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Dear Mom and Dad

I feel so frustrated, this most recent case has been given to us by the superintendent, Ryu Terui. Somehow, he knows about the Dopant, Shotaro and Philip are W and that Philip can look up information in the Planet Library. He requested that we look into the bizarre serial cases of people being mysteriously frozen by unknown causes.

Ryu claimed that he would be the one to become Kamen Rider instead of Shotaro and Philip, being to find a possible suspect but I'm worried. When we went to meet the suspect, I followed him and met a strange woman wrapped in bandages who gave him a Driver and somehow knew me, using Legilimency on me and learning about what I have done in Japan so far. I need to find someone and teach me to protect my mind and my memories.

Ryu seems to be mostly motivated by hate or revenge on the Dopants. When we found the person who was the possible user of the Memory, he revealed himself as a Kamen Rider, a all red bike themed one named Accel. After we cornered the supposed user for the memory, Ryu went after her, intent on killing her. I can't believe how nuts he is.

Chapter 20 - I Can't Be Stopped/Kamen Rider's Way

When Ryu was about to hit Makiko, Shotaro used the Metal Shaft to block his attack, Ryu shouted, "W, have you lost your mind?!" Hermione wordlessly cast the full body-bind curse on him as he stiffed and fell to the ground, Hermione gasped for air, pulling her wand away as Ron, Harry, and Draco looked away from the scene and all thought that they were glad they weren't the target. Shotaro looked at Ryu, laying stiff on the ground and standing in front of Makiko, saying, "That's my line!" He looked to Makiko, shouting, "Hey! Hurry and run!"

Somehow, Ryu was able to stand and swung his sword against the staff, shouting, "She took everything from me! She's the owner of the W Memory!" Hermione was confused at what he meant and looked around for Shroud, guessing that she must have wordlessly cast the counter-curse that was used to help Ryu. But she couldn't find the mysterious Shroud, while Harry, Ron, Draco, and Akiko were confused by what Ryu meant by W. "What's the W Memory?!" Philip asked, Ryu angrily said, "Don't... ask me questions!"

He began to slash at W, Shotaro used the Metal Shaft to block the attacks. But Ryu's hatred made his attacks so strong and he was able to knock Shotaro out of his transformation. Hermione gasped, "Shotaro!" She ran to him, dusting him off. Shotaro tried to stand with her, asking, "Aren't you... becoming a Kamen Rider?" "What was that?" Ryu asked, looking at them. Shotaro said, "Hate the crime... don't hate the person. That is the Kamen Rider the people of Futo wish for." "Naive..." Ryu said, looking away. "Don't say such naive bullshit!"

"Stop it right now!" Akiko shouted, protecting Hermione and Shotaro as she, Harry, and Draco stood in front of them, looking at the armored Ryu. Akiko spoke, "Ryu-kun." Groaning, Ryu detransformed and said, "This city is rotten. That's why the people are rotten." Managing to walk without Hermione, Shotaro went to Ryu and said, "What?" "I loathe this city!" Ryu proclaimed before there was a sudden punch sound, everyone keeping quiet as Hermione lowered her fist and said calmly, "We can handle this case on our own without you."

Quietly, Ryu left them, Shotaro shouted, "Ryu Terui!" But both he and Hermione fell to the ground, Shotaro from his injuries and Hermione from the Legilimency. So the two were taken back to the agency and Shotaro was put on the bed while Hermione sat in one of the chairs, Akiko looked at them and said, "It was like Ryu-kun was a different person. Who knew he had such a violent side. Where does that rage come from?" "Granger, come with me." Draco said, heading to the investigation room. Philip looked concerned as she went with him.

After the door was closed and they walked to the far side of the room, Draco looked at her and asked, "Did someone use Legilimency?" "How do you know?" Hermione asked, looking at him with narrow eyes. "And why do you care?" "I know the signs." Draco said, looking at her. "The way you were walking and fell back. I've been taught the protection against, Occulmency, by my aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange. I can teach you but only if you let me." "If you can, then maybe after this case." Hermione said, looking unsure. Draco nodded, understanding as they headed back.

"Those freezing incidents..." Shotaro wondered as they entered the room, Hermione went to Shotaro's side, holding his hand. "He must have some personal connection." "But what's the W Memory?" Hermione asked, pulling the blank Memory she had. Philip suddenly spoke, "Hard-boiled." Everyone looked at him, he asked, "Is that not what a man like him is called? Cool-headed to be a point. Enforcing one's personal convictions. A man of steel." Hermione looked at Philip, sitting on the bed and holding Shotaro's hand with their fingers interwined.

