I'm clumsy, and my head's a mess

Cause you got me growing taller every day

He's doing it again. That adorable little sheepish smile that he gives me whenever I catch him doing something stupid. This time, it's as I've caught him trying to put milk in the kettle in the Big House. Who even does that? His argument is that he couldn't warm it up in the microwave, and obviously because you can put water in kettles, other liquids must be okay.

I'm actually pretty impressed that the kitchen is still in one piece. Last week he tried to microwave a fork, even after being explicitly told not to put metal in the microwave barely a day before. If that doesn't sum up Percy Jackson, I don't know what does. Thank god for Athena campers who frequently visit the kitchen in the middle of the night and report back whenever he does something exceptionally awful. Then, naturally, it's my job to go and stop him. Joy.

"Percy, what the hell?!" I shrieked, eyes falling on the kettle.

He beamed. "I'm making hot chocolate! Do you want some?"

I rushed over and grabbed the kettle. "Stop! You can't put milk in that! It'll wreck it!"

"…Really?" He asked, looking sheepish but with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

That damn smile. Seriously, I've had the Aphrodite cabin around for years talking about which of the camp boys are the dreamiest, and how their smiles can make a girl melt. I thought they were dense and never understood them.

But now, I kind of do. It's like a rush of warmth right through me, shaking me at the roots and rewriting anything I believed about love. Even though I've caught him doing something idiotic, he still has the ability to make my resolve crumble. I can't ever stay annoyed at him.

Who'd have thought it? Stoic, careful Annabeth Chase falling for a clumsy idiot like Percy Jackson? If you'd told me that the day he arrived (covered in god knows what and drooling, I might add) I'd have laughed in your face. Possibly even have hit you for insulting me.

But now? Here are some facts.

1. Percy Jackson is an adorable idiot.

2. He is my adorable idiot.

3. His idiocy is both endearing and infuriating.

That third point explains why I can't stay annoyed at him. Whether he's gone and burned down half the forest (last week) or "accidentally" made the Ares' cabin's water systems explode (two more bystanders were added to the list of people traumatised in the early hours of the morning by Percy Jackson), he always wins me over with a cheerful, ridiculous smile.

It's a weird combination, our relationship. He's the chaotic side, I'm the reason and order. We bounce off each other. And weirdly enough, it works brilliantly. We take on monsters, Titans, even gods together. Ever since he arrived, camp has felt… different. And not in a bad way.

Sure, he's turned my whole life upside down, but I wouldn't have it any other way. And, while he's a complete seaweed brain half the time, we bring out the best in each other. I couldn't have asked for better.