Tinder X

What happens when none of the X-men have met before, but most have tinder's? Will their mutations ruin their chances of hook ups? Will there be drama? And who will save the world?! A story that will stay light and fluffy unlike my other stories.

A/N anything you see in ' these' means it's a tinder message.

"Oh my! This one has like amazing blue eyes and perfect blonde hair; I'm like totally swiping right! EEE I got a match. Wow this one is totally rocking the grease ball look with the shagging brown hair and the bad attitude look"

"I swear Kit, you are even more boy crazy than your mom was when she was your age".

"But Dad there's like so many to choose from! If I don't explore them all how will I know the one?"

"You're only seventeen please don't explore all the options yet.

"Yes five new matches today, I told you the chicks love the ice master".

"Drake you are so full of yourself, how many of those girls are actually going to message you?" Bobby Drake and one of his football teammates discussed while standing waiting for practice to start. Little did he know that all of them had large secrets just like him.

'Are you catfishing me? It just seems that every time I suggest we meet you back out. Jean if you don't like me just tell me.'

'But Scott I do like you, a lot actually. I just feel as though I don't know you, and to meet a stranger that could be really dangerous.'

'Jean it's just that I feel like you could be my soul mate.'

'Scott let's just keep talking and if fate wants us together they will find a way to do so.'

"Having Tinder is so pointless, I have all these damn matches and yet I know I can't do anything with them. And I can only take so many corny pickup lines." A young girl with two white stripes in her hair said to her blind foster mother.

"Would you mind telling your old mother a few of these pickup lines?"

"Ugh this one's just so terrible 'Are you a termite cause your about to get a mouthful of wood'"

"Well that was awfully crude".

"Maybe I wouldn't mind it so much if I could touch. When will you tell me the truth about this skin condition, it's totally not nature".

"Alright take a seat and let your old mother tell you a long and boring story. You see you're not along in this, there are many people out in the world right now who are having similar struggles. Me and my colleagues call it a mutation and some mutants can even shape shift or see the future."

All of these young adults have one thing in common other than tinder and that would be their mutation but because of tinder they will finally be able to understand who they are and maybe have some fun along the way.

A/N this is just a teaser chapter, if you really like it then please leave a review. Because I will only be continuing this story if I have enough people who like it. I'm going to try and have it be light and fluffy but chances are serious plot will take root.

PS I wanted Scott and Jean like that, it will make more sense in future chapters.