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Late at night, Tom and Nick snuck out of their dorm room, as did Emily and Beth, they searched the campus library.

"What would we find in the library?" asked Emily

"I don't know, but at least we've got a place to start looking" said Nick

Suddenly, Nick heard footsteps.

"Wait here" said Nick

Nick followed the sound of the footsteps, soon, he found Desmond sneaking around the library.

"Desmond? What are you doing here?" asked Nick

"Same as you guys, I'm trying to find Ghostface" said Desmond

Nick went back to the others, Desmond followed him, later, they left the library, when searching the hallways, they met up with Mike and Dustin.

"Well, well, look what we have here" said Mike

"Oh great, these 2" said Emily

"It's kinda late, shouldn't you people be in your dorms?" asked Dustin

"Shut up assholes" said Beth

The group continued to look for Ghostface, Desmond left to search by himself. The group reached the theatre, where Serena was.

"Serena? What are you doing here?" asked Nick

"I'm looking for the killer, isn't that what you're doing?" asked Serena

Suddenly, Nick received a phone call.

"Hello?" asked Nick

"Hello Nick" said Ghostface

"Of course, it had to be you" said Nick

"Come to the cafeteria" said Ghostface

"Why?" asked Nick

"You'll see" said Ghostface

Nick hung up.

"Ghostface is at the cafeteria" said Nick

Nick, Tom, Emily and Beth rushed to the cafeteria, when they were there, they saw Desmond tied to a chair.

"DESMOND!" said Nick


Ghostface walked up to Desmond's chair.

"Hello Nick, you were a little late, I already played my game with Desmond, I'm sorry to say that he lost" said Ghostface

Ghostface stabbed Desmond in the back 3 times before Desmond slumped down in the chair.

"OH GOD!" said Beth

Ghostface ran off, Nick and Tom ran after him, they followed him through a hallway, when they reached the end, they ran into Mike and Dustin.

"Whoa, easy there, you look like you've seen a Ghost...face" said Mike

"You? It was you?" asked Tom

"What are you talking about?" asked Mike

"You killed them, you're Ghostface" said Tom

"You're being ridiculous" said Dustin

Emily and Beth approached the guys.

"What's going on?" asked Emily

"It's Mike and Desmond, they were Ghostface" said Tom

"No we weren't" said Mike

Emily and Beth tried to get closer to the guys, but Ghostface appeared from behind them and grabbed them both, but the girls were able to fight him off, Ghostface ran around a corner in the hallway while Mike and Desmond tried to run away and the others chased after them, Ghostface caught up with Mike and Desmond and was able to grab Mike and slash his throat. As Mike fell dead to the ground, Dustin ran upstairs, Ghostface took an alternate route. Nick, Tom, Beth and Emily found Mike's body.

"He's dead" said Tom

"So they weren't Ghostface" said Emily

"No, Mike wasn't, but Dustin still might be, come on" said Nick


Dustin reached the second floor, he assumed he had gotten away from Ghostface.

"So long fucker" said Dustin

Dustin turned around and found himself face to mask with the killer, who stabbed Dustin in the forehead, killing him instantly. Nick and the others reached the second floor, they instantly saw Dustin's corpse on the floor.

"Damn, he was innocent too" said Nick

"Well, he wasn't innocent, but he wasn't Ghostface" said Emily

Serena entered from around a corner.

"Serena? It was you?" asked Nick

"No, I swear, I didn't do anything, I'm not the killer" said Serena

"I'm sorry, but I don't believe you" said Nick

Suddenly, Ghostface jumped up from behind Serena and stabbed her in the back, when she turned around, Ghostface proceeded to stab her in the stomach, when he stopped, Serena dropped to the floor.

"Okay, now I do" said Nick

The 4 ran from Ghostface, however, Ghostface was able to catch Nick.

"NICK!" said Emily

Ghostface repeatedly stabbed Nick in the stomach, when he stopped, Nick fell to the ground.

"NOOOOOO!" screamed Emily

Tom, Beth and Emily ran off, they hid in the library, but Ghostface caught up with them, and smashed a vase over Emily's head to knock her out.

"Oh shit" said Tom

"I can't believe Nick is dead" said Beth

Tom went left their hiding spot to check if Ghostface had left, but the second he did, Ghostface took out a glass bottle and smashed it over Tom's head, knocking him out too. Ghostface quickly found Beth and used another bottle to knock her out.

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