Hi you wonderful, beautiful people. Name's Bri, but you guys should call me Dealt, or I'll think you're a crazy stalker. Anyway, a bit ago, I put something up like this for a story with the same title. Well, I picked the OC's and started the story, but I lost my flash drive, so, NOW, I am starting from scratch, with a new summary and stuff. The summary is under this, and, after that, the rules, and then the form. You guys can review the OC's if you want, but if you prefer to PM them, that's fine too. I'll get to the point now.(If you read this whole thing, bless your soul.)

Summary:50 years ago, The Prophecy of the Seven was in motion. Chaos was everywhere. And then-suddenly, it stopped. The Seven disappeared, and so did Gaea. Even the gods themselves don't know what happened. Now, 50 years later, when things were almost normal, the crazy chaos starts happening again. The gods with their two different sides, the doors opening. It turns out, The Seven? Weren't the original seven. And Gaea? She disappeared, but didn't go back to sleep. Her big plan, was just beginning, 50 years ago. And now it's up to a new seven to stop it.

It'll be shorter for the actual story, but I'll figure that out later. So, if you like the summary, and you're thinking, "Hey! This sounds cool, I'll try it." Or some other version of that, I'll just lay out some ground rules.

Number One. If your character isn't accepted, don't feel bad, and don't go bat-shit crazy one me. I will then go bat-shit crazy on you, and it will not be pretty. There are plenty of spots, since I am accepting main and minor characters. 6 main and….about 9 or 10 minor characters. I'm only having 6 main though because I have a main character.

Number Two. NO MARY-FREAKING-SUES. I hate those, it's not cool. Be original, please,

Number Three. but make them realistic. Creativity and originality is what I'm looking for, people!

Number Four. Minor characters can be who and whatever the fuck you want them to be, Capeesh? Satyrs, nymphs, ghosts, I don't care. Also, this goes with

Number Five. dudes. I get that a lot of people here are girls, and girls are awesome, because I, myself, am I girl, but I can't have an All-Girl cast. I need guys.

Number Six. No anons, please, because then I can't contact you if something happens.

Number Seven. Please, I'm not accepting Big-Three entries unless they are awesome and completely wow me. Mine is Poseidon, but still.

Number Eight. DETAIL, DETAIL, DETAIL, and, last but not least, DETAIL. I want DETAIL. For personality, if I see a word, and then a comma, you're out. I don't want to sound harsh, but there will be character development, and I can't develop a character with one word attributes.

Number Nine. I need some insecure, unsure, and façade having characters. Not everyone has to be strong and brave.

Number Ten. Make as many as you want! I don't discriminate against user, especially if you make good characters.

Number Eleven. Last one, guys. Remember to HAVE FUN and LOVE your character, even if I don't accept them. I might have some character holes and need to fill them up, so, if you're not accepted, you still might see your character!

SO, here's what you all have probably been waiting for…THE FORM! You guys can make adjustments for if you're a satyr, nymph, ghost, etc., and Greek and Roman campers are in the same camp. I will have my character, Saige, and then the form without—you know what, I can't describe it, you'll just see.


Major or Minor: Major

Name: Saige Andromedia Rivers

Nickname(Optional): None, unless someone gives one to her.

Age(for main characters, 15-17 only please): 16 turning 17


Birthdate: August 2, 2043(technically,the events of The Blood of Olympus happen in 2010, so 50 years later is 2060…so I'm going on that)

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Personality: Saige is very opinionated, and will say how she feel, no matter what. She may feel bad after, and apologize, because she doesn't let her pride get in the way with things like that. She is honest, and will tell you the truth, and is straightforward about it. No sugar-coating from her, unless you're a little kid. Saige is leader-type, but doesn't like to lead, afraid she will fuck things up. She has problems opening up to people, and bottles in her emotions because she feels like she has to stay strong for others, and is sometimes afraid no one will comfort her, because she had no one to talk to at home. She is patient, and loyal, like a Hufflepuff, and wise and witty like a Ravenclaw, but she hates being the center of attention. She is a fangirl, and can be weird at times, thanks to Tumblr. Saige can get lost in her own world, and it takes a lot to bring her back. She also has a real soft spot for kids, she loves them, and they love her. But she also can become adorably child-like, and can get really bubbly.

Race: Saige is mixed with African-American and Irish.

Skintone: Saige's skin is an Olivish-Tannish kind of tone, and is usually soft.

Hair Color/Length/Style: Her hair is a deep red mixed with dark and light brown, and she has loose curls that fall to her mid-back. It is almost unbearably thick and she usually wars it in a pony tail with a side bang swept to the right. She would cut it shorter, but she loves how the little kids at camp tug lightly on the curls when she picks them up.

Eye Color/Shape/Size/: Her eyes are generally Hazel colored, but switch to a light green when in the sunlight. The shape of her eyes are roundish, and are slightly wide, which she hates, because she thinks they make her look like an anime character.

