Time for a new reason to Scream

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A girl was sitting on the couch, her friend was making popcorn.

"How's the popcorn coming along?!" asked one girl. She was blonde, wearing green pyjamas.

"Almost done" said the other. She was brunette with red pyjamas.

The phone rang.

"Hello?" asked the blonde

"Hello" said the voice

"Who is this?" asked the blonde

"Who is THIS?" asked the voice

"Michelle" said the girl

The brunette entered the room.

"Popcorn's ready" said the girl

"Did someone just say Popcorn?" asked the voice

"Yeah, my friend, Lola, just made some" said Michelle

"I prefer to eat popcorn at the movies" said the voice

"Well, we're getting ready to watch this scary movie" said Michelle

"You like Scary Movies?" asked the voice

"Yeah, love them" said Michelle

"Who's on the phone?" asked Lola

"Hang on a second, some guy with a deep voice" said Michelle

"What's your favourite scary movie?" asked the voice

"I don't know, what's yours?" asked Michelle

"Mine is Gutter" said the voice

"Gutter? Never heard of that one, what's it about?" asked Michelle

"It's not a movie, it's what I'm going to do to you" said the voice

"Yeah right, freak" said Michelle, before hanging up

"Who was that?" asked Lola

"Beats me, so what scary movie did you pick?" asked Michelle

"My parents wedding video" joked Lola

Both girls laughed.

"I'm kidding, it's the new Stab movie" said Lola

The phone rang again.

"Hello?" asked Lola

"Can I talk to Michelle please?" asked the guy on the other end

"Yeah, hang on, it's for you" said Lola

Michelle took the phone

"Hello?" asked Michelle

"DON'T HANG UP ON ME AGAIN OR I'LL GUT YOU LIKE A FISH" said the voice on the other end

"Who are you?" asked Michelle

"Say that again but this time, say 'Where' instead of 'Who'" said the voice

"Alright, 'WHERE' are you?" asked Michelle

"I'm outside" said the voice

"What?" asked Michelle

"Where is he?" asked Lola

"Outside" said Michelle

Michelle and Lola walked up to the front door, when they opened it, they saw nothing.

"You fucking liar, no one is outside" said Michelle

"Wrong door, you dumb bimbo" said the voice

Michelle realised something, the person on the other end of the phone was at the back door.

"Back door?" asked Michelle

"Maybe" said the voice

Michelle and Lola went to the back door, when they opened it up to reveal nothing again.

"Liar, there is no one outside" said Michelle

"That's because I'm NOT outside, I'm INSIDE" said the voice

Michelle hung up.

"He says he's inside" said Michelle

Lola backed up, then she walked over to the kitchen, she stood near the table.

"If that's true, then how did he get in?" asked Lola

"I think we left the front door open" said Michelle

Lola went to close the front door. When she turned around, she saw Ghostface.

"AAAAGGGGHHHH!" screamed Lola

Ghostface quickly slit Lola's throat. Michelle stormed to where Lola's screams were coming from and was terrified to see Lola's corpse.

"Where are you?" asked Michelle

Michelle felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around to see Ghostface and screamed at the top of her lungs. Ghostface quickly stabbed her in the stomach. He pulled out a voice modifier.

"I told you not to hang up on me, bitch" said Ghostface

Ghostface raised his knife and, with one fluid motion, stabbed Michelle again.


==Woodsboro College==

2 cars pulled up to Woodsboro College. One was a black Porsche, the other was a white Prius.

In the passenger seat of one was Nick Prescott, the son of Sidney Prescott and the hero of Scream: The Next Generation. He stepped out of the car and helped his girlfriend, Emily, out of the back seat.

"Here we are" said Emily

"I know, college" said Nick

Nick's best friend, Tom, stepped out of the Prius, he then helped HIS girlfriend, Beth, out of the back seat.

"Well, we're college students now" said Tom

"I know" said Nick

The 4 teens grabbed their stuff and entered the college.

The 4 survivors of the last Ghostface killing spree had a huge reputation in Woodsboro.

While they were walking across the College grounds, they encountered a guy with a video camera.

"Hey, you're the survivors of the Woodsboro Killings 2 years ago" said the guy

"Yeah, we are" said Nick

"I'm a huge fan, my name's Desmond" said the guy

"Nice to meet you" said Beth


Nick and Tom were in the auditorium, Nick wanted to come here because he knew this was the room where his mother, Sidney, ended the Woodsboro College Killings.

"Can you believe your family history in this room?" asked Tom

"I know, it's amazing...and a little bit scary given the reason WHY my family has history here" said Nick

"Yeah, well, that was years ago, time for you to change your family legacy here" said Tom

"You're right" said Nick

"Well, I gotta go meet Beth in the library, I'll see you later" said Tom

"Alright" said Nick

Tom left and Nick searched the room. At that point, a female student stood on the stage, she had brown hair with a blonde streak, red tank top and light blue jeans.

"Hello" said Nick

"AGH!" yelled the shocked girl

"Sorry" said Nick

"What are you doing here?" asked the girl

"I'm just looking around, my family has some history in this place" said Nick

"I don't know what you mean but, great, I'm Serena" said the girl

"I'm Nick, Nick Prescott" said Nick

"Prescott? As in, 'Sidney'?" asked Serena

"Yeah, she's my mother" said Nick

"That's cool, I am a huge fan of the Stab Movies, I can do Ghostface perfectly" said Serena

"Really? Let's hear it" said Nick

"What's your FAVOURITE Scary Movie?" asked Serena, in a perfect Ghostface voice

"That was pretty good" said Nick

"Thanks, hey, I know we just met but...you're kind of cute" said Serena

"Thanks" said Nick

"You seeing anyone?" asked Serena

"Actually, I am" said Nick

"Oh, well, alright" said Serena

"Well, I guess I'll see you around" said Nick

"Yeah, I guess you will" said Serena

Nick left the room.

==The girls==

Emily and Beth were in the library. 2 guys walked up to them.

"Hey girls" said one of them

"Hi" said Emily

"I'm Mike, this is Dustin" said the one with blonde, wavy, hair

"I'm Emily, this is Beth" said Emily

The 2 guys sat down.

"What are you doing?" asked Beth

"Ain't it obvious?" asked Dustin

"You 2 are hot and we're guys" said Mike

"We both have boyfriends" said Emily

"We have girlfriends but what they don't know won't hurt them" said Dustin

Tom walked up to them.

"Well they're not like you, now fuck off" said Tom

Mike and Dustin turned around to look at Tom, when they both tried to punch him, Tom ducked the punches and Mike and Dustin ended up punching each other. Tom grabbed Mike by the shirt collar and threw him at Dustin.


Nick and Tom were roommates, they were getting ready for bed.

"So what happened?" asked Tom

"Well, it was fun, what happened with you?" asked Nick

"Nothing much" said Tom

They were about to sleep when the phone rang.

"Who could be ringing us at this time?" asked Tom

Nick answered

"Hello?" asked Nick

"Hello Nick" said the person on the other end

"Please tell me this isn't who I think it is" said Nick

"It's not who you think it is...unless you're thinking that I'm Ghostface" said the voice

"How is that possible? Shaun is dead" said Nick

"I'm not THAT Ghostface" said Ghostface

"Well it doesn't matter because you can't get near me since I'm in college now" said Nick

"I know...SO AM I" said Ghostface

Ghostface is back

Who is Ghostface this time?

Note: Ghostface may be a character that hasn't been introduced yet