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Everything was perfect.

The TV screen was flashing their latest high scores and their bellies were full of pizza. The hour was late and neither of them had any plans for the next day other than sleeping in. Rex's room had become a perfect little bubble of teenage happiness and the blonde was loathe to disturb it; especially since the thought of disturbing the dozing teen on his shoulder sounded like the worse idea he'd ever had.

He didn't want to ask the obvious question; to ruin the perfect silence of the moment with stupid inquires and concerns, but he needed to know before he talked himself in or out of his certainty that this was what he wanted it to be.

He needed to know. He needed to be sure.

"Is…..Is this a date?" He whispered so softly between them it was a wonder the Evo heard him at all.

Despite the raven's appearance of being half asleep on the blonde's shoulder Noah could feel him tense up at the question.

If they'd just been a pair of regular teenagers a night like this would have been just another average weekend routine.

But Rex was anything but average and a night such as this was something that had been attempted and failed over a dozen times over the course of their friendship.

Either an Evo attacked someone somewhere, Providence itself was attacked, or some combination of the two had had kept them from ever having a night like this.

Yet Noah had known the instant he'd arrived that night that it was different than usual. Rex had looked more relaxed than he'd seen him in forever and his excited promise that their night would be uninterrupted had given the blonde a little more hope than usual that it would be.

They'd played one on one basketball, eaten their weight in pizza and played video games until they were too tired to move from their spots on the floor in front of Rex's bed.

That alone would have been awesome, but Rex's behavior had put the icing on the cake of Noah's night and the blue eyed teen had been suppressing a blush for nearly the entire evening because it. Rex couldn't seem to stop smiling at him, or touching him or asking if he could do something to make the blonde's night better. The doting adoring look on his face made Noah's insides squirm pleasantly and his pulse flutter.

This was a different kind of high than he usually shared with Rex. One that didn't involve fighting or flying or dodging death with the fate of the world on their shoulders.

This was real normal rather than their usual standard of it. This was something created with effort.

Something created for him.

Noah leaned closer to the Evo so that he couldn't see the flush rise to the surface of his cheeks, but at the same time kept the raven against his shoulder.

"Is this a date?" He repeated in an even lower voice than before.

They were alone, but the thought of breaching the still silence of the moment was like tempting fate by sending out an invitation to the problems of the outer world.

This was about them before it was about anything else and it such an innately precious thing that Noah knew not to raise his voice with the question.

Rex didn't move his head off of the human's shoulder or freak out like Noah half expected him to. Instead he seemed to lean just a little more heavily against the blonde as he sighed.

"Do you want it to be?" He responded with his own careful quietness.

The question seemed to draw the energy from the straight A student and made it so much easier to lean against the raven in turn and speak honestly.

"I don't know."

It was the most sincere answer he could give and somehow that seemed to make it worse in the blonde's mind.

Rex just chuckled lowly.

"I don't know either." He admitted with a self-conscious smirk. "I didn't plan it to be, but at the same time I really wanted tonight to special. To be everything I'd ever promised you and had to cancel last minute. To be everything you could have asked for, but never would."

Noah felt a gloved hand brush back his hair and reveal his expression to the raven.

"You'd never ask me to give up saving the world or helping people for you. But you deserve nights with me that don't always have to be filled with a worry that it'll end early cause of the rest of the world's problems. Tonight was supposed to be all about you Noah and at some point in planning the whole thing I started thinking about it as something more than I originally planned. I started wondering if maybe…"

He didn't finish and Noah didn't really need him to. Rex was his best friend and until tonight he'd never considered him as something else; as something more. But he'd enjoyed the night more than any date he'd ever been on and the thought of others like it didn't send him into a tailspin of worry like most dates he'd experienced did.

But he'd enjoyed it so much. Rex leaning against him and looking at him and just being so painfully himself without pressuring Noah into making him think that this was anything more than he wanted it to be.

Finally, just before the silence became too much, Noah spoke.

"This wasn't a date Rex."

The raven didn't flinch at the pronouncement, just turned away from the blonde before he could see his expression.

Noah didn't give him a chance to try and cover up what he was feeling; instead he caught the raven's face and turned it towards him like the other had done to him only moments before.

"Dates end with a kiss." Noah breathed between the tiny distances that existed between them in that moment.

The raven's eyes widened at the words before dropping to Noah's lips.

"Can I?" He asked with hesitant reverence.

Noah licked his lips before nodding.

Both teens hesitated despite the permission and desire that existed between them, but a single glance between the two seemed to dispel their hesitation as quickly as it had appeared.

In the end it was Rex that reached out again to cup the blonde's face and it was Noah who closed his eyes first and scooted closer.

It was tender, questioning, and warm.

So very warm.

Noah hadn't known he'd wanted this until it was his and he knew the moment that their lips parted that he'd never be able to be without it again.

Rex opened his mouth to say something that no doubt would have made them both pull apart and laugh, but Noah didn't give him a chance to say it.

Not when the Evo's mouth clearly had better uses.

Rex didn't resist at all; if anything he seemed to relish the renewed contact as much as the blonde did.

The raven cradled Noah's face between his hands more tenderly than he had armed explosives and the blonde could only crawl closer into his grasp.

Rex exuded warmth as naturally as the sun itself and before either knew it the blonde was atop his friend and pressing him back against the side of the raven's bed as he chased after it.

Despite the warmth it wasn't a heated encounter. No hands reached for inappropriate places and no clothes were shed in the hours that followed. Both of the teens seemed to just know that this wasn't something to be rushed; it wasn't something to be tested with fire before they knew if it could survive even this degree of warmth.

It was enough. Enough to touch and taste and feel what this felt like for the first time.

Every time they parted for breath a smile was shared between them and kept them from parting any further then they needed to.

At least until the hour was late and sleep was the only thing more appealing than the other's lips.

Rex pulled the blonde to his feet with a tired laugh and Noah looped his arms playful around his neck the moment he was upright.

"Now that's how you end a date." Noah whispered into the raven's ear with his own barely contained laugh.

In response Rex let himself fall backwards onto his bed and brought the blonde with him.

Both teens crashed onto the bed with a laugh that felt almost as good as their kissing.

"I'm comfier than your sleeping bag." Rex offered when they were both done laughing.

Noah just nuzzled tiredly against his neck and smiled. "Is that an offer?"

Rex looped his own arms around the blonde and dropped a kiss onto his head.

"Yeah." He breathed as they both settled.

Noah smiled against his skin before stretching out alongside the Evo.

"Good, because I really don't want to move."

Rex chuckled lightly at that.

"Me either." He breathed once they'd wrapped themselves around each other.

Rex drifted off first; exhausted from all that had occurred.

Noah stayed up just a little longer; watching Rex relax against him.

They would talk more in the morning. They'd laugh more too knowing Rex.

But in that moment, just like the rest of their night, everything was utterly perfect.

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