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Ruby POV

How did I end up like this?

Over and over that question repeated itself in my head as I thought. My body was on fire, I couldn't feel much of anything. All those attacks made me bleed so much blood and now I can barely move. My hand slowly and painfully moved up to touch a hole in my abdomen.

I winced in pain and my hand fell back down to my side as I lost my strength once more. I tried to remember how this happened, but I felt immediate regret as the memories flooded my mind, overwhelming me to the point that I thought I was reliving all of the betrayal again.

Third Person POV

2 Days Ago

"Yang!" Ruby Rose called as her blonde sister held the pancake syrup out of my grasp.

"You gotta work for it Ruby," Yang Xiao Long playfully stated, holding it out of her little sister's reach.

The two had been in that state for some time now, Yang standing up and leaning a bit to the side while Ruby was trying to climb her to get to the sweet, sweet syrup. Weiss Schnee rolled her eyes and huffed in annoyance as she put her chin in her palm, bored since she had already eaten. Blake Belladona observed the two sisters that struggled against each other while eating her own pancakes slowly.

Next to the all female team known as Team RWBY there sat Team JNPR whose leader, Jaune Arc watched with a curious stare at the siblings. Pyrrha Nikos just ate her food, watching a bit as well, but unknown to them she would glance at Jaune every now and then, but when ever he would seem to notice her stares and look at her she would quickly avert her gaze and blush. Lie Ren had a bored expression set on his face as he ate his food, his partner in crime, Nora Valkyrie simultaneously spoke like at the speed of a bullet and ate her pancakes while retaining her smile the entire time.

Both teams had become friends with each other only days after they were assigned their members seeing as both leaders had become best-friends after they stepped off the airships when they arrived at Beacon. They're rival team however, Team CRDL just glared at them, but more specifically the 15-year-old leader.

Being the young girl she was, Ruby was near oblivious to the jealousy and hatred that ran through the first year students at Beacon, all of the negative emotions aimed at her. Every freshman had earned their place there except for Jaune of course, but only Cardin Winchester and Pyrrha new of his fake documents. While the hunters and huntresses in training had learned in classrooms and fought simulated Grimm creatures, little Ruby Rose had defeated a lowly criminal nobody, at least in their eyes and killed a single Nevermore on her trial run out of pure luck, as they believed.

When she walked the halls of Beacon, she was oblivious to the glares that were shot at her back and the small whispers that stated the rest of the student body's despising nature towards her. The entirety of Beacon was not against her however, there was a small few who looked up to the young huntress in training, awe inspired by her acts of bravery and selflessness.

The day soon came when Ozpin was to announce the teams that would participate in the Vytal Tournament. The students of Beacon, all of them ranging from freshman to soon to be graduates stood in the auditorium in anticipation.

With a cough to clear his throat, he readjusted his glasses and began reading off team names. Cheering could be heard from the crowd as three teams from every year were chosen. Finally, he came to the first year students, all of which waited for their names to be called.

"For the first year student teams I give to you, Team CRDL!" Ozpin announced and the team of bullies cheered. While nobody had a fondness of them, they all knew of CRDL's strength and effectivness in battle. Soon after the cheering was done and the all male team had walked onto the stage with the rest of the teams, the headmaster spoke once more.

"For the second first year team we have Team JNPR!" he stated with a smile. This slowly registered in Jaune's mind as he gaped in shock while his team cheered. The rest of the student body had mixed reactions to this, seeing as Jaune wasn't the best student there, arguebly the worst. However, Pyrrha was an excellent student and both Ren and Nora were powerful fighters along with their leader's little show of power in saving Cardin and slaying an Ursa Major.

The first year team made their way through the crowd from the back to the stage and when they arrived they were greeted by the rest of the teams save for Team CRDL who just sneered. The rest of the academy knew of the rivalry between the two teams and always kept a cautious eye on the two.

"And finally, last, but not least, Team RWBY!" Ozpin announced with a joyful smile, his eyes locking onto the all female team in the back. Everyone's mouths dropped at that, shock running through their mind as the team made their way through the crowd. "Ms. Rose?"

Ruby snapped out of her own shock and nervously made her way through the crowd to catch up to her team. People were glaring now, but Ozpin was oblivious to this as he began giving off his speech of honor and expectations. They all now truly despised her. In their minds ran thousands of thoughts of inacting revenge on this child who dared to disgrace the name of hunters and huntresses, or at least they thought so.

Days passed after that, the Vytal Tournament nearing its deadline in two weeks, but this was plenty of time for the students to find a way to bring down Ruby Rose. They would actively glare or sneer at her now, no longer hiding it. They throw crumpled up balls of paper and tiny vials filled with explosive dust that had enough firepower as a small firecracker.

