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Chapter 21 - Return of T/Unsuitable Melody for A Woman

Sitting at her desk, Hermione rubbed her eyes sleepily. She was working on trying to examine the Gaia Memory she had and wasn't getting anything on it. She sighed and put the GaiaMemory away, putting her head on her desk. Thinking about everything that had happened so far, Hermione thought about Draco's lessons to teach her Occulumency in order to protect herself from Shroud invading her mind, he was tough and she felt he was using it to prove he was superior to her like usual. Feeling her eyelids starting to droop, Hermione fell asleep at her desk.

Harry entered her room and saw her asleep at her desk, he put a blanket over her back and secretly pulled out her GaiaMemory. He noted that it was clear and had no intital, Harry looked confused and put it back in its hiding spot and let his bushy haired friend sleep. Harry headed back to his room and smiled, seeing her sleep, letting her sleep and slept in his room. When the sun came up, the trio went to the agency and Hermione was still sleepy, rubbing her eyes. Akiko smiled and gave her a cup of tea.

As Hermione sipped her tea, the door opened and Makura came in, bowing, "Please! Help me!" He ran to Shotaro's desk and said, "Shou-chan! Shoataro-san. Shotaro-sensei!" "What is it, Makki?!" Shotaro said, surprised. "Bursting in here like that?!" "I want your help on an investigation!" Makura said, bowing at him. Hermione was surprised, Draco was surprised as well. Shotaro said, "Sorry. I don't get along with the authories like the coppers. That is... A hard-boiled detective's iron-clad rule."

"Uh, Makura-san, why are you suddenly coming to us?" Hermione asked, confused. Akiko hugged her from behind and said, "Who cares?! Special price! We'll accept if you pay triple the normal rate!" "Akiko..." Hermione said, sighing and putting her hand to her face in disbelief. Shotaro shouted, "Hey, Akiko! Acting on your own again?!" Harry shook his head and smiled, Philip said to everyone, "For Inspector Makura to prostate himself before you... it surely must be quite the predictment. I am deeply interested. It should be worth hearing him out."

"Thank you!" Makura said, smiling. "Recently, a female inspector from Los Angeles joined my department." "So what's your request then?" Hermione asked, seeming confused. Akiko said, "Don't you get it? Makki just wants to surpass Ryu-kun to impress that female inspector." "What a boring predicament." Philip said, sighing in disappointment. "It was not worth hearing him out." He turned and walked with Akiko. Hermione sighed.

"No..." Shotaro said. "I understand." Everyone in the room looked at Shotaro. "I understand." He turned to everyone and said, "Terui needs a good trouncing." "Detective?!" Makura said, almost smiling. "You'll help me?!" "Okay." Shotaro said, grabbing his hand. Hermione looked at them and said, "I'm coming along for feminine advice." "Thank you, Hermione-san!" He said, bowing. Hermione sighed and they went to meet up with Watchman.

"A police insider?!" He said, shocked. "Even I don't have such deep info!" Shotaro thought and rubbed his chin, then asked, "Then have you heard of any fishy rumors about any of the inspectors?" "Well," Watchman said, "I can't exactly de..." "Who is it?!" Makura said, grabbing his shirt collar. "Just who is he and where is he?!" However, he received a swift hit to the head by Hermione and Akiko and Hermione said, "Please, continue, Watchman. As you were saying."

"Yeah, he can't talk like that!" Akiko said, looking at the info dealer. Shotaro asked, "So that inspector?" "A-ku-stu." Watchman said. "In the underground, he's infamous for being a corrupt detective. There's a rumor that many unemployed guys around him have gone missing." So Shotaro decided to tail the man and found him, with Hermione, Akiko, and Makura looking at him. Shotaro said, "Akutsu Ken, an inspector for Futo Police's Investigation Bureau I."

Hermione shushed him and covered his mouth as well as Makura's mouth while Akiko covered her mouth, all four of them listening to Akustu. "I hear you've been crying lately because you haven't had any work lately?" He said, a familiar voice spoke, "Well... I've always been a seasonal worker." 'Santa-chan?' Hermione thought, surprised. 'What the bloody hell?' "Where is he taking him?" Akiko said, seeing them walk off somewhere. Hermione saw Ryu and the female officer that Makura had a crush on in a car in the distance.

"So Terui's here too huh?" Shotaro said, looking at him. It seemed that Ryu saw them and looked at Hermione, nodding at her. But Makura got mad and ran to Akustu, grabbing him. "Akustu! We know you're the one leaking info to the GaiaMemory distributors!" But he was punched and knocked out by Hermione and sighed, saying, "Makura, you damn idiot. We don't know that! It's just a stupid rumor!" Ryu watched her and he stepped out of the car with his partner.

"Granger-san." He said, Hermione looked and gasped as Akustu ran, tossing Santa-chan. Hermione groaned, "Damn it!" "Ryu-san, I'll go this way." His partner said, Ryu nodded, "Understood." He looked at Hermione and she nodded, running with him after Akustu. They managed to block him on one side and he asked, "You're also a detective? Never seen you before. Which department are you in?" "Don't ask me questions." Ryu said, glaring at him as Hermione regained her breath and moved some hair out of her face.

