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Summary: A take on the W series if Hermione Granger becomes the chief of Narumi Detective Agency. When she arrives in the windy city of Futo, Hermione meet Shotaro Hidari, a self-proclaimed 'hard-boiled' detective, and his mysterious partner, Philip, and immediately becomes involved with the cases of Dopants. Like her new companions, Hermione has her secrets and grows closer to her new friends, especially a certain detective.

Pairings: Will develop during the story.

Chapter 1 W Lookup/Two Feelings Are One

London, United Kingdom

It was night in the capital city with the streetlights and the moon as its source of light. Looking out at the city, trying to see the starlit sky was a young girl. She appeared to be around 16 years old; her bushy brown hair was tied into a ponytail and done in a braid, her chocolate brown eyes gazing at the sky while an open book laid on her lap with a ginger colored cat was lying next to her, asleep. She yawned, knowing it was late and she needed to get some sleep. But she couldn't get any sleep for some reason.

Every time she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep, she would see two young men standing in front of her with an armored figure in-between them. She felt close to them for some reason, especially close to one of them, the feeling was so hazy she didn't know which of the two she was felt close to. The girl sighed, laying back on the bed and looking at her ceiling. Trying to think what the dream meant, the girl sighed and turned on her side, trying to get some sleep.

Seeing the men again, the girl looked at them closely and saw what kind of clothes they were wearing. One was dressed similarly to a detective during the 1930s while the other was dressed in unique clothes. She wondered why they were dressed that way and finally fell asleep, not before seeing a strange white and purple figure and a small dinosaur shaped toy moving on itself.

Waking up the next morning, the girl sat up and yawned loudly, sitting up in her bed. While rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, the girl looked at her hand and noticed a tear. She wondered why and if she was crying during the night, but continued to rub her eyes. She heard her mother calling to her, "Hermione, breakfast is ready!" "Coming down, mom!" Hermione called back, getting out of her bed and getting dressed before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Ignoring the tear, Hermione stretched and entered the kitchen, yawning.

"Good morning, dear." Her mother said as Hermione came in, Hermione rubbed her eyes as she said, "Morning, mom." Sitting at the table, Hermione munched on her breakfast while her mom worked on breakfast. Noticing how quiet her mother was, Hermione asked, "Everything okay, mom?" "Yes, it is just my close friend, Narumi, disappeared last night." She said, sighing. "I want to go and check on his agency, but mine and your father's jobs….." Hermione remembered who her mother was talking about and thought about going for her but knew she had school.

"Hermione, dear, do you think you can go after school is done?" Her mother asked, Hermione looked at her with a look of surprise and her mouth open, ready to eat her breakfast. Quickly straightening up, she said, "Sure, of course, mom." She said, resuming her breakfast and wondering she had gotten herself into. But she did realize that she would be able to see the people from her dreams and sighed.

~A Year Later~

A pleasant wind blew through the city of Fuuto, Japan. Wandering the city was a young girl with long wavy brown hair and dark chocolate brown eyes, greeting people who greeted her on the street. It was Hermione, who had come to Japan on the request of her parents and was going to spend her summer vacation here. She walked around the city, looking for a certain building as she looked on a piece of paper with the directions on it.

When she seemed to have reached it, she asked herself, "Is this the place?" She stood in front of a large billiards building; she walked over to the small sign on the side of the building. On a hard piece of wood read, 'Narumi Detective Agency', tapped on the side was a piece of cardboard that read, 'Will solve all cases with a hard-boiled style!'

While she was pondering to herself, someone on a motorcycle came up behind her. Taking off the helmet, the person was a young man who had messy raven black hair and dark brown eyes. As he put his fedora on, he moved part of his hair out of the way. Looking at Hermione who was staring at the agency, he asked, "Do you… have some business with me?" Jumping, Hermione turned to him, she asked, "Um, what is this 'hard-boiled'?" The man smiled as he saw her pointing to the sign that read, 'Will solve all cases with a hard-boiled style!'

He led her inside into the main room, styled in the way of the 1930s. The whole room was separated by the archway in the center of the room, while the man headed into the white part of the room; the part Hermione stood in was painted green with a few chairs, a couch, a coffee table, a space with a radio and a dart board. The man placed his helmet on another coffee table in the white part of the room and went to a book shelf, pulling out a copy of the Long Goodbye. The desk he stood near had a typewriter while on the other side of him was a bed that appeared to be used.