The young huntress in training finally noticed after the first glare she received when she left the auditorium after Ozpin's speech. The days passed and the bullying increased, but thankfully it was not allowed to continue as Yang had become more defensive. This was also a backfire on Ruby's part however as she did like to have some brutal sister protection, but she also counted boys having an attraction to her.

She was to afraid to reveal her feelings to her crush, Vomit Boy otherwise known as Jaune Arc who himself had a crush back. Being the awkward teenagers they were, they were completely oblivious to each other, but others could see where their relationship was going.

Jaune, however, made a mistake one day. He came to Pyrrha for advice, reffering to Ruby as a redheaded friend who the amazonian warrior mistook for herself seeing as she had, had a crush on her leader for some time now. But as Jaune ran from the room after hearing Pyrrha's advice, he made the mistake of stating Ruby's name. From that moment forward the P in JNPR was forever in conflict with Ruby Rose for Jaune Arc's affection.

Then one day, it happened. Ozpin sent the first year students on a combined mission to a nearby town close to the academy and Vale that had been having issues with Grimm. He called it a training exercise, they called it their first mission. The teams had agreed on scouring the forest for the Grimm and so they went in groups of two teams in order to find them.

They searched for several hours, but they found nothing besides the remains of dead animals most likely feasted upon by the Grimm. Taking a quick break they settled down in a large clearing, both Team RWBY and JNPR resting down on the grass or in the tree branches. As Ruby and Jaune awkwardly spoke to each other theirs teams rested their bodies and minds.

Suddenly, however, a rather large pack of Beowolves rushed through the brush and attacked. Both teams were quick to act, grabbing their weapons and fighting back the Grimm. They were a flurry, Yang bashing Beowolves into the ground or trees with Ember Celica, Blake slashing and shooting the Grimm with Gambol Shroud, Weiss using Myrtenaster to create spikes of ice to impale the creatures or simply stab or cut them, and Ruby a flurry of death as she spun her scythe around and severed limbs or cut Grimm in half

JNPR was on par with the other team, Jaune using his new skills that Pyrrha had taught him to fight off the creatures of Grimm with his family herlooms also known as Crocea Mors, Pyrrha stabbing, slashing, and blocking with Milo and Akouo, Ren sped around, firing Stormflower at the monsters, and Nora was bashing them around with Magnhild.

The battle was soon over, but Ruby had been to into the feeling of excitement and exhiliration to see Pyrrha knock out Yang, Jaune, Nora, Ren, and Blake, taking them down one at a time. When the battle was finished, Ruby turned to see the four down and quickly rushed to them.

"We need to help the-"

The young girl was cut off as a trail of ice spikes shot at her like a snake jumping at its prey with jaws opened wide.

"Weiss!" Ruby gasped in shock when she saw the heiress with her weapon raised up and body in a fighting stance. "What are you doing!?"

The white haired huntress in training just glared at her and Ruby stared in shock until a spear shot at her. She dodged, having sensed the attack with her aura. Pyrrha slowly walked over and plucked the gold and crimson spear from a tree, then faced the leader of RWBY with the same glare as Weiss.

"What are you guys doing?" she nervously asked, visibly shaking from what was happening. "Yang and everyone need help."

"No they don't Ruby," Pyrrha stated as she twirled her spear around in her hand, playing with it in a mocking gesture. "I used a special attack on them I learned as a child in my village. They'll be unconscious for some time, but they will be fine."

"You knocked them out?" Ruby questioned, her eyes widening in shock. Thoughts ran through her mind such as 'Why?' or 'What are they thinking?'

"Of course we did you dunce!" Weiss spat with hate. "This is why you were never a real leader, always a child, never listening, never learning."

"I'm not a child!" Ruby snapped back, but was shot down by the combined glares of both her 'friends'.

"Exactly what one would say," Pyrrha stated as with a hard glare. "Don't you remember what Oobleck said, 'History is important. If you can't learn from it, you're destined to repeat it.' and we all know you never learn."

"We?" Ruby asked, tilting her head in confusion. However, she was answered as the brush twitched and shook as Team CRDL stepped out. Her eyes widened in shock that they would be working together, then more freshmen teams came out, almost all of them holding weapons up at her. "Why?"

"Why? Why!" Weiss screamed in a shrill voice with hate in it. "Beacon doesn't need a child as a leader to embarass it. We earned all our places here, all of us. I trained with the best of the best. Pyrrha was born into a warrior village. Even Cardin was taught how to fight. You, all you did was beat Torchwick once, hell you didn't even beat him, Ms. Goodwitch had to save you!"

"But the Nevermore," Ruby tried to argue, but was shot down once more.

"Was pure luck," Pyrrha stated, dancing with Milo, now in its Xiphos form. She took a stance with the short sword and so did all the other freshmen.

Ruby stepped back in fear, seeing all the glares of jealousy and hate. She readied Crescent Rose just as they came at her, slashing and slicing, blasting and firing, stabbing and bashing.