"You brat." He said, "Don't act so tough!" He grabbed Hermione's wrist to use her as a hostage, but Ryu watched as she kneed him in the stomach then sent him flying, sending him flying with something falling out of his pocket. The two suddenly heard whistling, Ryu whispered, "This whistling..." Hermione gulped as she listened and looked around, then gasped. "A Dopant." She whispered. Hermione noted that this one looked like a Triceatops, then she noted the female officer wasn't around. However, she didn't want to make the assumation just yet.

Ryu was already wearing the Accel Driver and was about to transform, but the Dopant suddenly attacked. Hermione got out of the way and gasped, watching how agressive the Dopant was. Seeing Ryu tossed over the railing, Hermione ran to see if he was okay, seeing that he landed on a pile of garbage bag. Then she looked at the Dopant, hearing something about the user having come back from hell. So she ran in front of Akustu and tried to protect him from the attack.

Luckily, Shotaro appeared, changing into Double and saving them both. "Hermione-chan, we can't let him die, even if he's a villain." He said, looking at her. Hermione looked at him and nodded. Ryu tried to walk up and tried to go after Akustu but Hermione grabbed him to stop him from moving. She told him, "Ryu-kun, you're too hurt!"

Ryu looked around and found a key connected to a keychain on the ground, picking it up. With Hermione's help, they headed into the tunnel where Shotaro had detransformed after the Dopant ran off, along witih Akiko, Makura, and the female detective who came from a different direction. Once again, she didn't want to make a assumation just yet, but she didn't feel like the female officer was innocent.

"Where's Akustu?!" She asked.

"He got away." Ryu said, angrily.

"Damn it!" She groaned. "And we had a opening to attack the organization!" 'Organization?' Hermione thought to herself.

"The thread is still connected." Ryu said, reaching into his coat. He pulled out the keychain. "Akustu dropped this."

Shotaro examined the keychain, "Ca-the-rine... Catherine!"

"So what does the name mean?" Hermione asked, putting her finger to her chin. Shotaro wondered, "Is that a hostess name?" That earned him a hit on the head with Akiko's slipper. She shouted, "You pervert!" But Hermione simply flicked her forehead, "I seriously doubt that he's a pervert, Akiko."

So the group returned to the agency and Philip, Harry, Draco, and Ron saw them as they returned. Harry said, "Welcome back. How's the case going?" "Well..." Hermione said, thinking as the female officer saw Philip and approached him.

"You're Philip?" She asked. "Nice to meet you."

"She can speak in English?!" Ron gasped in surprise. Hermione, Harry, and Draco weren't surprised as Hermione went to sit with Philip, he looked at her and asked, "Is your right leg hurt?" The officer looked confused, Philip pointed out, "Just now, it appeared as if you were covering it."

"Akiko and I didn't even notice." Hermione said, Akiko gasped, "I'm sorry!" She ran and helped him up, "He's a bit eccentric." She made him bow, Hermione stood up and dusted herself off, as Ryu said, "There is one thing I want to confirm."

"Akustu called that Dopant, Mizoguchi." Ryu said, Hermione nodded in agreement, recalling hearing that as well. Makura pondered, "Mizoguchi? Where have I heard that name before?"

The woman sighed, "Mizoguchi Masaki. Futo Police Investigation Bureau I inspector. My coworker." "I remember!" Makura said, Hermione looked at him, tucking some hair behind her ear, asking, "What is it?" "He's the man who was fired half a year ago for taking illegal bribes." Makura said. "He was pressured by society and the media... He evenutally jumped off a cliff. He's the worst kind of inspector!"

Almost everyone went pale at what happened, the officer said, "No! You're wrong. Mizoguchi was a fine insecptor. I respected and looked up to him. He was the one who pushed me to pursue my dream of going to the Los Angeles department. Everything I am is thanks to him." Everyone looked at her and listened to her story, Shotaro pondered, "Why would such a fine insecptor go corrupt?"

Hermione, Harry, Ron and Draco kept quiet, trying to recall others they knew who went corrupt somehow, excluding the former Dark Lord since he willingly chose to be evil, the officer said, "The accusations were false. He was proud of being a policeman."

"Inspector Mizoguchi was framed... and then erased?" Ryu concluded. Hermione asked, "But why? And by who? Do you think that it was Atusku?"

"Probably," The officer said. "Not only Atusku, but both Atusku and Himoru."

"No... how cruel." Akiko said, covering her mouth. .

Shotaro closed his eyes and said, "So this is how it is: Mizuoguchi is actually alive and became a Dopant. And has begun taking revenge against those who trapped him."

"How can you be sure it was both of them?" Harry asked, looking at Shotaro. Shotaro thought about that as Makura shouted, "He's still scum then!"

