a murderer and were afraid of me until they read the article in the Daily Prophet, but right now, that didn't bother me. The soft whispering which followed me was nothing I cared about.

My thoughts were still circling around the prophecy and the events of the previous night.

Voldemort had placed a wrong vision in Harry's mind and there was a battle in the Ministry. He thought that they had kidnapped me and he wanted to save me. But in the department of mysteries they found Death Eaters and not me. So they had to fight. Luckily we weren't too late and were able to win the fight against the servants of Lord Voldemort.

I was almost killed. Hermione saved me, but she was injured. And they didn't know which curse it was. She saved me... Saved me... Why did she do it?

Harry followed Bellatrix and wanted to kill her, but Voldemort showed up and nearly killed him. Thanks to Albus, my godson was still alive and Voldemort had to disappear quickly. But the Minister of Magic and many others had seen him.

And suddenly, they believed every word Harry and Dumbledore said. And I was free.

The hospital wing was silent. Madam Pomfrey was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, so she could reach the people who needed help as fast as possible. When we entered, she looked up and a little smile appeared on her face. Of course she still knew me after all this time. After all, I'd been here very often.

Remus and Tonks were sitting on am empty bed next to Neville's. Remus stood up and hugged Harry and me. "How are you feeling?" he asked concerned.

"I'm fine." Harry said and went to Ron's bed. There he stood silently and watched his best friend in his sleep.

Behind his back, Remus shook his head slowly. "No, you're not." He whispered.

"Of course he's not okay, Moony." I answered. "After everything he's been through tonight, that should be clear."

He nodded and looked at Harry, still standing next to Ron who had opened his eyes slowly. "Where am I? And what happened last night? The last thing I remember is... us going to the ministry to save Sirius and Lucius Malfoy showing up and wanting the prophecy..." He looked around, a confused frown on his face and stopped when he saw me. "You're here? But..."

"I'm sure we can explain everything to you." I said quickly and smiled at him. Then I nodded at Harry. He understood and began to tell Ron what happened last night. But he left out everything about the prophecy the two of us had heard. Probably because he wanted to think or talk about it first.

While Harry was talking, I turned my attention towards Remus and Tonks again. "Nobody's in serious danger. They'll all survive it. It's nothing very bad." Tonks assured me as she saw that I was very worried. "Neville and Ron will be up in a few hours and Luna and Ginny have already left to go to breakfast."

"And Hermione...?" I asked apprehensively.

"No one knows which curse Bellatrix had used, but Poppy is confident about her being healed soon." Remus put a hand on my shoulder to calm me down. "I know you think that it's your fault, but you have to see that you would have died if she hadn't pushed you out of the way. You could have been dead by now..." Suddenly, he looked like the one who needed to be calmed down, so I shoved away his arm and hugged him tightly.

After a few moments, I let him go and saw the tears in his eyes. Tonks had seen them too and was putting her arm around Remus. "It's all right. Don't cry, everyone's okay. We're all here, with you." At the sound of her voice, he had begun to cry harder and now the two of them were hugging each other and it seemed like no one wanted to let go.

A little smile appeared on my face and I left them alone.

Madam Pomfrey looked up when she heard my footsteps.

"It's been a long time, Sirius Black." she smiled. "I thought that I would never see you again after all this trouble you have caused a few years ago, but now you're here, standing right in front of me and you are a free man. Professor Lup- I mean Remus had to say it twice because I was so surprised. The ministry has never admitted that there was a mistake in the past."

I nodded with a grin. "That's true. And I'm really sorry for the events two years ago, I hope you know that." Then my gaze went to Hermione for a few seconds and my grin vanished immediately. "How is she?" I whispered.

"She'll be fine. I began to heal her wounds and they will be gone in a few days. Then she should wake up."

"Would it bother you if I stay here until she's awake?"

"No, it wouldn't. After all, she said your name in her sleep."