A line of ice spikes came at her, but she dodged and blocked Pyrrha's strike with her Precious. She swung and caught Cardin's mace, making it fly out of his hand and into some freshman's head. She jumped back a couple feet with the use of her semblance and collapsed Crescent Rose into its rifle form, then began firing.

The shots were aimed at the ground at their feet to make the running students trip and fall over, hopefully knocking them out from the impact or the charging horde of jealous hunters and huntresses in training. As they neared her, Ruby jumped up into a tree and then propelled off of it onto the otherside of the clearing.

It seemed like hours passed as the students continued their attack and with passing of time came the passing of much of Ruby's aura. Being linked to her emotions, the emotion of betrayal super charged her speed, giving her an advantage over her assaulters, but they were great in number and slowly they chipped away at her strength.

She breathed heavily, holding a rather large and bloody wound on her right arm as she stood there in front of her so called 'friends'. She took a deep breath and with what pride she had left, swung her scythe around to have the blade impale itself into the ground.

As they charged at her she took a quick minute to fire another barrage, knocking down several students. However, as time passed they got back up and fought her once more. She wished this was what it could be like for her friends, but Pyrrha had said it herself, they would be down till this was over and they were back at Beacon.

Suddenly, a blade cut her left arm, drawing more blood and she backed up, slamming herself against her assaulter making him or her stumbled back and land on their back. She attempted to retreat, but was met with a fist in her face. She fell down and was kicked in the ribs causing her to yelp loudly in pain.

Ruby tried to crawl away, but a foot connected with her face. She saw Cardin's mace above her so she grabbed Crescent Rose and swung up. The blade flashed silver in the sunlight that shone in the clearing as it made an arc and connected with the bully's mace. However, the hard steel blade connected with the head of the mace.

The sheer force shattered it and shards of her Precious fell shot all around her. A single, very shard pierced her leg, slicing through flesh and making blood flow out of her. She felt it scrape her thigh bone, maybe even bite into it, but as far as she was concerned, she had been hit with her own weapon's blade.

She cried out in pain, screaming and crying as she held her thigh. The hunters and huntresses in training moved back a bit, shocked at what had happened. They knew what they wanted, but they did not invision it like this. She crawled a bit to a rock at the edge of the clearing, leaning against it for support as she tried to stop the bleeding.

"Stop," she cried out as they surrounded her once more. "Please. I'm injured see." They kept glaring at her, all of them. "You made your point, just leave me alone!"

"You don't get it you insolent dolt!" Weiss screeched with hate. "We know you'll just come crawling back to Beacon and Prof. Ozpin, being the stubborn man who plays favorites will just let you back in, maybe even move you up another year."

The 15-year-old cringed at her harsh words, still holding her leg as it bled.

"We don't want you beaten Ruby, we want you gone," Pyrrha stated and the cold, harsh truth finally hit Ruby right before the sword did.

Before Ruby could even realize what was happening, Pyrrha's sword slashed he across the shoulder. She cried out as she fell over onto her stomach. Attempting to crawl away, she used some bushes and trees for cover, but they did little to protect her from the bullets and arrows.

A hail of dust shots and bullets rained down on her, making dirt and rock rain around her, brush started to catch fire from the constant attack. Bullets and arrows hit her, embedding themselves into her arms and back making her cry out in pain. Those who fired could barely see where she was, but their barrage of long range attacks would hit her. She felt pain erupt from her abdomen and looked back a bit to see gold and red, Pyrrha's spear, Milo impaled in her.

The girl in red barely lasted a minute before she finally gave in, falling down and not getting up. They all stopped, staring at the body of the girl they had just murdered.

"Ruby?" Weiss asked, her voice almost holding regret. Almost

"We did it, we actually-" Pyrrha choked back the last of the sentence not wanting to hear those words as she pulled the spear from her body.

They all knew that it was wrong to do this, they were being trained to protect humanity, not destroy it, but right now they had broken the one sacred rule of being a hunter or huntress

"We all know the story right?" Weiss asked and everyone nodded.

"Yeah, yeah. We fought the Grimm horde, but Ruby got cut down and dragged off by one."

"And all we found was blood and rose petals," Another student finished.

"Plus Yang, Blake, Jaune, Nora, and Ren were knocked out while we were left fighting," Pyrrha finished with an emotionless look on her face.

"Good, now let's get Yang and the others away from here before they get up," Weiss ordered and they gathered their unconscious classmates to take them back to Beacon.

As they left, they did not notice the quiet sobs of the wilting rose. Slowly and painfully she curled up into a ball and hugged herself, not able to feel much pain anymore as her soul died. Her aura was nearly gone, leaving her dying.

"This isn't how it's suppose to go," she whispered as she sobbed. "I'm suppose to save people and make friends, not die because everyone hates me."

