What the hell was that girl thinking of running off like this? What the hell did she hope to acomplish by going back to that damn life she wanted to leave behind so badly?...Why would she leave me like this? I didn't think she would ever go back to that life that I had taken her away from, I didn't want her to go back to all of that, I didn't want her to go through all that hell that I had saved her from. She was right about one thing I was saving people from their own hells and she was my biggest acomplishment, I had saved her from the deepest pits of hell where the most tormented can be found and somehow when all I wanted was to treat her as another kill there was something different that happened. There was something about her, something that sparked my interest and I played with her for a while to try and figure out what that something was and now that she was gone I wanted her to come back.

I wanted her to walk through that door with blood splattered all over her, wanted to see her ocean eyes glisten in the low light, I wanted to see her again as she hide in the shadows watching my kills with interest and curiosity to my stealth. She wasn't like the other girls I had killed, saved, brought along for the heck of it no Katie was different she understood what was going on she enjoyed watching the kill, hearing the screams, seeing the terror in their eyes. She was just as sane as I was but she didn't see me as a freak or the killer that I was she saw me as a human as a friend. There was something between us I could feel it and it was this feeling this bond that made me want me her to stay by my side, it was a feeling that I hadn't felt in years. The last time I remember this feeling was back before all this hell had started and I became this freak that i was before when my life was just like everyone else.

Like the warehouse before where Katie stayed there was a broken mirror I hated those damn things always showing what we despised about ourselves showing every damn flaw about us as if we didn't already know it and like the other one there was a part missing right above the heart as blood stained the broken shards. She was fighting again I knew that and I didn't want her to fight but then again had I not said that if she left then I wouldn't care? SO why did I care it just shows that in the end she was like the others, they always left me and it always seemed that when they returned to their lives then everything was better for them. Everyone welcomed them back, expressed who worried they were because they were missing for so long, they would have friends, people wouldn't bother them and soon they would forget about me and how I saved them, how I helped them through hell why did I bother with them anymore.

No one ever appreciated what I did and yet when I thought that I had gathered some sanity and done something right I was left alone and betrayed by them all. I don't know why I bother with any of them I should stick to killing people after all that's what I am, a killer there's really no point in trying to help people out when I'm already saving them by letting them sleep forever isn't that such a wonderful thing to do to let peolpe sleep forever without ever having to worry about life ever again. Apparently it wasn't good and no one saw what I was doing, they didn't see the good in what I was doing...except for katie she knew what I was doing, she saw the good to what I was doing, she knew why I did these killings, she understood perfectly well she was the only one to understand. I don't know why I thought she would be any different then the others, I don't know why I thought she would stay no one ever stays long.

I left town as I had always done there was really no point in staying I was growing bored anyways. I didn't like being bored it was..boring, it wasn't boring when Katie was here she was fun to be around and it was different being around her. Hmm Katie...I wasn't going to ever see her again maybe I'll come back latter just to see if she is like the others I don't know I just felt like she was still different somehow. She had to be different I refused to keep believing that she was just like all the others there's no way in hell she was like them.

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