Chapter 21

Doctor Bashir had informed Captain Sisko that his new patient would be unconscious for at least four hours. This type of stun was more serious than a regular stun. It usually wreaked havoc on the human central nervous system and the medical staff was going to have to monitor her condition carefully to make sure their unfortunate new arrival did not suffer any permanent damage. Mr Seven, via the subspace temporal link, told him that she had been stunned before by his crew, having appeared the first time on the station a year after this current time frame, but at that time, it had been a milder stun. This was actually and technically the first time the Deep Space Nine crew had encountered the young woman. Sisko told Bashir of this, but the doctor didn't think that her first-or rather her second-exposure to a twenty-fourth century phaser stun was going to help her in her recovery.

Sisko had ordered Worf to apologize to her when she came to and he readily agreed. However, he had a reticent look on his face. He let Sisko know that the last woman from the twentieth century he had encountered had reacted rather fearfully towards him.* He was concerned that Miss Lincoln would probably faint as well when she met him. Sisko told him that he should apologize anyway, reminding him that, unlike his first encounter with a human woman from the past, Miss Lincoln was an MIB agent and had probably already met some extraterrestrials. Worf said that he would have apologized anyway, for it was dishonorable to shoot an unarmed and harmless woman, who had proven that she was no threat to the station.

Before closing the link with Mr. Seven, Sisko told him how impressed he was with the sophistication of the writing instrument that had fallen out of the girl's Avon sample case and showed it to him. He asked the supervisor if he could keep it and he reluctantly agreed, asking Sisko to make sure it was a pen before using it. Sisko agreed, puzzled by the man's reluctance to relinquish a simple ball point pen as the link was closed.

Shrugging at Seven's strange attitude, Sisko placed the pen above some paperwork on his desk and pressed what he thought was it's clicker. Instead of bringing the ink part of the pen down, the device chimed. Two antennae raised up to the top and there was a brief spark. Suddenly, a high intensity laser beam pierced his papers and sliced clean through his desk. The desk split in two and everything on it fell to the floor in a smoking heap. Aghast and startled by this new development, he didn't notice that Gary Seven had materialized right behind him. He threw the device into a corner and backed away. As he did, it reverted back to it's original appearance.

"You are fortunate that you weren't killed, Captain Sisko." Seven said softly. Sisko didn't turn at first, still staring at the charred and smoldering edges of his once intact desk. "I'm sorry about your desk, sir. It took me a few minutes to realize that you had Miss Lincoln's servo." Seven smiled a little, bent down and picked the device up from the floor. "Her training is going better than I thought."

Sisko finally looked at him.

"How did you get here?"

"The usual way...via my safe transporter. I didn't mean to startle you. My transporter isn't like the ones you are used to. Mine doesn't make much noise."

"I see. You didn't really startle me as much as that servo thing did." Sisko answered warily, watching as Seven pushed another button on the device.

"Relax, Sisko. I just put the safety back on."

"Uh, thanks."

Sisko watched, still in shock as the supervisor put the device in his jacket pocket. He then looked at him quizzically.

"I came to make sure that no one would be hurt if that was Miss Lincoln's servo. Are you certain that she will be all right?"

"Positive, sir." Sisko responded, now collecting himself. "Bashir is a good doctor and she is being well cared for."

"I hope so. The truth is, I love her like a daughter. If anything bad happens to her, I will hold you personally responsible."

"I can assure you, Mr. Seven, that nothing will. She will be unconscious for quite a while yet. Would you like a tour of the station?"

"That will be acceptable. I also came here for another reason. I want to warn you about Miss Lincoln's next appearance on your station. I gave her a faulty transponder unit that was imbedded into a device that resembled a tape recorder. She will materialize inside a makeshift shooting gallery you will create for target practice against a possible Dominion invasion. It sent an ultrasonic signal which shattered your Ferengi barkeep's eardrums. Miss Lincoln feels very bad about that and thinks it was her fault. When she wakes up, I want to reassure her that it wasn't."**

"Very well. Let's go to Quark's. You can tell him yourself about the transponder."