"Not being swayed no matter the situation." The man began to explain, going to the desk and sitting down. "It's a man-among-man lifestyle. That is…. 'Hard boiled'." He set the book on the desk and smiled at Hermione; she smiled back and walked up to the desk. She said, "We haven't been properly introduced. I am Hermione Granger, nice to meet you." "Likewise, my name is Shotaro Hidari." He said. "May I ask what are you doing here, Miss Granger?" Hermione pulled out a piece of paper from her bag and gave it to Shotaro.

The paper read that due to the disappearance of Sochiki Narumi a year ago, Hermione's parents would be the landlords of the agency, but due to their jobs, they sent their daughter, Hermione, in their place and did not tell Akiko, Narumi's daughter, as not to worry her. Shotaro looked at her, confused, "How do you know the boss?" "He was my godfather and stayed with me and my family for a while." Hermione explained. "When I went to a special school, he left. But we exchanged letters up until a year ago."

"Boss is…" Shotaro started as he was surprised by the past that Hermione shared with his boss and mentor, he sighed, walking to a door with hats on it. "….for now… not returning." Hermione looked confused at him, she walked up to him and asked," Did something happen?" "Boss is…. Boss, for me…." He kept quiet, and Hermione got worried about what might have happened to her godfather when the doorbell rang and Shotaro answered the door.

Standing at the door was a woman with brown hair and wearing a blue and white dress, when Shotaro opened the door, she smiled, saying, "Sho-chan, long time no see." "Marina!" Shotaro said, trying to remember her. He smiled as he remembered her. "Marina?" Letting her into the agency, Hermione watched as Shotaro led her to his desk and she placed a photo on his desk, explaining her situation. "Togawa Yousuke." Shotaro said, taking the photo and looking at it. "Your boyfriend?"

Trying to contain her tears, Marina nodded and said, "He's disappeared… for over a week already!" Hermione closed her eyes, thinking about what was told. Marina seemed sincere, but there was something about her story that didn't add up. Marina cried as she said, "Please find him." Hermione watched Shotaro stand up and he said, looking out the window and putting on his hat, "This city is my garden. Don't worry. Just wait." Marina smiled and nodded, Hermione looked at Shotaro in awe.

Wandering around the town to look for clues, Shotaro narrated to himself, 'I'm Shotaro Hidari, a private detective. This city contains a bit of happiness and a lot of sorrow. It always comes with the wind. My childhood friend from this town, Tsumura Marina's request….' "was truly a gust of wind dropping by." He said, as he stopped for a break from the investigation. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice, "So, being a private detective means you can make a narration from a detective novel?" Looking around, he was surprised to find Hermione who had followed him and handed him a bottle of water.

Still surprised at her, Shotaro held the bottle and looked at Hermione, who was drinking from her own water bottle, he asked, "Why did you follow me?" "Well….." Hermione looked embarrassed as she looked away from Shotaro, "I kinda wanted to know what it was like to a detective…. So, do you know how he disappeared?" "Looks like layoffs and reconstructing of his company is the cause." Shotaro said, about to take a sip of his bottle before stopping. "Wait, why are you so interested in something like this?" "Lets just say I have done something like this in the past, however it was a lot different." Hermione said, looking embarrassed. Shotaro smiled at her and said to himself, "With her around, my hard-boiled style might get better."

The two heard sirens and ran to a crowded street tunnel, seeing ambulances and polices with paramedics and police everywhere. Hermione asked, "How are we going to get in?" "Just follow me," Shotaro said, kneeling down to avoid being seen by the police, Hermione did the same and followed him into the tunnel. Staying behind him, Hermione looked around at all the people who were injured and were being taken away.

She stopped when she bumped into Shotaro, and gasped when she saw the collaspsed floors of a building that had fallen onto the tunnel. "Wh-what is that…?" She asked, scared. Shotaro held her hand gently and took off his hat, looking at the logo and the fallen sign. "Windscale. It's Togawa's former workplace." 'So, who could have done this?' Hermione thought to herself when they heard a voice, "Hey! Detective!"

A man with short black hair wearing a black suit with white shirt and gloves ran to Shotaro, grabbing his tie, "You sticking your neck where it doesn't belong again?!" "Makura-san! My business isn't with a detective underling." Shotaro said, heading to his superior, but he was still stopped by Makura. "What was that? Don't get cocky!" "Well, stop being so antagonistic!"

