Pansy was sick and tired of her life. Everyone perceived her as Draco's girl and the resident slut. She really only put that persona on because she didn't want to betray her true feelings and be killed by either the dark lord or her parents. She looked at Theo. He seemed to be in the same place as she was. He was a loner only friend was Blaize Zabanni and Jack Quincy. Her only real friend was Hermione here and then there was Pamela but she didn't go to Hogwarts in fact she was five or ten years older then her but she helped her out after their little spat with each other. Pansy had too much pressure on her and she didn't how much longer she could hold out. Her other so called friends she knew talked about her behind her back and she knew not trust them well maybe Daphne Greengrass. Yeah she only had three or four friends at Hogwarts. Hermione had tutored her when she was having trouble in muggle studies and Athermancy. Hermione had explained it was like muggle science and math. She got it after a few tries and that's when they became secret friends forming a study group of sorts with Daphne and Luna Lovegood and another Gyfinndor by the name of Seamus something she couldn't remember his name but soon Theo had asked to join them and when Harry Potter found out about this group he wasn't mad sure he was probably hurt by his friend but he wasn't angry at her. He nodded and sat down. He was so quite and observing. After the study group was done they stayed there. Hermione sighs and rubbed her forehead and massage her shoulders a little.

"What's wrong Mione" Harry asks

"Just tired Harry"

"Me too"

"I don't have the whole world on my shoulders like you"

"But you have prejudices against you and the tittle smartest witch of our year"

"True but its nothing compare to you"

"Well join the club"

"I just wish I was normal sometimes"

"You mean Pureblood"

"No I mean a muggle" The others were appalled and maybe envious somewhat.

"Me too Mione me too"

"Its just Ginny and Ron are pressuring me to be with Ron I don't want to be with him"

"But your dating him" Pansy says

"Yeah just so I could get some piece sometimes that's why I come here"

"You should break up with him then" Daphne says and Hermione nods her head.

"I know I just want to go home but I don't want this world to go into tatters if that's even a word. I don't want it to be ruined its special to me but I feel like I don't fit in"

"We all don't fit in" Theo says

" I've always been a snob on some level but you guys fit in because your not muggle-born you have the Purebloods blood but the problem is blood bleeds the same"

"No your wrong Hermione we don't always fit in" Pansy says angrily.

"Okay Ms. Prissy pants why do you think you don't fit into this world"

"Because I want to do something more then being the gossip bitch or the sluttist girl in school or Draco's girl I know he's going to marry Astoria but you know I want a different life"

"There's always choices" Hermione whispers

"No their isn't not my world" Pansy says sighing.

"No if you want out get out if you don't want the pressures of being a Pureblood being on the dark side then get out runaway" Hermione says firmly.

"But what people will judges us and call us traitors" Daphne whispers.

"So what if they do its not like your fighting for the light"

"Will you judge us if we runaway"

"No sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to survive" Hermione says

"But wouldn't that be called a coward" Theo says

"No its called surviving its called being free if you feel guilt for leaving then by all means stay here fight for whoever your going to fight with" Hermione says firmly again. The others nodded their heads.

"Now Pansy what do you want to do?"

Runaway and never look back"

"Well then lets plan" Hermione says

"No Pans what about your parents and friends" Daphne says panicking

"Like Mione says we all have choices to make Daph and this is mine" Pansy says shrugging.

"I want to come too" Theo says and everyone looked surprised. Hermione shrugs her shoulders.

"Fine with me" Hermione says. Daphne looked at her friends she bit her lip. She didn't know if she could leave.

"Can we still have magic" Daphne asks

"Yeah I guess but the people who are going to help me will probably won't like it"

"Why are they are muggles'

"You can say they are a different kind of witches they don't use their powers for personal gang like we do"

"How is that" Seamus asks

"Well they don't use their powers to get what they want or make their beds"

"Why not" Jack Quincy asks

"Those are the rules they have someone to govern them too as well" Hermione says.

"Well I think that's good we all have to learn to appreciate our gifts" Luna says dreamily. Hermione agreed as did Harry.

"Well when can we go" Harry asks

"As soon as I can convince a couple of friends to help us out and we plan this to the T. if your not going keep quite if you don't want to know anything tell me now or keep your mouth shut Harry if you have to pay them pay them off" Hermione says

"What about the Ministry can't they track us" Daphne asks quietly.

"We can use un-plottable charm" Hermione says and everyone nods their heads. "Now what I need to know is who is staying and who is coming" She looks at everyone.

"Sorry mates but I'm staying and fighting" Seamus says.

"Good for you Jack you"

"Staying can't live without my wand"

"I don't think I can do it in the muggle world" Daphne says

"I need my best friend" Pansy says tears in her eyes. Daphne gulps. She knew how her friends desire to get out of this world and to start anew.

'You'll have me Pans" Theo says quietly

"But we're not friends"

"But we can support each other and plus aren't you friends with Pamela she can help us out to and Daphne can help us here in the wizard world" Everyone looked confused.

"How can she help us"

"Well she can cover for us say we died in a broom accident or something like that"

"I don't want her to risk her life for us" Pansy says looking at Daphne

"I'll do it" Daphne says

"But what if our parents get wind we're still alive"

"By that time it will be to late" Hermione says

"But they could come for us"

"Well then that's the time you use your magic" Luna says and Harry concurred.

"Okay" Pansy says

"Once the war is over I will be right down there with you Pans" Hermione says. Harry nods his head.

"I'll be there as well but I really like to stay on this side of the pond" Harry says and Hermione smiles at him.

"Well then stay you have just as much muggle knowledge as I do and you know the unplottable charm right" Hermione says and Harry nods his head.

"Why don't you show your potential" Theo asks Harry.

"Take a wild guess" Harry says bitterly.

"You shouldn't worry about what Ron thinks" Luna says quietly

"He's one of my best friends"

"Who takes advantage of your fame and my smarts" Hermione says

"But he's still out friend" Harry argues.

"True but whenever we go against what he says Harry does he or doesn't he get mad like in fourth year when you were picked for the tri-wizard tournament"

"He wasn't there but you were" Harry says

"Exactly he is an attention grabber he wants the fame without working for it"

"You did turn him down" Harry speaks sadly

"Yeah and he turned everyone against me" Hermione says bitterly.

"Only in Gyffindor" Pansy says

"And I had to sleep there as well" Hermione says

"I think you are true slytherin like Harry" Theo smirks and Hermione only shakes her head.

"And why would you say that"

"Your only with him to keep the piece" Daphne says

"Yeah but I think she should still break up with him she can sleep with us slytherin" Jack pipes up. Everyone laughs

"Not with Draco Malfoy there" Hermione says

"Then fuck him" Jack says and everyone was appalled

"What like it will matter they'll still hate each other"

"I just don't want to sell my body for sleep" She says in digusted way. Daphne smiled a little and Pansy knew that smile it was her gossip smile and that is dangerous.

"So how is the Weasle in bed" Daphne asks.

"Well lets just say I've had better" Hermione says and everyone in the group was shocked.

"What so I put up my goody two shoes act at Hogwarts doesn't mean I'm an Angel" Hermione says

"Who was your first"

"My first fuck was with a enemy of mine"


"Hell no"

"Anyone here"

"No lets just say we grew together but we hated each other he'd always made of me and I was always outsmarted him now lets reconvene when I can convince my friends to help us out" Everyone nodded their heads and left the library.