Lifting Up Bridal Style

Noah felt really really stupid right now. Of all the things to get hurt doing he'd somehow managed to sprain his ankle waiting for Rex to finish fighting an Evo. He didn't even have a cool story to go with it and brag about. One minute he was walking toward Rex and the next he was face first on the ground with a sprained ankle. He felt like such a wimp.

The only thing that made the whole situation bearable was the fact that Rex was the only one who saw his little blunder and it meant the raven would have to carry him. He got to wrap his arms around Rex's neck and subtly snuggle into his warmth. Rex smelled like some delicious combination of fresh air and metal, which made him smile.

He might just have been milking his ankle a little to be carried like by Rex though. Only a little though.

Rex didn't show it, but he wasn't complaining about carrying Noah either. He had few opportunities to openly hold Noah close for more than a few seconds at a time and treasured each and every one.

"Holiday will fix you up fine when we get back Noah, don't worry."

Noah blushed and stared down at his chest shyly.

"I'm not worried." He muttered softly.

Rex hitched Noah up higher in his arms and smiled when the blonde gasped lightly.

"You sure?" He asked playfully.

Noah gulped and looked up at his best friend shyly.

"I'm never worried when I'm with you." He admitted with a blush.

Rex looked down at him with a stunned look that made the blonde's insides twist and turn pleasantly.

"That confirms my theory about you having a shitty survival instinct." He joked after a pause.

Noah blushed before swatting at Rex's shoulder playfully.

"Shut up." He muttered without heat.

Rex just held him tighter as he laughed.

When he was done he leaned in closer until they were only a breath apart.

"Thanks for trusting me."

Noah could only blush in reply as Rex leaned forward close enough to be within kissing distance.

"You're welcome." He finally replied breathily.

Rex smiled at him obliviously and didn't stop walking.

"We'd better get you inside soon Noah. It looks like you face is already starting to burn."

Noah swatted at him.

"You just want to carry me all over the base and have everyone at Providence make fun of me."

Rex laughed.

"Maybe a little. But I'm sure you'll be able to hobble once you've rested a bit."

Rex pulled him in tighter and whispered into his ear.

"I don't think we've reached the point where I should be carrying you over any thresholds."

Needless to say, Noah didn't stop blushing the entire way back.

Dedicated to Bramblerose4 (AKA Tina) as her very special Birthday present!

I hope it's everything you wanted it to be!

Yours truly,