"What?! You better not underestimate a cop!" Before Hermione could intervene, Makura's superior spoke up. "Stop it! Are you guys a dog and monkey, huh?" 'A dog and monkey?' Hermione thought to herself, watching them. The police put some kind of hook on Shotaro's shoulder, saying, "Shotaro, come with me for a bit." As they walked to the wreckage, Shotaro said, "Jin-san. I'm sorry." "Your nose is on the mark as always." Jin told him, smiling as he noticed Hermione walk up beside Shotaro. But he coughed, and said, "Take a look . That's the fourth floor. This could only happen if the steel frame of the foundation was melted."

Shotaro began to take pictures with a unique looking camera, and pondered to himself, "Dopant, eh?" "Dopant….?" Hermione whispered to herself.

"Yeah. Including last week, this is the third such incident." Jin said. "Well, this is the first time it's been this bad though." Looking around, Jin pulled out a envelope and handed it to him. "Let me know if you find anything." Shotaro took Hermione to a private area, where he looked at the pictures of previous incidents. "So, they were all branches of the company that Togawa was employed at? My, my. I should be searching for someone, but it's associated with a Dopant."

'There's that word again.' Hermione thought to herself, whispering it to herself. Shotaro stretched, saying, "Looks like we're up, such is the whim of the wind." Feeling a gentle tap on his head, he looked up and saw Hermione looking down at him, asking, "What is a Dopant?" A soft wind blew as the two looked at each other, leaving an awkward silence between them until Shotaro's phone went off, quickly answering, he said, "It's me, Philip."

"Philip….?" Hermione asked herself, listening to him. Shotaro asked his partner, "Did you get the picture I sent you?"

"It's very fascinating." A voice said on the other end of the line, Hermione gasped when she heard the voice as she went by Shotaro's side. "It's very compelling." "I want to know the culprit's abilities. Please find out what GaiaMemory it is." Shotaro said, walking with Hermione and looking around until he saw something, "Ah. Never mind."

"Why not?"

"He's here in person. Right before my eyes." Shotaro said, looking at a tunnel and Hermione looked behind her to see it as well. Shotaro pushed her behind as he said, "The GaiaMemory is….." "Magma." He and his partner said at the same time as it sent an attack at them, Shotaro shouted, "Run!" Grabbing Hermione's hand and running, the Manga Dopant seemed to think it got its targets and walked off.

However, Hermione and Shotaro survived by Shotaro activating the grappling hook on his watch with Hermione holding onto him. "Man that was close." Hermione said, sighing in relief. Shotaro said, "Yeah. Hermione-san, if you value your life, please go back to the agency and wait there for me." "Huh?" Hermione looked at him, the two pairs of brown eyes staring into each other until Hermione gasped, letting go of Shotaro and dropping to the ground, trying not to touch the burning spot where the Magna Dopant attacked.

Standing up, Hermione ran to the agency while Shotaro had trouble with his grappling hook. When she reached the agency, Hermione went to one of the tables and began to write letters to her parents and her two best friends, writing about her experience so far. She sighed and stopped for a moment, suddenly falling asleep as she sat at the table.

When she opened her eyes, Hermione found herself in a strange place that felt familiar, she saw herself when she was younger. She watched her younger self run from some boys who were bugging her and managed to get away, but suddenly tripped. Sitting up, young Hermione began to cry as she had a hurt knee and cried, calling for her parents. Hermione gasped when a young boy ran to her and helped her up.

Though she wasn't sure why but the boy felt familiar, even though she couldn't hear his voice or recognize his face. She watched as the two of them play and enjoy themselves, even when he bandaged her knee. Hermione watched as her younger self introduced him to her family and he introduced her to his family, both introductions seemed well and the boy seemed to become her best friend. Gasping, Hermione watched as the boy handed her a doll and she smiled, holding it closely.

Waking up suddenly, Hermione found herself back at the agency and rubbed her eyes, finding a tear in her eye. 'Again….' Hermione thought to herself before hearing music. It took her awhile to find where the music was coming, which she found from behind the door with the hats on. Looking at the door, she thought to herself, 'I thought this was just a closet.'

