I'm so sorry I've taken forever to respond, I've had a lot to handle lately. Well here's the next chapter.

This is it...this is the day my babies turn two years old. I woke up to someone kissing my cheek gently and I opened my eyes to see warm chocolate eyes staring into my own.

"Morning Ms. Belikov." A small smile spread on my face and I gave him a small peck on his lips.

"Mmm, you'll never get tired of that will you?" I chuckled.


"Come on, it's a big day." Dimitri rose one eyebrow up.

"Rose wanting to actually get out of bed?" Dimitri mocked.

"It's only once that my babies turn two." I gave him one more lingering kiss before I got out of bed and got dressed for today.

I entered Anya and Andrei's room playing in their cribs.

"Morning babies" I cooed. They quickly picked up their heads.

"Mama, dada" they said in unison as they stood up with their small hands on the railing of the crib when they spotted Dimitri and me. I picked up Anya and Dimitri picked up Andrei.

"Happy birthday Andrei and Anya" Dimitri said happily as he rose Andrei over his head and kissed Andrei's cheek. Just then I heard the click of a camera and saw a flash. I quickly turned around to see Lissa taking a picture of us.

"I'm sorry it was just too cute" she gasped. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Some things never change.

Sorry its short.