What happens when Rose and Dimitri finally come out of hideout and meet again those who disapprove of them? More importantly, what actions will Tasha take for her declared love for Dimitri? Sequel to Unexpected Twist.

I can't believe Andrei and Anya are turning two next month, it only seemed like yesterday that I was giving birth to them. They were in their nursery playing with blocks and plush toys until Andrei thought it will be nice to throw a block at Anya that immediately made her start wailing. I quickly ran to Anya picking her up and inspecting the small bump that was starting to form on her right temple, thankfully Andrei isn't that strong yet so it thankfully didn't hit her so hard.

"Andrei that's not a very nice to thing to do to your sister." I scolded him as a stared down at him. His lower lip started to tremble and he quickly joined his sister, crying as well. Soon there was a competition of crying and between them.

"What happened?" Dimitri shrieked as he came running into the room.

"Andrei threw a block at Anya who started crying, and then I scolded Andrei who quickly had a competition with his sister to see who can cry harder." I stated as I tried to stop Anya from crying. Dimitri came over to pick up Andrei and try to calm him down as well. Within minutes they were finally asleep.

"I swear it's a competition between them for anything and everything." I whispered as we settled down our babies in their cribs. Once settled down I stood by the doorway and turned off the lights. I stared at my too babies from afar as they started to dream and I got startled as Dimitri came around to hug me from behind. "Our babies are growing up so fast." I sighed.

"Roza," Dimitri giggled as he rubbed his nose in my neck, "they aren't babies anymore. They're toddlers."

"They'll always be my babies." I snickered. I heard Dimitri chuckled.

"Of course they will. Come on its getting late and our babies aren't going to grow that fast in their sleep." I sighed but I knew he was right. I grabbed his hand and we quickly went across the hall to our rooms. We quickly turned on the baby monitors and activated the alarms in the house in case anyone tried to get in. Once that was settled we quickly got dressed for bed and snuggled into each others embrace under the covers.


"Yes milaya?"

"Can we go to the court." I felt Dimitri quickly tense as he prop himself on his elbow and looked down at me, I quickly copied his moves.

"Why?" He asked as he rose an eye brow, which I still can't do...yet.

"I want to surprise Lissa, I have a feeling she's pregnant."

"Rose, you know what problems can happen if we come out of hiding. We won't be accepted, even if age doesn't matter anymore and we are married now. Think of how they'll act towards Andrei and Anya, they'll seem like some mutant science experiment." He said while caressing my cheek. I gave a small sigh, nodded, and laid back in bed with my back towards him. "I'll tell you what, we'll talk about it with Abe and see what he says, okay?"

"Okay." With that said and done, Dimitri spooned me and we fell asleep. Tomorrow is a new day after all.

The next morning was peaceful as we settle into eating breakfast. Anya and Andrei were entertained playing and eating with their mash fruit while Abe, Dimitri and me ate bacon, eggs, and toast.

"We were thinking about giving a surprise visit to Lissa, Rose thinks she might be pregnant." Abe quickly looked at Dimitri with confusion.

"Doesn't Lissa live in court?" It was suppose to be a question, but it sounded more like a statement.

"Yes," I held my hand up before Abe could interrupt me, "I know their could be problems because he was my mentor and we were both able to conceive being dhampires. But I think we should finally face our fears and prove everyone wrong." I looked between Abe and Dimitri. Dimitri was calm but I can tell behind his mask he was scared, scared of what will and can happen. My dad in the other hand, looked angry, no...he looked enraged.

"Rose, I don't think that's a good idea. Its not just the safety of my grandchildren I am worried about but they will still send Dimitri in jail for getting involved with his underage student." I sighed, I knew he was right. Just because it has been two years, doesn't mean the royals won't still punish us for what we have done, and they'll do anything to take my babies away from me to see if they are truly dhampires.

"What if the charges were dropped?" Abe shook his head.

"Doubt it." He said through gritted teeth.

"Can you drop them?" This time it was his turn to sigh.

"I can try Rose, but I'm not promising anything." I let go of the breath that I just realized that I was holding, I turned around to see that Dimitri had done the same thing. He gave him a small smile that he quickly returned and then I looked at Andrei and Anya who were oblivious to the tension in the room.

"You know, I'm not the only shadow kissed person in history, maybe there's some old document of another shadow kissed warrior who was able to conceive with another dhampire as well." I said quickly before my dad exited the room. Abe still didn't turn around but did slightly turn his head to look at me.

"I'll see what I can do kiz." I gave him a small nod as I saw him exit the room.

"Roza." I turned around to look at Dimitri who had grabbed my hand. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes." I breathed out.

"Why?" He can always look through my mask.

"I'm sick and tired of hiding, comrade. I don't want Andrei and Anya to grow up in the dark and hidden away from everything that is out there. I want them to someday explore this world, not just this mansion. No matter how big it is." I mumbled the last part, because god knows that after two years, I still get lost sometimes. Dimitri gave my hands an extra squeeze and I looked up to his eyes.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you Roza." I stared at him in shock and confusion, I was not expecting that response. I really wasn't. Dimitri chuckled at my expression, no doubt reading my thoughts. "Roza, I'm glad you're thinking about the future of Andrei and Anya. I also completely agree with you, we can't keep them hidden forever, it's not their fault and surely not their punishment to fulfill." I leaned in to kiss him.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you Comrade." I mimicked the words that he said to me just a few minutes ago. We both burst out laughing and looked over at our two little angels who were covered in fruit from head to toe. "Come on, our angels need a bath." Dimitri nodded, picked up all our plates and went to drop them off in the kitchen. When he came back I was cleaning Andrei and Anya's high chairs with a paper towel, well at least what I could. He picked up Anya while I picked up Andrei and we took them to the bathroom for a nice bubble bath.