Hermione grabbed the knob and slowly opened the door, entering a sort of lit room. Walking down the spiral staircase and then going up another flight of stairs, Hermione found herself in a larger room. She touched one of the whiteboards, seeing the all information of volcanos. 'This must be where they do investigations on the culprits and look up the clues they find.' Hermione thought to herself. Hearing a voice, Hermione looked behind her and found someone talking to himself across from her, wearing a blue hooded vest with a white and yellow stripped shirt that had built-in hand warmers, dark blue pants and red boots. Taking a deep breath, Hermione spoke to the person, "Excuse me."

The person turned to her, revealing it was a young boy with short black hair combed to one side; he had brown eyes like Shotaro with some hair clips on the right side of his head. Hermione gasped, realizing that she had seen him somewhere before, after a short silence, the boy turned back to the whiteboard and said, "Do you mind not interrupting?" "Oh, uh, right." Hermione said, listening to him talk about various facts of volcanos and trying to ignore the feeling of familiarity. She noticed he was reading from a book that had nothing in it and wondered why.

She watched him walk around and talk about facts of volcanos and what they do; Hermione smiled and asked, "Uh, excuse me. Are you Philip? The partner that Shotaro talked with earlier?" "Hermione Jean Granger." Philip said, surprising her when he spoke. "I have read everything related to you. An interesting read, I must say. Though, are you sure you want to stay here and not that Burrow or whatever?"

"I asked to come here. Though I miss being with my friends, helping out at the Burrow, and spending time in London." Hermione said, looking around and not wanting to look at him which made Philip stop what he was doing. "Though, I do want to try this amazing food named takoyaki." For some reason, Hermione suddenly regretted what she just said.

Later, Shotaro returned to the agency, half expecting to find Hermione asleep while she was waiting for him. He was a bit surprised to find that she wasn't in the room. During his search for the Dopant, Shotaro spent most of his days, thinking about what kind of memories she made with the boss. He looked away when he accidently found Hermione's letters and went to the investigation room to see how his partner did in his lookup. When he entered the investigation room, he wasn't exactly happy at what he found.

"Hermione-san, why are you here?" Shotaro asked in surprise, Hermione looked at him and sighed, "I found this room by accident. And then…. Well." The two looked at Philip, who turned to Shotaro, saying, "Hey, Shotaro! She's great! This is a new lookup sensation! I bet you didn't know about this food called takoyaki!" Shotaro looked around, surprised at the whiteboards covered with information about the food.

"What an interesting way to eat." Philip said, continuing his lookup. Shotaro sighed and walked to Hermione, "Now you've really done it, Hermione-san." "Sorry, I sidetracked Philip from the investigation, didn't I?" Hermione said, going to sit on the ladder. She looked at him and asked, "So, what's with him? It's like he loves to lookup random things."

"Well, yeah. If he doesn't do research for me, we can't follow up on the Dopant case." Shotaro said, sighing as he crossed his arms. Hermione thought to herself, 'There's that word again.' "What's a Dopant?" She asked him, Shotaro realized that she didn't know what he was talking about. So, he went to his laptop, starting it up and clicked on a picture of a USB stick with a skeletal cover and a letter on it, Shotaro explained, "Right now, there are guys spreading these around. They're called GaiaMemory."

Hermione listened to his explaination and looked at the image, Shotaro turned and leaned against the deck that was next to the whiteboard. "Humans who obtain this become supermen. These supermen are called Dopant." Hermione was going to say that it's crazy, but remembered the attack from earlier, she asked, "So the one from earlier. That was a real one?" Shotaro nodded and said, "But man! When he's like this, you can't budge him an inch." 'And it's my fault.' Hermione thought to herself, feeling guilty.

So, the two spent the rest of the night, sitting in the room and waited for Philip to finish his lookup. By the crack of dawn, Hermione had fallen asleep on the futon couch with a blanket over her while Shotaro sat on the step ladder with his hat over his eyes. Finishing up on his notes, Philip closed his book and said, "I have read up everything about takoyaki." Yawning, Shotaro got up from his seat while Hermione rubbed her eyes, Shotaro told him, "Hurry back to the planet bookshelf."

Nodding, Philip went to the edge of the floorboard he was on, and closed his eyes, holding out his free hand as a light appeared from under him. Hermione was surprised to see what was happening and was actually speechless.