Everyone looked at Makura as he shouted, "A good cop would arrest the culprit. Let the law judge him! How can he become a Dopant and take revenge?!"

"What would you know?!" Ryu said, getting ready to hit him, but Hermione grabbed his hand and slapped Makura, Harry and Ron were surprised to see her do that though Draco groaned, recalling her punch to his face in their third year. Makura struggled to Philip, "Did I say something wrong?"

"Even a reasonable agruement will sometimes anger your listener." Philip said, a bit confused. Makura fell against the wall, "No way!" He was in disbelief that Hermione hit him, Ryu gave Philip the keychain, he said, "Please look into this."

After Ryu left with Makura and the officer, everyone went into the investigation room and Hermione looked at Philip, she said, "Before you start the lookup, there's something I want to try." Everyone looked confused and Harry noted that she was holding the clear Memory that she had messing with, the two closed their eyes and Philip entered the Planet Library.

Watching them hold their hands for whatever Hermione had planned, Shotaro looked away and kept quiet, trying to push away any romantic feelings for her since it was obvious that she had feelings for Philip and there was a close bond between her, Harry, and Ron. She even had some kind of friendship with Draco and Akiko, he felt that the bond between her and himself were mainly professional and just friendly. Shotaro sighed and decided not to think about it anymore.

"Keyword: 'Akustu Ken'." Philip said, entering the Planet Library and found that Hermione had a faint presence, feeling her next to him by holding her hand. "'Futo Police Investigation Bureau I Inspector.' 'Serial disappearances of unemployed people'."

"And 'Catherine'." Shotaro said, not looking at them. Harry, Akiko, and Draco seemed to notice how he was behaving. With the keyword, the books rearranged til there was only one and Philip read everything in it. Letting go of Hermione's hand, he said, "I know where Akustu is hiding."

He showed the location in his book, Shotaro asked, "So on which block is this snack bar?" "You're still saying that?!" Akiko said, hitting him with her slipper. Hermione kept quiet and looked at Philip who gave the answer, "Catherine is the name of Akustu's crusier."

"Huh? It's a boat name?" Shotaro asked, surprised. Draco facepalmed, "So this whole lookup for a stupid bloody boat?!" "Wait, there must be a reason for it, Malfoy." Harry said, Akiko added, "I've often heard that yachts and crusiers are given women's names." "Well, we found the answer, so lets go, Shotaro." Hermione said, Shotaro nodded, the two of them leaving.

They headed to the pier with Makura, Ryu, and the officer, quickly finding the boat. "Catherine... So it's that cruiser?" Shotaro said, confused. Hermione looked worried, "I don't like it. We found it way too quickly." "Let's split up." The officer said. Everyone looked at her, she said, "Inspector Makura and I will go this way."

"Then we'll go this way." Ryu said, guiding Hermione and Shotaro toward the crusier. Quietly boarding the boat, Akustu appeared with a gun and took Hermione hostage, saying, "Perfect timing! You fell so easily into my trap!" However, Ryu kicked the gun out of his hand and Hermione elbowed him in the stomach, saying, "I'm getting sick of this damsel crap!"

The trio chased after him, and Ryu grabbed his coat, "Spill it! What happened to the people you promised jobs to?!" "Seem they were used as test subjects..." Akustu said, Shotaro and Hermione said, "Test subjects?" "For GaiaMemory test." Akustu said, smiling. Hermione went pale at what he said, he continued, "It was lucrative. Even if they disappeared, they were people no one would search for. Being in the police let me achieve many of my goals."

"So Mizoguchi became aware of that?" Ryu reasoned, while Hermione remained frozen at the revelation. Smiling, Akustu nodded, "Yeah, that's right. That guy pretended to be just and all that. There's no way he could have survived that fall! Yet he got Himuro! This time he's after me!"

"Well, I want you alive and in prison." Shotaro said, holding Hermione's hand to calm her down. Akustu shook his head and said, "No... because I'm being protected... by that monster!" Suddenly, the cat-like Dopant appeared, attacking Shotaro and Ryu then grabbing Hermione by the throat. She groaned, recognizing it from the last time. But also yet there was a strange sense of familiar coming over her. Knocking her out, the Dopant put her over its shoulder while Shotaro and Ryu changed into their respective forms.

Shotaro tried to fight without hurting Hermione's body while Ryu just went all out, fighting the Dopant whil skillfully avoiding Hermione's body. Using his finisher, Ryu hit the Dopant and sent Hermione's body flying. Quickly, Shotaro changed into LunaTrigger, grabbing her body and firing at the Dopant. While Ryu was able to do a downward slash, Akustu got away on his cruiser and the two watched, Shotaro tightly holding Hermione's unconscious body.

But suddenly, the cruiser exploded and the new Dopant appeared, holding a staff that caused the explosion. However, both Philip and Ryu seemed to know that who they were facing wasn't the person that they were told about, the Dopant changed into the officer, surprising Shotaro while Hermione remained unconscious in his arms.

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