As he recalled Ryu's word, Shotaro tried to sit up, but Hermione stopped him from moving. He wondered aloud, 'It's the city's fault? Is that really true?' He and Hermione looked at each other, their eyes locked on each other as he tried to stand, Hermione stopped him and said with Akiko, "Don't get up." "Where do you think you can go?" Hermione asked, looking at him. He looked at her and pushed some hair behind her ear, saying, "Terui is wrong. I will handle this case my own way."

"Not in your current condition." Hermione said, looking at him. "Let me help. I am the chief, I have to help..." Shotaro nodded, smiling and they headed out, Akiko surprised at their synerny while Philip and Harry looked at them, calmly while Draco felt a burning glare from Ron, sweatdropping at his reaction of seeing Hermione and Shotaro. Philip smiled and pondered, "The W Memory...? Just what is that?"

While wandering the city, Hermione looked around for Shroud and walked with Shotaro, the two getting a can of juice to drink. They met up with one of their info dealers, Shotaro said, "I see. So mother and son will meet soon? Where will they meet?" "Probably Ayumi Park." Watchman said, taking a can that Shotaro gave him. "The flower bed there is the shop owner's territory." He smiled and said, "There are a lot of places to hide."

Hermione and Shotaro nodded and went to the park, they found Ryu was attacking Makiko, already transformed into Accel. Ryu groaned, "Again, Hidari?!" Rather than Shotaro run to him, Hermione ran to him, grabbing his sword blade to keep him from swinging. While she was struggling with him, Shotaro shouted, "Listen to me, Terui!" "There is nothing I want to hear!" Ryu said, pushing her back. Suddenly, something jumped on the blade, Hermione gasped, it was Fang Memory that jumped into Philip's hand.

"Good job," He said, looking at the dinosaur shaped Memory. Hermione and Ryu were surprised to see him, Ryu was more than surprised as he said, "The right side too?" Hermione let go of the blade and gasped for air, Harrry, Ron, Akiko, and Draco appeared and while Ryu was distracted, Makiko tried to run away. Seeing her trying to escape, Ryu pushed Hermione out of the way and shouted, "Wait"! Luckily Harry and Philip caught Hermione, and Shotaro stopped Ryu, standing in his path. Ryu shouted, "Cut that out! Do you know what you're doing?!"

He swung at Shotaro who managed to dodge, Hermione nodded at Philip and he ran to help his partner. Harry carried Hermione on his back as they, Ron, Draco, and Akiko ran after Philip, Shotaro, and Ryu. Philip called out to his partner, "Shotaro! I'm better suited for stopping him!" "What?!" Hermione gasped, "Philip, no!" "Got it." Shotaro said, jumping back. "I'm counting on you, partner." The two activated their Memories and Philip began FangJoker. Getting off Harry's back, she watched as FangJoker's speed helped Philip dodge Ryu's slashes and attacks.

Summoning the Shoulder Fang, Philip was able to grab Ryu and said, "Looks like you're not that powerful since you lost your composure. Calm down, Ryu Terui!" "Why do you get in my way?!" Ryu shouted. "As a guardian of the law, I'm merely carrying out justice!" "How is what you're doing make you a guardian of the law and carrying justice?!" Hermione shouted, having them look at her. They looked as Hermione came up, the maddest and angriest look on her face.

She walked up to him, saying, "What I see isn't you acting for justice! It's just petty personal revenge!" "How..." Ryu asked, before looking at the white half of FangJoker, "You researched me?" "Yeah." Philip said, nodding and stepping back as Ryu detransformed which allowed Hermione punched him across the face. Philip detransformed and looked at Ryu as he tried to regain his balance after getting punched in the face while Shotaro woke up and said, "Revenge?" "Why don't you explain why you are just getting revenge on the new Dopant?" Hermione asked.

"Actually, allow me, Mione-chan." Philip said. "I learned it right after looking previous freezing incidents in Futo. His family was... killed by an ice Dopant." Ryu walked to him and grabbed his coat, asking, "What do you know?! How much can you know about that day, lookup boy?! Can you look up the scream of a man's heart?!" Hermione wordlessly cast a stunning spell at Ryu's back, sending him flying and she gasped for air, saying, "Leave Philip alone. He's just being himself." She went to Philip's side and looked at him worried.