When Philip opened his eyes, he was no longer in the investigation room but a white space with countless bookshelves appeared as he turned and said, "Starting lookup." The bookshelves stopped, as he spoke, "The Memory is Magma." The word appeared in front of him and the shelves rearranged themselves in front of him. Back in reality, Hermione almost asked what was happening but Shotaro hushed her and said, walking to Philip, "I want to know where he'll attack next. First keyword. Togawa Yousuke."

With that mentioned, the shelves rearranged themselves into a single endless line of Philip in the space. Seeing that and the word in front of him, Philip said, "That cut down a lot of the results." 'Well, it's because it's a person.' Shotaro's voice said from reality. 'Second. Windscale. It's the name of the company he was laid off from.'

The word appeared in front of him and the shelves rearranged themselves, more disappearing and shortening the line. Looking through the pictures, Shotaro said, "Third, look at the followings numbers. WS-09K-097T." The books and shelves continued to vanish and rearranged until there was one left with a title appearing on it, called 'Place'. Grabbing it and reading through it, Philip said, upon exiting the planet bookshelf, "Entering the tag's product number. Good idea. This product is sold at limited locations. The only place not attacked yet is…."

Looking through his book, Philip said, turning to Shotaro, "Windscale, Kazetani district." "Lets go, Philip." Shotaro said as he walked to the door. Hermione took off the blanket and began to follow Shotaro when she noticed Philip wasn't following, she asked, "Aren't you going with Shotaro?" "I am going." Philip said, confusing her. "The two of us are a single detective."

Mounting his motorcycle and putting on his helmet, Shotaro got ready to go when Marina came up. "Shou-chan?" She asked, Shotaro looked at her and smiled, giving off a two finger salute before riding off. Reaching the Kazetani district, Shotaro took his helmet off and looked around for his target. Shotaro smiled as he found him, he recognized the dark sandy blond hair as well as the fact he stood out with his white top.

Shotaro walked up to him and asked, "Togawa Yousuke. Right?" Togawa looked at him and said, "Are you a employee of this store? Then…." He lifted up his left sleeve with his right hand that held the Magma Memory, revealing some kind of mark on his arm and inserted the Memory into his arms, as the Memory spoke, "Magma." His eyes colored and his body was changing into the fiery form that was the Magma Dopant, he shouted, "Burn!" As he changed, everyone ran for cover.

Using his power, the Magma Dopant burned the tip of Shotaro's hat, making him step off as he took it to put out the fire. Putting it back, Shotaro said, "I will stop you. No. We will." He pulled out a unique looking device and put it at his waist, as it suddenly became a belt around his waist.

Back at the agency, Hermione sat on the floorboard while Philip was leaning against the wall on the floor below, reading his book with his hood over his head. When the belt appeared around his waist, Philip smiled. Hermione watched in surprised as Philip walked out to the center and lowered his hood. He brought out a green USB and pressed a button which spoke, 'Cyclone.' Hermione wondered what happened, she asked, "Is that….. a GaiaMemory?"

She watched as he put out his arm as part of a W, saying, "Henshin." He inserted the Cyclone Memory into the right slot of the belt and suddenly fell unconscious on the ground. Hermione hopped down and went to his side, shaking him up, "Philip, are you okay? Philip?!" She tried to wake up and looked at the two slots, gently touching it and hearing something, 'Hey, Philip! Don't just go changing the memory without telling me!' She immediately pulled her hand away.

As she tried to think about what she had heard, Hermione didn't noticed a faint glow from the huge circle behind her but heard a rumbling as the floorboards folded up and the supports came up, covering her and Philip as she noticed wheels appearing on the front. 'What's going on?' She thought to herself, suddenly feeling movement as she stood up to hold onto something.

'Where is this headed, though?' Hermione wondered to herself, trying to stand still as she rode where the vehicle was headed and was surprised that Philip was still unconscious. She just hoped that she would be able to find what was going on and Shotaro was alright.

'From that day on, my life wasn't the same and will develop into something much than I had faced at school. And my only fear was if I would be able to survive and recall it as a memory.' Hermione narrated to no self.

-pulls out a umbrella- I hope you all don't mind that Hermione took Akiko's place as chief and landlord as the agency. It's just that Akiko was so annoying and self-centered, I wanted to try someone who was just tough but kinder and thought of others. Sorry to any Akiko fans who will read this story, but at least I came up with a little backstory of how Hermione knows Sochiki. I tried my best to describe the main room and investigation room as they appear.

Harry and Ron will make an appearance in the story and everything will be explained in the story. Please, enjoy and R&R.