Love for Cats

A/N: This rather short oneshot is for Arashi Wolf Princess as a Birthday present. I hope you like/enjoy your present as this is my first try at writing a one-shot.

Summary: Sebastian was the kind of butler who was strict, but has a love for cats. That was the reason why he couldn't be strict with one Kagome Higurashi.


Sebastian sighed as another vase was broken by none other than Kagome Higurashi, the new and clumsy maid, and Mey-Rin.

"Mey-Rin, why did you break another vase?" Sebastian scolded Mey-Rin, while rubbing Kagome's cat like ears.

"It feels go~od when you rub my ears~!" Kagome purred out, enjoying the attention that her ears got.

He just couldn't scold Kagome and he just couldn't resist petting her.

"Ka-Kagome tripped and bumped into me, and I bumped the vase, and it fell and crashed." Mey-Rin stuttered out, all the while glancing jealously at Kagome, wishing it was her being given special attention to and not the new maid.

"Mey-Rin, you should know better than to blame Kagome just because she is new here." Sebastian said.

"I'm sorry." Mey-Rin apologized with her head bowed in shame.

"You are dismissed, Mey-Rin. Continue your chores." Sebastian ordered.

Sebastian gave another sigh, as Mey-Rin left, following his order.

Sebastian Michaelis just couldn't be strict to one Kagome Higurashi, because of his love for cats.