The Plan

Blaize woke up in the middle of the night. He looked at all the beds and he saw Draco sleeping. As Draco slept Blaize made sure Draco was in a deep sleep with a spell that Daphne taught him. She was like the Slytherin Hermione. He said the spell so Draco wouldn't wake up took a piece of his hair and charmed his hair to look like it was all there and then he put it into the vial. He went to the common room.

"Did you get"

"Did you get Astoria"

"Yes" Daphne says and Blaize gave her the vile as she went to do the rest of the PolyJuice.

"What about after this whole thing is done"

"We do the same as the others except we hide in the wizard world. I don't want to give up my whole life"

"Me neither" Blaize sighs as they stir the potion. They had already done the drought of death and stole some of Snapes ingredients. They blamed Harry and Hermione for that which to their credit they did not care. They got points taken off and detention for a week.

A week and two days later…Theo wrote his suicide note saying he didn't want to marry Brown as Pansy did the same as her telling her parents she loved Theo. She knew her parents would never want them associate with Theo who's gallons were dwindling by the day. Theo took his inheritance and invested in some stocks and gave the rest to Blaize without him knowing. What little he had anyways. Theo helped Blaize with the bodies setting them up as Pansy wrote her note. After everything was place and Pansy had done quick spell on the dead people and giving them the potion as they drunk their potion making them look Malfoy and his fiancé.

As Theo Pansy invested in some stock and then gave the rest to Daphne without her knowledge. Theo would go to MIT and Pansy would go to Las Vegas. She just wanted to stay anonymous. Pamela would get her a job a low paying job but none the less its better to hide and stay down low then to be out in the world.

Pansy and Theo were in the middle of the airport. Theo had to catch his plane to Washington DC. McGee got covered his schooling through one of his friends so he was going to Washington DC for a phycology degree minoring in law. Then he was going to the police academy to become a cop.

"Well this is where we part" Theo says putting his hand out.

"Yes" Pansy says taking him into a hug. "I'm going to miss you"

"Me to but we both know this is the best route"

"I know I just want to forget"

"Then do just that get Hermione to do it for you"

"OR Pamela"

"But she's"

"No she just has different set of skills" Pansy smiles and they turned around and walked away. Theo to Washington and Pansy to her new home, Pamela was waiting there for her.


"Yeah and scared"

"Don't worry you'll get the hang of it"

"Thank you"

"Your welcome your probably the only wizard to talk to me"

"Doesn't your aunt talk to you" Pansy says

"Yes but she is still to cold for my liking" Pamela smiles.

"So did you stick it to your husband"

"Yes I'm leaving to Meekly did you want to come in a few days"

"Sure for how long"

"In probably six months" Pansy smiles a little bit.

"So your due in six months" Pansy says as Pamela nods her head smiling rubbing her belly.

"Don't mind me asking but why don't you tell that husband of yours"

"He's to selfish and I want a stress free pregnancy I don't want to lose my twins in any way shape of form not this time and not to John-Ross's manipulations how we were raised"

"That's why I came here to get away from how I was raised"

"Good for you" Pamela smiles then she looks at Pansy. She looked a little sad.

"What's up Pans"

"I did something stupid three weeks ago maybe a month ago I don't know I was so sad so hurt"

"What happened"

"Theo and I we got together a few times drowning our sorrows in missing out friends"

"As in getting drunk everyone does that"

"Not only that but we ended up in bed together it was my first time you know"

"Do you love him"

"I don't know I care for him and hope he is safe but I don't know if its love"

"Okay let me guess you got a little present for him"

"That's the thing I don't know I've missed Aunt Flow but I'm scared what if I am"

"I'll be there for you" Pamela says and Pansy nods her head.

"We can get through this together alright"

"If you don't mind I need to get place of my own just because I don't want to risk anyone"

"Okay well first lets get a pregnancy test done alright"

"Okay" So that's what the two did Pamela made an appointment for Pansy but under the name Tricky Dawson.

"Ms. Dawson" Pansy looked up at the doctor holding Pamela's hand.


"Your prengnat" The doctor says. Pansy started crying and looked at Pamela.

"What am I going to do"

"Well you have choices abortion which I highly doubt you want, adoption, or keeping it"

"I'll think about it I have to call Theo" She says and Pamela nodded as Pansy got on her phone.

"I'll leave you two to get dressed" The doctor says. She left and Pansy called Theo. She got his voicemail. Call me is what she said and then she text him to call her once he landed.

"I don't want to pull him away from his schooling" Pansy said

"Encourage him to stay" Pamela says and Pansy nodded her head. Pamela took Pansy to her penthouse. Five hours later Pansy got a phone call.

On The phone

"Pans is everything alright" Theo asks

"Gee hi to you too"

"Well you said to call you" He says snapping but Pansy sighs.

"I need you to promise me something Theo"

"What is it"

"Whatever I'm about to say you will finish school you will go to the academy okay promise me"

"Yes Pans"

Pansy takes a breath before she says anything "I'll try to help with your schooling"

"Your stalling" Theo says

"I'm pregnant"

"HELLO are you there Theo" Pansy hung up crying and then the phone rang a couple minutes later.

"Gee Pans give a guy a heartattack why don't you"

"I'm not joking you ass remember a month ago"

"Yeah we got pissed out drunk and oh shite"

"Yeah oh shite"

"I'm going to you"

"You promised Theo"

"I can always transfer Pans you know I can" He says. Pansy sighs and rubs her neck.

"Fine but your not working alright"

"Okay we still have some stock right"


"So we'll have nest egg"

"Only we use that for an emergency like when and IF we have to run" Pansy says

"We might need it sooner" Theo argues"

"Exactly Theo we're not in desperate need not yet anyways we have some help and I'm getting a job I don't want any ifs ands or buts about it we need the gallons or cash whatever and once your through with school we'll better off" She says she could just imagine him frowning.

"Fine but I'm going through the academy instead"

"What academy"

"The Police academy"

"No Theo your dream is to be a lawyer"

"True but family is more important and the faster I get done with school then I can support us better okay"

"Alright but promise me you won't quit and later down the road you'll think about being a lawyer"

"I promise and stop making all these promises"

"I will but one more too Theo" Theo sighs


"We promise each other to protect what's ours our cubs how whatever many we have but I'm stopping at Three I do not want to be a Weasly" Theo laughs

"Its not funny I don't want to be a stay at home mother or cow" Theo laughs again.

"I promise I won't get you pregnant more then three times and I promise you don't have to be a stay at home mom like Mrs. Weasesly that reminds me I wonder if the Weasel has gotten Mione to be his stay at home wife" Theo says as Pansy laughs. He loved her laugh. He hasn't heard it in a long time.

"I doubt it I don't think she'll want to ever be a part of that family" Pansy smiles she too loved Theo's laughs.

"Alright I'll see you in about three months"

"What why"

"I'm already enrolled and I don't want to waste the money I paid for kay"

"okay" Pansy says sighing.

"In the meantime I'll speak with McGee to see if he can help me get into the academy"

"Alright" They hang up without saying goodbye. Theo saw McGee

"Hey I need a favor" Theo says

"Sure what is it"

"Can I transfer to the police academy in Nevada"

"What why"

"Its just Pans she's pregnant she needs me"

"Wait is the baby yours" Theo nods his head

"Yeah at first I thought it might be Nick Alandro's"

"But" McGee says

"But she was with him two week ago's not a month ago"

"Oh okay I'll see what I can do"

"Alright thank you"