Slowly, her vision faded into darkness. Her bullet filled arms that held her legs to her chest gave and she became sprawled on the ground. As the last of her aura began to fade, she saw a shadow over her, large and dark almost like a... a...

Her thought process failed as she finally shut down.

Ruby POV


Then I remembered waking up here, in this cave. My body was in pain, in oh so much pain. I should be dead, well I thought I was until I felt all the pain.

You don't feel pain when your dead right?

That was my first thought, then I thought I was in hell because bad things happen to you there. Then I wondered if I was in hell, did everything they all say to me true?

I lay there, motionless, save for my chest rising up and down, painfully giving me air. I was bleeding so much, but all the blood should be gone by now.

That's when I saw it, a figure walking towards me. It bent down and I felt the pain ease as a red glow came from the figure's hands. I blinked, this time there was no pain. A wet cloth dabbed my face and when it pulled away I saw a lot of blood on it. I managed to move my eyes and saw porcelain skin with short platinum blonde hair.

I winced as I felt bullets and arrows being pulled out of me and stitches being used to close up wounds. The sound of healing dust being used was like listening to soothing music as my body healed, leaving little scars. As the hours passed I drifted back into sleep, soon to wake to something I could never expect.

Third Person POV

"W-what?" Ozpin shakily asked, stuttering as Team RWBY, JNPR, and CRDL gave him the mission report.

All first year students took a single mission together, every single one of them. It was tradition. He had done it with his friends when he was a first year and never had there been a casualty, but now... now the girl he admired, the daughter of his friend was gone.

"We lost... we lost her, sir. Ruby's gone," Weiss lied, giving fake tears from years of practice with her father, trying to gain his attention at a young age. "We did, however, recover Crescent Rose."

Yang had wanted to go back for her after she had awoken on the airship, but they had persuaded her to give up, telling her she was already gone. After that she, surprisingly, did not kill anyone or break anything. She just fell to her knees and wept. Blake and Jaune consoled her, Ren and Nora even helped, but no one could help her.

Ozpin stared at them, his mouth slightly open, but he soon turned around and set his coffee mug on the desk. Weiss held the the scythe weapon of her former leader, but the headmaster did not take it so she held onto it. He set his hands on the rim of the green tinted glass desk that had been in the possession of the many headmasters of the academy for so long. He tried to contemplate on this, but it was impossible, he tried to think it was a dream, a nightmare, but he knew it was real.

"Are you sure she's gone?" he asked, hopeful they had a clue to if she lived.

"I'm sorry headmaster, but she's-" Pyrrha couldn't finish the sentence, she was at a loss of words as Ozpin roared in anger and threw his hands on the desk, swiping everything off.

All three teams jumped back in shock as they watched the usually calm professor go ballistics, throwing everything on his desk off, even his coffee mug. His elbows slammed down on the surprisingly strong glass desk as his hands gripped his head, fingers weaving through his silver hair as he grit his teeth and held back the rage in his body.

"Sir?" Blake asked, trying to figure out if he was alright, but he just moved his head a bit.

"Leave!" he shouted and they jumped back in surprise again, but complied and left him to grieve.

He thought about it all, trying to comprehend the days events. He had lost her, the person who he had promised to protect, always watching from afar. How was he going to tell Qrow? He would try and kill him, no he'd castrate him, then kill him, but that didn't worry Ozpin in the least. As far as he was concerned, he should just run to the balcony and jump off now.

His mask continued to crack, that facade he had formed to always look professional. Little emotion ever showed on his face for he kept a calm and collective demeanor in order to sustain the effect of dominance, but now it was all coming down. The walls to his city of emotions crumbled and he let everything loose.

He had promised her he'd take care of Ruby, he had. He had chased down their friend's murderer and killed him. As the headmaster grieved over the death of his student, Glenda Goodwitch stood outside of the headmaster's office doors, listening to him.

She had known Ozpin ever since she joined Beacon, he was a four year student when she was a first and they had become fast friends as they helped each other through the academy. Glenda had always known him to be calm and collective, at least in this time. He was quite the teenage troublemaker with his team, but he had quickly locked away all those emotions and thoughts with the two deaths on his team and the third by his own hand.

Meanwhile, on the otherside of Beacon Yang sat in bed, curled up and sobbing as Blake sat at her bedside, slowly and carefully combing her fingers through the blonde's mane to calm her. Nora and Ren sat in the other room, consoling Jaune as he sat there, emotionless as he thought about his first crush, well not his first, but the first that had actually acknowledged him.

As these two teams contemplated, the rest of Beacon's first year students who had participated in the murder were out for the night, 'mourning' over the loss of one of their own. They were drinking, that was true, but they laughed and cheered as they partied, disgracing the death of Ruby Rose. Or at least they thought it was her death.

To be continued...

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