Chapter 20

The Deep Space Nine crew all had puzzled and startled looks on their faces, certainly not expecting a mysterious and strangely dressed young blonde girl to suddenly appear before them in a flash of light, and to have her immediately stunned by their newly arrived Klingon security officer. The crew had been on edge about the Dominion invasion threat, even though this was a relatively peaceful time on the station. The OPS crew had been issued number two phasers and ordered to shoot first and ask questions later if someone suddenly appeared, unaware that Sisko was in communication with the girl's supervisor. It was soon after the time traveling incident with the tribbles and Starfleet Temporal had taken it upon themselves to install a two-way communications link with all the MIB supervisors in the Milky Way galaxy. On this particular day, Captain Sisko wasn't expecting to hear from one of them, certainly not one from the twentieth century, so he was astonished when the face of Supervisor 194, better known as Gary Seven appeared on his computer terminal hookup and announced that soon his newly fledged agent, Miss Roberta Lincoln, would be making an appearance on board the station. Sisko had read about the supervisor at Starfleet Academy when he was a cadet, but never expected to meet him or talk with him. Seven had finally managed to convince the Q to bring Roberta home to the twentieth century where she belonged and that the strange powerful alien had no business playing matchmaker with her. She must make her own decisions. When the Q saw that she had no interest in Tam Elbrin, he agreed. Also, the Q had given up on any notions of wooing Nurse Christine Chapel. It was also true that Roberta's boyfriend Maury* was in love with her. Eventually, he found out what she really did for a living, and was intrigued. However, he was very concerned that some weird alien had whisked her away into the distant future where she did not belong and feared for her safety. Also, Seven needed her back on twentieth century Earth to help two Bajoran refugees, surgically altered to pass as humans, adjust to their new home. The daughter of one of them, a girl named Sito Jaksa**, had escaped the monstrous clutches of the Cardassians after having been nearly killed by them. Sito and her mother, for all intents and purposes, and as far as anyone in the twenty-fourth century knew, had both been classified as deceased. Only the highest ranking officials at Starfleet Command knew otherwise, but they were never going to divulge her true status to anyone. Fortunately, Jaksa had no memory of what she had been through, having been held and tortured in a Cardassian death camp for five years, because of a device of Mr. Seven's that wiped out all of the terrible memories of her ordeal.***

Seven had also given up on the idea of retrieving the blueprints for the stolen devices from Kirk's era, learning from the Q that Jackson Roykirk had placed them on his Nomad probe and launched them into space, never once considering that in doing so, he would have a small part in the development of the Borg, who would find the Nomad probe in later years as it entered a natural wormhole and ended up in the Delta quadrant. Also, the Q knew the whereabouts of the actual stolen items from Kirk's ship, but wasn't going to divulge that information. Colonel Sean Jeffrey Christopher had them, and continued his family legacy of wealth by "inventing" one a year. Nurse Chapel joined her ex-husband on a scientific mission to the planet Exo Three**** and was never heard from again.

"Mr. Seven, why would Miss Lincoln be coming here?" Sisko asked curiously.

"I have been told that you are familiar with the Q being. He brought her to your era to prevent her from changing history back to the way it should be. Once she is there, please see that no harm comes to her."

"Understood, sir."

"I will get my time transporter warmed up and will be there shortly to greet-" He paused, looking startled. "Captain, I just heard-"

"A phaser going off. Excuse me, sir. I will be right back." Sisko quickly stood and strode out of his office, just in time to see a young blonde girl crumple to the deck, uttering the words "Oh, no! Not again!" before losing consciousness. She had been holding some kind of container, and that too dropped to the floor, its contents spilling everywhere. "Worf, hold your fire. Major, get Dr. Bashir now!" He shook his head as he looked at the girl. He was very glad she had only been stunned, but this would not be very pleasing to the supervisor. He knelt and checked for a pulse, realizing also that she was covered in some kind of slime. Sisko wondered where she had been and at her final words as Bashir made his way into OPS. The doctor waved a scanner over the girl's motionless and supine form.

"What happened?"

"I thought she was a Q and stunned her when she suddenly appeared in a flash of light." Worf responded a little regretfully.

"What's that stuff all over the floor?" Major Kira asked with wonder.

"There is only one way to find out." Dax chimed in, picking up a tricorder and starting to scan the case's contents. As she did so, she smiled. "You won't believe this. This stuff is cosmetics. Perfume, eye shadow, lipstick, rouge, mascara and powder." She picked up one of the items to examine it more closely. "What does Avon mean?"

"Never mind that. Doctor, is she human and is she all right? What's that stuff all over her?"

"She's human all right...I think. She's heavily stunned, but will recover in a few hours." The doctor scanned the substance covering the girl's body. "For want of a better term, Captain, it's mucus. Who is she, sir?" Bashir asked, noticing how worried the captain looked.

"That's not important right now. Take her to the infirmary immediately and I will explain later. Have her cleaned up as well." He soon noticed something shiny that resembled a ballpoint pen. Shrugging, he picked it up and put it into his jacket pocket. He could always use a good pen.

"Yes, sir." As the OPS crew watched, Bashir called for an anti-gravity stretcher and two orderlies. They arrived in a minute or so and lifted her up onto the stretcher and took her out of OPS. Sisko excused himself and went back to his office to tell Supervisor 194 of Roberta's status.

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