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Darkness surrounded me. Darkness and pain.

There was a constant whispering around me, but I couldn't understand what was said. I wanted to sit up, but it was impossible. My whole body was hurting and I was helpless in the dark.

And then there were the weird things I saw.

Harry, Ron and me on our way to Hogwarts.

Professor Umbridge standing in front of the class and telling us to pack away our wands.

The DA lessons.

And then Harry and the vision Voldemort had placed in his mind.

I was at the Ministry again. We were at the Department of Mysteries and Harry was searching for Sirius, who should have been there because the Death Eaters had captured him. But he wasn't there. Just Lucius Malfoy, who wanted the prophecy we've found. Of course Harry refused to give it to him and that's why the fight had started.

It was terrible. The screams shocked me and first, I wasn't able to move. But then the members of the Order arrived and I got a little courage. But when Bellatrix turned her attention towards Sirius, who was standing in front of that veil, I knew that something bad was going to happen. The veil looked somehow dangerous and when Bellatrix prepared to curse Sirius, I shoved him out of the way.

Then there was pain. Very much pain and a voice - I think it was Sirius - was screaming my name.

The last thing I remembered from that moment were two strong arms lifting me up. Then there was just darkness.

But what had happened? How were the others? And most important, was Sirius all right? I wanted to help him so badly, but I didn't know if I succeeded.

Suddenly, I felt afraid. I wanted to scream at my body. Tell it that it was time to move again. I wanted to open my eyes.

But it was impossible.

After some time - I didn't know how much it was exactly - the pain lessened. And I began to hear the voices around me again. There were Remus and Tonks, Madam Pomfrey, Harry and... Sirius!

So he was alive. But why was I so happy about it? Of course we all knew that Sirius didn't expect to survive the war against Voldemort and so it was a great relief that he wasn't dead yet. And I was relieved that the others were alive as well, but why applied my first thought Sirius, Harry's godfather, who had been in Azkaban for twelve years? And why did I care about him most?

I didn't know.

Being able to move again was a big relief. I felt my legs and arms again and was able to shift in my bed. And I also felt that I was lying in a bed! Good to know.

And finally I was able to open my eyes.

The hospital wing was bathed in orange light, so it had to be early in the morning. First, my head was hurting a little bit and my eyes weren't as good as usual, but those feelings disappeared quickly.

I wanted to sit up and look around, but as soon as I started to move, everything began to twist and I fell back onto the pillows.

"Hey, easy over there. Don't overestimate yourself, you've been injured very badly." A familiar dark voice to my left said and my heart began to race.

Slowly, I turned my head towards the handsome, dark-haired man who was sitting on the bed next to mine.

Sirius was smiling at me. I looked at him closely to make sure that he was all right. Then I smiled back shyly.

"You have to relax, you've been lying here for four days and no one knew when you would wake up. We're still trying to figure out which curse Bellatrix had used." At the last sentence, his expression became angry and he clenched his fists.

"Wait, I've been unconscious for four days?" I was stunned.

He nodded with an unhappy look on his face.

"And how long have you been waiting for me to wake up?"

"I've been here for four days now." Sirius said softly.

"Why?" I asked in surprise.

"I wanted to make sure that you're fine. After all, you wanted to save me. And I want to thank you for that, it was very brave of you. You didn't have to risk your life for me." He smiled again and I didn't know why, but I smiled back immediately. There was something about this man which made me smile every time I saw him. It was... magic. My heart was still beating very fast and it wasn't going to stop doing it. Not as long as he's around...

"That's... very nice of you, Sirius." I stuttered and blushed. "And the others...?"

"Were here as often as they could. They are really concerned because you were the only one who didn't wake up the day after the fight."

"Some of the others were here too?" I asked in concern.

"Yeah, Ron and Neville, the others were allowed to go back to their dormitories after Madam Pomfrey had checked if they were all right."

"Can you tell me what happened after I passed out?" Even though I knew that the story wouldn't be nice, I wanted to hear it.

Sirius looked at me anxiously. "Do you really think that you can manage it right now? Or should I get Poppy to check if you -"

"No I can deal with it, I promise." I said quickly. Of course Madam Pomfrey would want me to sleep again and that was the last thing I needed right now.

A smile appeared on Sirius' face, which made him look even more beautiful. Wait, why was I thinking this? He was Harry's godfather! And much older than me as well.

"Okay, then here we go, Hermione. When Bellatrix hit you with the curse, she thought that she'd killed you. She screamed that she had killed the mudblood and Harry ran after her while she wanted to disappear. He wanted to kill her, but Voldemort appeared at the Ministry to kill Harry. Before he could do it, Dumbledore arrived and fought against him. When Voldemort realized that his enemy was too strong, he took control over Harry's mind. That didn't last for a long time because it was too painful and so he left the body of my godson and at the same time, the Minister of Magic and many Aurors and other wizards and witches arrived.

Voldemort fled and Fudge saw that he'd made a big mistake by not believing Harry and Dumbledore. Now everyone knows that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, as they call him, is back and Dumbledore and Harry are heroes again. And when he saw me, he finally admitted that the Ministry had made a mistake and that Peter Pettigrew hat killed the muggles all those years ago. Now I'm a free man and I can go where I want again without being pursued."

I didn't realize that I was staring at him with my mouth open. I closed it quickly (Sirius was grinning brightly) and continued to stare at him half shocked and half delighted. So everyone was all right, even though Harry had nearly been killed. Voldemort was able to control Harry's dreams and thoughts, but that wasn't new to me. And the Ministry finally believed Dumbledore and Harry. Soon the whole wizarding world would know about Voldemort, the Death Eaters and the danger we're all in. And Sirius was free. He wouldn't have to hide again. I didn't know why, but right now that was the point which made me happy. I knew how much it had tortured him not to be able to do anything openly.

"Seems like I've missed very much." I said simply, not sure how else to react to all those news.

"It's not that bad. Believe me, the events at the Ministry weren't nice. It was horrible to see how scared most people were because they've seen Voldemort. The news that he's back have caused fear and desperation." Sirius shook his head, a tensed look on his face.

"I think you're right." I answered, nodding. "Maybe I can really be happy that I haven't been there. And how is Harry?"

"He's all right. The night has shocked and exhausted him very much, but you know Harry. He's a strong boy and he can deal with the things that happened to him." Sirius began to smile proudly.

It was clear to see that he loved Harry very much. I smiled and nodded. "You're right."

Sirius ran a hand trough his hair and looked around himself. Then he focused on me again and grinned. "But let's stop talking about the events of that night." He said. "All that counts is right now, isn't it? So how are you feeling?"

I grinned back at him. It was very difficult not to do it. Almost impossible. No, definitely impossible. "To be honest... I'm hungry." I admitted.

His grin got even brighter. "Well, then I'm sure that you want me to call Madam Pomfrey to take care of you."

Wait, what?