He held her tightly with his arm and said, "No, I cannot look up a person's heart. So, please tell me what happened to you." He and Hermione looked at Ryu as he tried to stand, looking at them and asked, "What?" "Because... you requested us to solve this, didn't you?" Hermione said, understanding what Philip was getting at. Ryu looked at them and gasped for air. He punched a brick pillar and explained, "I had a father, mother, and a little sister. Just a ordinary, happy family. But last August... When I arrived home..."

Ryu explained that he had found his family frozen in their home and when he touched them, they shattered into many pieces. He shouted, "That was the beginning of it all!" "So wait, how did you get the Accel GaiaMemory?" Harry asked, looking at him. Ryu looked at them and explained, "And then she appeared." "You mean...?" Hermione asked, Ryu nodded as they were the only ones who saw her, as she gave him his sword which had the Accel GaiaMemory. Ryu said, "I don't know who that woman was, but it doesn't matter! As long as I get revenge against the devil who took away my family!"

"That was your..." Shotaro spoke, as everyone knew now why he was determined to solve the case. Philip finished it, "Begins Night." Hermione gripped Philip's sleeve while the others kept quiet though Ron and Harry were confused and Ron looked at Philip with a jealous fire in his eyes. Ryu looked at them and said, "This city is a den of demons. I have finally found the demon who took my family away. I am eliminating Makiko Katahira." "Wait, how can you be sure that's her?" Hermione asked, looking at him. "We haven't even seen the intital on her GaiaMemory or if she's the one using it."

"You people have no right to stop me." Ryu said, looking at her, the two having a very intense glaring stare contest. Then he turned and left, Shotaro called out, "Terui. I feel your pain and anguish, but because of that, you nearly killed the wrong person." "Huh?" Hermione said, looking at him. Ryu stopped and asked, "What did you say?" "You are right on what you said, Hermione." Shotaro said, tipping his hat at her. "The culprit is not Makiko Katahira." Everyone looked surprised and followed him.

Shotaro led everyone to a dance club, entering where Makiko's son was at. Shotaro said, "Break it up, boy." He groaned and shouted, "Go home!" He told everyone else to go home so the area was just him and the group, they went down the stairs and Ryu whispered, "Don't tell me... he is..." "Yes." Shotaro said, nodding. "He's the true culprit. The son. Kiyoshi Katahira." "How is he the true culprit?" Hermione asked, looking at him as everyone looked at Kiyoshi. Ryu glared at him and said, "You... are a Dopant." "I just got it back from my mother at the park." Kiyoshi said, just simply acknowledging it and revealing the GaiaMemory in his hand.

"It's just as Watchman's info said." Shotaro said. "It's not really the mother whose reputation is bad. It's the son who secretly uses that money to play around." "It seems all the people attacked were customers who angered him." Philip concluded. Ron looked at Hermione and asked, "Why didn't you figure out?" "Ronald, honestly." Hermione said. "I guessed it was someone close to her but never considered her own son." "They all mocked me." Kiyoshi explained, looking. "They all said I was a useless son who sponges off his mother. That's why I got this. I'll freeze everyone who pisses me off. Including that Ikeda bastard... and you too!"

"Eh?! For just a stupid trivial reason like that?" Ron asked, as they recalled when Shotaro accidentically was pushed into him. Kiyoshi explained, "I will freeze anyone who ruins my mood." "Then Makiko Katahira is..." Ryu realized, Hermione reasoned, "She's simply covering for her son who has been committing all the crimes. She must have been intentionally distrubing the flowers at the crime scenes, to throw off her son's persuers." "Yes, so that the attention would be drawn onto her." Shotaro said, adding to her reasoning.

"I almost got... the wrong person..." Ryu said, not trying to hit him in shock. Kiyoshi smiled and said, "It sure is fun to freeze people." As he laughed, Shotaro looked at him and said, "You bastard." "Wait!" Makiko shouted, entering the room. "Please wait! Give me time. I will stop him!" She tried to hold her son but he tossed her to the ground, saying, "No one asked you to cover for me!" "You..." Shotaro said, shocked at what he saw. "How dare you do that to your mother!" "Can you stop me?" Kiyoshi said, running off the stage as Shotaro followed him as Kiyoshi changed into his Dopant form.

