Salutations, followers of Girl Who Ran.

It's me, Lord Revan Flame.

I'm not dead, if you were wondering.

I'm here to give an important announcement.

I'm done

Absolutely, friggin' done with myself and everything I've made.

I wrote Girl Who Ran with a dream, and I ruined it!

I friggin' ruined it with my subplots and all of my selfishness in trying to make things happen my way, just purely my way and not how this would have appealed better.

I left so many subplots unended and I realized, during the final chapter I was writing, that I couldn't finish this like it was.

So, I'm rewriting it.

All of it.

I need to fix this.

I hope you guys understand that I can't live with myself knowing that you loved this story and I sunk it faster than the Titanic.

Seriously, forgive me, but I've got to end this and start over.

I'm doing a massive overhaul on my page, just deleting a bunch of my stories (published and unpublished)

Lord Revan Flame