PLEASE READ THIS DETAILED PARAGRAPH. So, before I start my long-as-Zeus'-list-of-girls-he-did-the-deed-with-author's note, I have a question. Please answer in the review because I am too lazy to make a poll for my long-as-Zeus'-list-of-girls-he-did-the-deed-with-profile. I am juggling with a few different versions of the Prologue for Prophecy. The first version is basically what happened with the original seven (Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, etc.) and Reyna, Nico, and Coach Hedge, before the original seven disappeared. My second would be in one of the actual seven's POV (Point of View for those who don't know) after the events in Prophecy. My third option is Chiron's POV, stating his thoughts on the whole thing, and my fourth option features Gaea and a few of her demigod minions discussing her return. My fifth and final option is the original seven writing a quick letter about what actually happened to make them disappear. If the fifth option is the most popular, then there will have to be a backstory about what happened to this letter, and crap like that. So…..yeah. VOTE PLEASE I NEED OPINIONS THAT AREN'T MINE!

A/N: Hey guys. So, I know I said I would update like a month ago, but….I fell asleep on my computer finishing it, and then my brother decided it would be a nice time to play a "prank" on me, and deleted my stuff, replacing it with random letters. And, I've been sick lately, and I have honestly been procrastinating.

This will happen often while I've been updating, but I'm also writing scenes and different parts of Prophecy that have been coming to mind, so…yeah.

Also, please, after you read this, take the time to comment your thanks to him so I can recite it at his "funeral" AKA the time where he begs me not to kill him and I kill him by high-fiving his face.

Anyway, here's the moment you all have been waiting for! Before I get on with it, I just wanted to say that I loved all of your entries, but I'm only picking 17 of the 44(DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH IT BREAKS MY HEART TO ONLY BE ABLE TO PICK A FRACTION OF 44 FORMS?HUH?), unless I need more, but, even if I do, everyone still won't be in. So, sorry if you got kicked off of the list, sorry if you went to minor, and sorry if you didn't get picked at all. I'm sure most of you who entered in probably won't look, but if you do, and your name isn't there, sorry, but that's business.

SO, on that not-so-happy/kind-of-depressing note, I bring you: THE MAJOR AND MINOR CHARACTERS OF PROPHECY!

MAJOR CHARA-You know what, screw that, THE SEVEN OF THE PROPHECY:

GREEK(Yes, I have subtitles, is there a problem?):

Child of Poseidon-Saige Andromedia Rivers

Child of Demeter- Redwood Day(Breaking the Remix)

Child of Hecate- Ellie Boyce(enmfaming4)

Child of Hephaestus- Ethan Henry(A Friend Of Mine)


Child of Jupiter-Owen Cross(Rougeification)

Child of Venus- Dawson Teague(soccerfreak6)

Child of Pluto- Lilith Karma Halliwell(BellaRosa17)


Child of Mars-Riley Tomlinson, Praetor of Camp Jupiter(Julyette of Wonder)

Child of Apollo- Celina Nirvana Hale, Oracle(Marceline-The-Vampire-Queen122)

Child of Jupiter- Jayden Malik Carver(TheSeaGirl1234)

Child of Demeter- Blue Autumn Day(Breaking the Remix)

Child of Trivia(Hecate's Roman Counterpart)- Taranee 'Tara' Hunter(C.J. Selgas)

Child of Athena- Asher Iain Patterson(BellaRosa17)

And, these are the standing characters for Prophecy. I lowered the number of Minors I was accepting because I can't work with 17 OC's, that's too much. Now, some characters that I didn't accept will be featured in the story, they just won't be…important to the plot.

Congrats to everyone who has been accepted, all characters in the story will have their own chapter with their information on it. So, please tell me who you want your character to be with(in a romantic way) in the comments below, please.

Can anyone draw? If so, could you like make a cover for Prophecy? Just asking.

I ALSO NEED A BETA FOR PROPHECY. Cause I know that I make tons of mistakes. If you want to Beta, PM me!

Last thing, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR THE PROLOGUE. And do you guys want the prologue on here? Or on the story? If it's on the story, it'll take longer to get posted.

That's all! Sorry for the wait! I am open for ideas you guys.