Makiko seemed to give up and lowered her head, Shotaro said, "We'll stop him. I won't let you ride the merry-go-round alone anymore." "Detective-san..." Makiko said, looking at him. Shotaro told her, "I just can't forget the lonely expression on your face when you rode horse six. That's all. Let's go, Philip!" "Yeah." Philip said, as they, Harry, Ron, and Draco went after the Dopant, Hermione and Akiko checked on Makiko, Hermione asked, "Makiko-san, are you okay?" "Naive..." Ryu said, having Hermione and Akiko look at him. "So naive... I can't stand it!"

"It's because Shotaro's half-boiled." Hermione said, Ryu said. "No... if his personality wasn't like that... At this point, I would have..." Meanwhile, Philip and Shotaro followed the Dopant to the outdoor and Shotaro said, "Lets make it hot." "Roger that." Philip agreed, Shotaro changed into HeatJoker as Harry caught Philip when he went unconscious. Jumping, Shotaro sent a fiery punch to the Dopant, but it raised the water and made it into icicles to fire at him. Managing to dodge for a while, Shotaro said, "Not done yet!" He changed his side to Trigger and fired at the icicles.

But the Dopant managed to hit the Trigger Magum however he managed to grab a icicle and melted it before it jumped at him. He was sent rolling as the Dopant said, "Listen to the sound of yourself falling apart." But before he could freeze, Ryu's sword was tossed at him and landed in front of Shotaro, Ryu ran up and gasped for air. Philip spoke, "Ryu Terui." "You..." Shotaro said, Ryu just kept quiet and changed into Accel. He grabbed his sword and said, "Gonna swing this around!" Everyone else arrived though Hermione stayed back a bit.

She gasped, looking as Shroud appeared, she approached her. "Have you recovered any memories?" She asked. Hermione asked, "What are you talking about? What memories?" Shroud cast the Legilimency again to look into her mind, Hermione gasped and groaned, trying to block her memories to keep Shroud from seeing her memories. However Shroud didn't see anything that she found interesting and stopped, leaving as Hermione turned and saw Ryu send a finishing move that sent the Dopant flying. He said, "Your goal is despair."

The Dopant screamed and Kiyoshi was sent rolling on the ground, Ryu gripped his sword and approached him, "He... killed my family!" "Oh no!" Hermione said, running out to the area. Shotaro and Makiko also ran to stop him, but when it seemed that he was going to slash at him, Ryu detransformed and put a pair of handcuffs on him. Hermione breathed in relief, Harry patted her shoulder as everyone was relieved at his actions. Ryu said, "Lets change directions. Your goal is prison." He made Kiyoshi stand and thought for a moment. "Half-boiled..." Ryu said, "seems that's your style."

Shotaro was confused as he explained, "This city needs both styles together. I'm also a Kamen Rider, after all." "No, I'm not necessarily half..." Shotaro said, embarrassed. Hermione smiled as Makiko put her son's coat over his shoulder and hugged him while he apologized for what he had done. Harry looked at Ryu as he picked the GaiaMemory and saw that its inital was a I, announcing it was Ice Age before breaking. Everyone gasped, Hermione whispered, "That's not the intital we thought it was." Ryu questioned Kiyoshi that he wasn't the one who killed his family last August. Kiyoshi said that he didn't know anything about it since he had received it a week ago.

After that relevation, everyone returned to the agency and Shotaro gave his report, 'Kiyoshi Katahira was arrested by the police. Will that family ride number six again? All I can do is believe in them.' "So, one question." Shotaro said, "Don't get mad when I ask. Terui." "What is it, Hidari?" Ryu asked as he helped Hermione serve tea to the others. Shotaro said, "Why are you helping Hermione and pouring tea like this is your own office?!"

"Because she needs help." Ryu said. "And I heard your is too awful when you try to brew it yourself. Even the beans cry because of it." Hermione gave him a cup as Philip, Akiko, Harry, Ron, and Draco noted how delicious the tea was. Shotaro was unsure and took a sip, realizing, "It's great!" "Then... maybe I should be Philip's partner," Ryu suggested, turning to leave. "His power isn't a good balance with yours." "What was that?" Shotaro said, grabbing a pillow. "Screwing with me! Never come back!" Hermione laughed as he tossed the pillow and continued to try and hit him.

Well, Shotaro will learn that Ryu will be returning to the agency and will annoy him more. I liked that Ryu went from looking to kill and slash up Kiyoshi to just put being on a handcuffs. Though he is still a little crazy about wanting to avenge his family. Oh well, no one's perfect.

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