It's hard to be a queen. Especially for the Queen of Arrendel, Elsa. Not only is she tasked with royal duties but also with the plague of keeping her powers under control. After the incident of turning the summer into an ice haven, she had learned to somewhat control it. The ones she loved gave her support and kindness, something that did not go under appreciated. Anna was the most helpful. But Anna had been spending less time with her sister after the engagement to Kristoff. She spent so much time planning the wedding that she almost never had time to spend with Elsa. Elsa was happy for them, of course. But she felt unwanted when no one decided to spend time with her. But the Queen made use of her time alone.

Elsa crept over to her desk. She looked around, making sure no one was around to see. Once she was in the clear, she opened a drawer as quietly as she could. She reached in the back corner of the desk for a cloth. She didn't take the cloth out, she just unwrapped it. Inside the cloth laid the blade of a pencil sharpener. She took the razor in her hand. She closed all the curtains tightly so no one could see into her room and to drown out the light. The experience was better in the dark. It reflected her mood, in a way. Her mind was in a dark place so she should physically be in a dark place.

Elsa pulled up her sleeve. She ran her finger over the fading red marks on her arm almost sentimentally. The Queen took the pencil sharpener blade in her hand. It was the sharpest blade she could get her hands on. Knifes, needless, and scissors were all dull compared to it.

Elsa took a deep breath and pressed the cold metal to her skin. She pressed it down deep and dragged it across her pale flesh. The cutting relieved the stress. She watched as little bubbles of red trickled up from the scar. She was not satisfied with just one mark, though. She returned the blade back to her arm and pressed deeper. Each cut was deeper then the last.

Elsa can remember pressing down hard on her skin. She remembers blood rushing out quickly. Quicker then normal. She remembers thinking Crap, I must have hit a vain! She remembers the black dots poking their way into her vision until that was all she saw.

"Elsa! Which color do you like better?" Anna asks skipping into her sisters office. She held to table clothes in her hand. "I kinda want the table clothes for the reception to be pink but i also was thinking maybe it could be a orange-" Anna stopped as she saw her sister. Elsa was on the ground at the foot of her bed, her arm in a pool of blood. She wasn't moving, and it looked like she wasn't breathing. Anna screamed. "Someone! Someone help!" she cried as she ran over to her sister.

"Elsa? Elsa are you okay? Oh my god!" Anna could feel tears rolling down her face. She couldn't believe the scars she found on her sisters arm. How could Elsa have cut herself? She always seemed so happy. Anna never would have guessed.

The guards came running in. They picked up the fallen Queen. "Is she gonna be okay?" Anna asked. No one answered. The guards had already left. Anna rushed after them. They brought the Queen to a doctor AMD Anna was not permitted to go in with her sister. Was this how she was to loose her sister?

end of chapter 1. I hope you liked it. I know it was short but I didn't have much time to write it so you'll just have to bear with me. And yea, I really hope I didn't inspire you all to cut/kill yourselves, that was not the goal. But any way, reviews inspire me.