"Good idea. When Roberta recovers, I will ask her if she would be willing to part with her sample case as a gesture of good will and to better the plight of their females."

Sisko grinned. "You mean you want to make a business proposition to a Ferengi?"

"Yes, just in case you or I forget about the faulty transponder."

"Very well. This way, sir."

The first thing Roberta became aware of a few hours later was the soft hum of diagnostic equipment above her aching head. She felt numb and disoriented at first, then she heard a vaguely familiar male voice announce over the intercom that she was regaining consciousness. Soon, the numbness was replaced with painful tingling in her upper body. She couldn't feel anything below her waist.

"Bashir to Sisko. Our young new arrival is regaining consciousness."

"Very good, Doctor. We will be there in a few minutes." The captain glanced at Dax, who had dropped by Quark's for a quick Tranya before going on duty. Like Quark, she was fascinated with the idea of meeting someone from the distant past. Worf, of course, accompanied them, hoping that Miss Lincoln would not be afraid of him. Quark was interested in only one thing: her Avon sample case. He wanted to try and obtain the items within and make a profit with them by selling them to the females on his world. All were fascinated with meeting both visitors from the past. It was not every day that someone from the nineteen sixties visited the station.

Bashir heard a soft painful groan from his new patient. Being a doctor, he knew that the effects of a Number Two phaser stun were not pleasant.

"Welcome back, Miss Lincoln." He greeted warmly and compassionately. "How are you feeling?"

Roberta was a bit peeved. Her eyes focused on the doctor, remembering him from her last visit.

"How do you think I feel, Doctor? I...ohhh...feel like a big foot that fell asleep." She tried to sit up but found that her body would not cooperate. "Speaking of Big Foot, why did you clowns let that Sasquatch shoot me?"

"We weren't expecting you." Worf said, walking into the infirmary recovery room, followed by Dax, Quark and Mr. Seven. "I am not a Sasquatch. I am a Klingon. I have come to apologize to you. I thought you were a Q and I hate Q's."

"I am not overly fond of them myself anymore, Mr. Klingon. One of them transported me here. Is this Sock It To Roberta Day?"

Dax smiled.

"Not unless that's a holiday where you come from."

"It's not." Roberta tried to smile back, but they all could tell that she wasn't feeling very well. She was now able to have a good look at her visitors, who were gathered around her bed. The tingling was beginning to subside and she noticed Dax's distinctive markings and Worf's Klingon features. She stared at him for a moment, startled by his appearance.

"Please do not faint. I apologize for stunning you and I won't hurt you."

"I won't. I have met a representative of your race, sir. What happened to your forehead? Did you fall asleep with your head on a wash board?"

Dax started to laugh, being the only one besides those who were from the past who knew what a wash board was. Roberta then looked at her a bit more closely.

"You aren't human, either...are you?"

"No. I'm a Trill."

"That's a joined species, Miss Lincoln, consisting of hosts and symbionts." Seven informed her softly, knowing that she hadn't noticed him yet.

"That's a brand of bird seed, not a race." Roberta said with another groan, still feeling the effects of the phaser stun. She then was able to sit up with a little assistance from Bashir. She then noticed Quark and decided to let him have it too. "So which one of the seven dwarfs are you?"

Dax understood that Roberta wasn't feeling well, so decided not to take her remarks personally.

"He's probably their cousin Sleazy."

"I don't get it." Quark said, looking a little crestfallen. "Who were the seven dwarfs?"

Roberta giggled, beginning to feel more at ease now.

"Let's see if I can name them. There was Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy, Doc, Dopey, Happy and...uh...Sneezy."

"It's an old Earth fairy tale, Quark." Seven informed him with a smile.

" Mr. Seven, boy am I glad to see you!" Roberta said, finally noticing him standing there. "How did you know I was here?"

"I'm glad to see you too, Miss Lincoln. The Q finally told me. As soon as you recover, we are going home. I have a job for you when you return. You're getting a new room mate." Seven responded with a gentle smile.

* "The Neutral Zone"

** (My story) "For Piotr's Sake"