Build(Skinny, Athletic, Thick): Saige has an athletic-like build, with muscular, long legs, but her stomach is flat and slightly toned. She is definitely not flat-chested, but her chest isn't big. (I felt awkward writing that last sentence, I just felt like I should describe that part, you guys don't have to, but if you do, hats off to you.)

Height: Saige is 5'8, but doesn't like standing up straight all of the time, so at times she'll appear to be 5'7 or even 5'6.

Tattoos(Optional): None at the moment, but is planning to get a small infinity sign on her right ankle.

Braces(Optional): She used to have braces, and recently wore a retainer.

Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples(Optional): Saige has a few freckles splayed across her nose.

Scars(Optional): Saige has three scars: One, on her shoulder(from a hellhound bite), a long one that runs from her right ankle to her mid-calf(a lash from a monster's poisonous tail), and a smaller one, a thin line at her hair line that stops at her ear, and starts from the side of her forehead(fell down the stairs at the Big House).

Makeup(Optional): She hates makeup. The end.

Piercings(Optional): Her mother had her ears pierced after she was born, but she stopped wearing earrings at 11, because her mom stopped making her.

Greek or Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Cassandra Ashley Wright

Other Notable Family Members: Lawrence Wright(Step-father, Mortal), Ethan Peter Wright(Half-Brother, Mortal) , Angel Jean Wright(Half-Sister, Mortal)

Fatal Flaw: Personal Loyalty- Which means that she would give the world to save those dear to her.

Powers(no more than 6): Saige can heal with water, she can control the water, and talk to sea creatures and horses. She can also sense her opponents next move in a fight, as a blessing from Ares(You guys don't want details on that, so I won't give it to you. You're welcome. I just saved you an hour of reading.)

Gender Preference(Asexual, Straight, Gay, I forgot the word for it..): Straight, she tested to see if she was Lesbian or Bisexual when she was 13, but realized she was Straight.

History: Saige's mom was born with Clear-Sight, so she new the abnormal stuff that went on in the mortal world. Poseidon came to her as an African-American marine biology professor at a nearby college in Ann Arbor. Cassandra(Saige's mom) was a Greek and Roman mythology professor at the same college. They clicked, did the deed, and here is Saige, a demigod baby. After that, Cassie was a single mom, and kept a low profile to keep Saige safe from monsters. Then she met Lawrence, when Saige was 13, and was just beginning to get her powers. Lawrence married her when Saige was 14, and Lawrence tried to rape her, but Saige used her powers on him and he steered clear of her after that. Saige tried to inform her mom, but her mom called her a liar and a ungrateful brat, so their relationship was rocky. When Saige was 15, her mom had a baby(Ethan) with Lawrence and Saige was enraged, so she started to go to Camp year-round. When she was 16, they had another baby(Angel)and Saige tried to patch things up with her mom, but her mom disowned her, so she cut all ties with that family. She also went on that quest for Ares and got blessed by him when she was 15, too.

Weapon(s): During battle/Capture-the-Flag, she has two hunting/throwing knifes, one in each combat boot(she wears combat boots during Capture-the-Flag). With that, at regular times, she has her bow and arrows(skilled archer, a child of Apollo taught her), and her three and a half foot long sword named Epikíndynos, which means 'dangerous' in Greek.

Clothing Style: Saige isn't a girly-girl, but she will wear dresses or skirts to the right occasion. Other than that, she wears jeans, different colored pants, and shorts. She also wears graphic and quote t-shirts, with converse(she wears high-tops only), her Doc Martins, or her combat boots. You usually see her with rubber-band bracelets and a dolphin-shape locket Poseidon gave her for her 13th birthday.

Theme Song(s)(Optional, no more than 5): "I Love It"- Icona Pop, "Burn it Down"-Linkin Park, and "Burn"-Ellie Goulding

Quotes(Optional): "You can't count on something you never had."

"Look beasts; I came here to kick ass and eat food. But guess what? I'm all out!"

Other: Is obsessed with French fries.(I just had to add something from me.)

Major or Minor:










Hair Color/Length/Style:

Eye Color/Shape/Size/:

Build(Skinny, Athletic, Thick):




Facial Blemishes/Freckles/Dimples(Optional):




Greek or Roman:

Godly Parent:

Mortal Parent:

Other Notable Family Members:

Fatal Flaw:

Powers(no more than 6):

Gender Preference(Asexual, Straight, Gay, I forgot the word for it..):


Clothing Style:

Theme Song(s)(Optional):



So….that's it, this took me like 3 hours to make, so I hope you guys put in a submission. I didn't put in crush/lover or something like that because we can discuss that AFTER I accept everyone. PLEASE put in someone, please. I am desperate.

If you guys have any questions or concerns, please feel free o PM me. I don't bite, and I love talking to new people! *smiles*

That's all, I guess. See you in a few days, hopefully!

Submit your characters and all that jazz,